This is LLYMLRS (week 18)

001. Just wanna say a quick HEYYY! To all my new followers, This week I've had a flurry of new subscribers here and on bloglovin' and the email and comment response has been phenomonal. Thank you to everyone who comments or says nice things about my blog. I'm so humbled by the whole experience, I cant believe people read my blog let alone like it.

002. As you can see the blog took a new fashion direction this week, I made it onto the top looks twice this week, and had an amazing reaction to my looks on and Chictopia. Fashion has always been something I wanted this blogs direction to go in. But without being a glorified fashion blogger? Im trying to think of a way to balance the looks and art and life and rambles out. Maybe two days a week doing the looks (posting whatever else directly on Flickr/Lookbook/Chictopia, and keeping the rest free for other things.

003. MAC's Spring colour forecast is calling me. Im definatly going to get Ripe Peach & Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre (OH NO SOLD OUT ONLINE ALREADY), Ember Glow lipgloss, Colour me coral, Victorian, Raddichio, Plox Lipsticks, 4 Colour Quad and Stacked 2! I have to visit a counter before considering anything else. Thank god for the interenet stopping me buying so much. I love most of the colours of the Lipsticks but they are all frosts, and I HATE frosty lipsticks to death. Bah humbug.

004. I'm thinking of getting a .com, or a, I cant decide which one? or I'm from the UK so should I get Personally I think .com sounds bigger/more professional? Oh the decisions.

& Big thanks for blog awards from Sam & Jordan.