Photo on 2010-06-28 at 21.06
001. Currently my internet is broken and I cant actually post properly and its so annoying! Not being able to keep up with the internet is driving me insane! I never realized how much I used it till its gone! I cant look things up, cant read blogs, cant check how much money I've got in the bank, look up recipes, browse ebay, buy stuff online and check my daily blogs!

002. Holiday tomorrow! I'm away until the 14th July, So normal posting with resume around then! I'm going to Olu Deniz in Turkey with my mother, step dad and one of my brothers and one of my sisters. We are also meeting up with one of my other brothers and his girlfriend while we are there! My hugely dysfunctional family means that some of they aren't coming and that. Fun fact, did you know I have whopping 8 brothers and sisters and another one on the way!

003. I need some blogs to read while I'm away! I'm not sure if I'll be posting from there quite yet. I am taking a camera, my Macbook and a card reader, It just depends on if there is a place I can take pictures in my usual style. Anyway enough about me. Leave me links to your blog, or links to blogs you like please! I need some good'uns to keep me occupied!

004. I'm giving in and buying my satchel of dreams from Topshop, its £50 but I cant resist it anymore! If its still in my local Topshop by the time I go there today Its mine, it would totally be a sign its meant to be right?!

005. I'm having a giveaway while I'm away which fingers crossed will be up tomorrow if my Internets working, If not Ill try and get my boyfriend to post it for me! Check back tomorrow for it!