Hey guys! Sorry for lack of posting over the weekend. I've been mega busy and stressed about University work. If you follow me on Twitter, You'd have seen my manic tweets over the past few days! Its finally hit me that I'm so ridiculously far behind its not even funny anymore! I really need to get my head down and do some work. So expect a slow down in posts (I say this, But I'm a massive procrastinator and I'll probably still be posting as much as normal!)

I just wanted to drop by and say Hi to everyone super quickly. I don't really have much of a post today, Ill be doing a outfit post tomorrow and I'm sure some other things will crop up during the week. But for now, Im getting my head down and working!

Sending my love to my favourite person right now Ella Masters, Who's as stressed as me about university work at the moment! I used her picture for the image for this post! Isn't her desk/studio lovely! My space at university is filled with rubbish and half finished drawings! Maybe if I make it nicer I'll do more work... Doubtful!

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