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what i wore 4.03.10
bag: chanel
coat: primark
tunic: new look
rings: acessorize
leggings: H&M
hype on lookbook

While on a quick trip to Primark to grab a pair of £1 fake raybans, I spotted this coat amongst the rails of junk you normally find in a Primark sale. I'd been looking for a cream cropped jacket for the summer for a while, When I turned the tag over and it said £1, I practically ran to the till. I'm planning on changing the buttons, but for £1, I'm a satisfied customer for sure! My dress does look scandalously short, but I promise you it had just ridden up in the picture!

More doodles on Flickr later on tonight (:


  1. I think I'm in love with your bag =)

  2. that coat is lovely! and I can't believe it was £1! May hotfoot it to chez Primark tomorrow eve to have a look for it!

  3. That coat is a bargain!! Also I have that bow ring, it was so so cute and only £3!!

  4. love your outfit & especially your bag!!

  5. Hey, i gave you an award on my blog!!

  6. this looks gorgeous. love the high-low combination. go chanel!

  7. This is so gorgeous!

  8. your coat, was a pound, at Primark.
    considering it's Primark, that was free baby doll lol.
    I love your chanel bag.

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