This is LLYMLRS week 14

001. MY UNIVERSITY WORK IS HANDED IN. Thank god for that, too many late nights and not enough socializing nearly pushed me over the edge, Well not really but I'll be happy when I never have to use Adobe Flash again. Totally gonna un-install it! In the last two weeks I've crammed nearly a whole semesters worth of work in, I tell myself every time I start a new semester, "Ill do my work as I go along!" I never do. But after reading this article by Nubby Twiglet, I've realized when I'm a "proper" designer I'm gonna have to start dealing with it!

002. Going back to my Moleskine next week really excites me. I've been neglecting it since the new year, and its time for me and Moly to get reacquainted. First off I plan on doing a new series of illustrated letters, and also trying to put together my failed zine from last time. I know it was supposed to be a calender, And hey its February, but its still got 11 months worth of usefulness left in it. Ill be doing a little giveaway of a few copies, here and on my Flickr if anyone is genuinely interested in having it!

003. Seeing Lee Crutchleys awesome Gocco notebook, and card makes me REALLY want a Gocco printing set. Gocco is pretty much like a mini screen printing type thing, It kinda looks like a kids toy and is totally awesome, but I really really want. I think they are quite hard to find now. The onlys one I can seem to find are on Ebay and are like £200. However I totally think its worth the pennies. Ive got quite a bit of money at the moment that Im just wasting on clothes, makeup and other random stuff (today I spent £25 on . To Gocco or not to Gocco? Plus you should totally check out his work on Quoteskine, its awesome.

004. Discovered the Primark look book for spring summer this week, and was actually plesently suprised. I really like all the bracelets, the staw bag, the straw boater, white jazz pumps, the gladiators and the playsuits. Unfortunatly I live near a rubbish Primark that only sells ugly ill fitting tshirts and £4 Ugg boots. Plus, I'm not always keen of Primark quality but I DO love their jewellery, I might do a post on all my rings because my collection is getting ridiculously large. Their tights are also good, but the waist seems to go after a few wears and I also got my favourite shoes in the world, Leopard print moccasins (£2!!!!) but they have been worn so much they have gone a weird colour and the sole is nearly worn out.

005. Some other random things that have happened during the week, I hit 1251, Well 11251 miles in my car. Now I'm a big The Strokes fan so whenever I see 1251, I totally fangirl out and normally take a picture. So volia, Heres my car at 11251 miles. While driving home Friday I saw a car with GL33 lisense plate, I also saw someone who had a LOL one but I couldn't grab my phone quick enough. Plus its not safe to take photos and drive... AHEM. Errr What else has happened this week? I went for a meal with my friends Jess and Alice and I couldnt get my car out of this parking space and I felt like such a idiot, it took me like 10 mins. Someone had parked too close to my car and I couldn't get it to swing around enough to get out. Hm. My lifes been a bit of snoozefest this week.

006. My Zine previews on Flickr, PLEASE GO LOOK (: Ill be doing a giveaway one day this week, Ive got 8 copies to give away, But Ill let you know how you could be in with a chance of getting one when I actually think of fair way to give them away.