what i wore 1.04.10

dress: ebay

headband: new look

I bought this dress on eBay for an extortionate price, but I really did fall in love with it when it popped up on my screen. It is blue chiffon tunic, puffed 3/4 length sleeves a the sweetest lacey collar, Its just adorable. I'm not 100% sure if I’d wear black tights with it again, I think its a bit harsh, maybe a lower denier or none at all next time? It looks quite creased in the picture, But it looks fine in real life. I feel like a modern day Alice in Wonderland!

Buying on Ebay is always a risk but it totally paid off. I always find that when I just search for “dress” and my size it always comes up with the best (and cheapest) pieces. I spend ages just browsing and watching items. You really can pick up some lovely bargains! Since i set up ebay alerts for my BB I’ve defiantly gone crazy on the eBay front!

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Black Country Museum. Its a old working Victorian town museum type thing, A bit of a mouthful, But I'm really looking forward to it! I went ages ago when I was like 1o with my grandparents. Me and my boyfriend are taking my little cousin Kate, so we don't look like weirdos on our own (his words not mine!) I'm hoping to do a "Day in the Life" or "Photo a hour" type post tomorrow if I remember or take enough pictures!