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what i wore 06.05.10what i wore 06.05.10
what i wore 06.05.10what i wore 06.05.10
dress: primark
cardigan: primark
coat: dorothy perkins
hat: H&M
rosary: ebay
shoes: primark
rings: new look + H&M
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Ok I admit it. I'm so ill right now. Ive finally stopped blaming hayfever and given into the fact that I'm sick and I do actually have a cold! I hate being so snotty/runny/useless! I decided to skip university today. My mums sick at the moment too, Shes had problems with her stomach for a while now, and she was hospitalized early this year with stomach problems, But they still dont know whats wrong! So I had to run some errands (AND VOTE!), So I opted for warmth and comfort when dressing! Nothing special, But I thought I'd post it anyway! My coats huge, Ive lost loads of weight since I initially bought it so its not as fitting as it used to be. I still love it though even if it does make me look bigger than I am! And for reference (as I'm always asked!), I'm 5ft 5 AND A HALF and UK size 10 sometimes a UK 12 depending on where I get things from! ie: H&M as their sizing is so weird!

I adore these Primark flats, Aren't they cute! I got them for £6 in the sale, reduced from £11! Recently Primark has been taking over my wardrobe! Ive gone from buying SO much stuff from Topshop, To loving Primark! I haven't bought anything of significance from Topshop in months! I still have £200 worth of Christmas vouchers to spend! I dont know but I cant justify buying spending £40 on a dress!

I was going to post about an AWESOME package the oh so lovely Ella Masters sent me but it deserves its own post, so thats waiting till tomorrow!


  1. Nice outfit, I love that coat!
    get well soon x

  2. only you could look so cute when ill! i've been the same with topshop, i haven't bought anything from there is so so long. i had vouchers for christmas and i couldn't see anything i wanted so i just had to buy jeans with them cos i needed them. their prices have gone up so so much and nothing is as nice as it used to be i don't think. things used to make me squeal with excitement but now i find it all boring.

  3. @Helen, oh yeah defiantly, its too expensive when you can find things elsewhere for so much less! i really like new look at the moment because they always have the 20% off things! i remember checking topshop like everyday "just incase" something i loved came in & nopee nothing worth the pennies!

  4. awh you look so cosey in what you're wearing! I like the coat!hope you get well soon. I hate spending money in places like topshop. It's very rare i look in topshop these days. My firt port of call is always primark, then new look followed by H&m and zara, because i know i can get things there a lot cheaper.

  5. I know you from lookbook, but you're blog is also too great! kisses

  6. The rosary is delightful and the pumps are dead cute. x


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