this is llymlrs week 22

001. Hello new followers! I love coming on here and seeing the little numbers here and on Blog Lovin' grow and grow!

002. I'm hoping to roll out my new layout for the blog in the next week. I want to make it a bit more colourful and have way more "me" style elements to it. I do like the way my blog looks, Its kinda a bit squished though. Being a art student has made me totally overcritical of the way things look! Hoping to add more hand drawn type, a new header and a new background/colour scheme! Lovely Jubbly! I also changed my Outfit post layouts so I have more images and less "please turn your head sideways!" I didnt like the longness of portrait images. Gosh Im a pefectionist!

003. Back at University on Monday! Ive still yet to do any substantial amount of work in the past few weeks. I need Final Cut Pro but theres no way I'm forking out for the program. So therefore I'll have to wait till i get back to do it. Ive also got a presentation to do for Contexual Studies.

004. This week I sorted out all of my old clothes and I'm going to sell a few bits and pieces on eBay! I haven't sold on eBay since about 2005 when I used to sell sceney jewelery, You know knuckle dusters, diamonds and ribcages made out of shrink plastic. I used to make about £350+ a month. Although I think eBaying is alot harder nowadays, I swear everyone lies about not receiving packages and expects so much out of a seller. Recorded Delievery and lots of pictures before selling me thinks! Ill post on here when things go up so you can all see... & bid on it *cough*cough*

005. will now direct you straight to my blog. I finally decided to get a domain, which is super exciting! Its like "HI IM LILY AND IVE GOT A .COM." Google has lost all my comments in the switch though, Which is so gutting! I loved looking at my comments. I think they are supposed to come back within 24hours. I hope they arent lost for good though!