what i wore 14.07.10what i wore 14.07.10
what i wore 14.07.10
jumper: topshop
shorts: H&M
circle scarf: handmade by Rani
rings: primark & superdrug
sunglasses: rayban wayfarers
mug: ikea

God bless English tea, How I've missed thee! Its the thing most holidays lack, like Kate said to me on Twitter. A decent cuppa is so hard to come by! "English Breakfast Tea" just isn't the same however much they like to think it is. I'm home, and I haven't slept yet, and I'm probably running on very empty seeing as I've also gone to the gym and already sorted all my clothes out to wash and cleaned my bedroom

Todays outfit is purely a comfort thing, super generic but what the hell! Its so annoying having to wear tights with my lovely shorts! The weather is just pants! Especially after being in such super hot weather, To come back and actually jump under my covers is lovely but I'd prefer a bit of sun! I've also come the the conclusion that I'm far too orange. I looked lovely and brown in Turkey, But back in this horrible overcast UK weather I just look like I've been tangoed!

I won a competition on the BooHoo Clothing Facebook page, So I've got a £100 to blow on the store! I'm so pleased as I've never won anything before! Because everyone was giving me some negative reviews on Boohoo in one of my older posts. Its the perfect opportunity to try them out and let you know what I personally think of them!