This is LLYMLRS week 12

001. Another busy, blogless week. I feel like I dont stop sometimes. The ammount of things that happen in my life (even though its super boring and revolves around university and working) is unreal. The "highlights" of the week include; Being yelled at in a car park by a angry lady who said I stole her parking space, forgetting to put my handbrake on and it rolling forward, helping a lady change her burst tyre in the snow, using my obsessive Julian Casablancas knowlegde in a quiz, burning my mouth on a Americano in Starbucks, finishing a 3000 word essay in two days, finding a Michael Jackson flip book and finding out my favourite charity shop has a blog.

002. Is it just me or do you go for ages without buying any clothes/makeup/accessories and then they all come at once? Ive got so many things I need to order from ASOS, but I cant bring myself to part with my cash seeing as my bank balance is so high right now. (Thank you student loan company!), I also really want a Babooshka Boutqiue Turban, I did have one but managed to lose it somehow at a friends house when I as visiting and Ive not seen it since.

003. I'm so sick of wet and dreary weather, I'm considering booking myself a holiday just to get away from it all. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for layers of clothing, scarves and boots. I'm just sick of walking around being soaking wet. I think there is more snow on the way and the idea is making me depressed already.

004. Changed the layout if anyone had noticed. I still need to do a new header and space things out a bit more. The header thats up there is one I drew temporarily and it seems to have just stuck for now. I want something a bit more colourful and intresting. Ill work on something when I have some time. Ive also changed the direction of the blog a little. Although I still want to post my art and stuff I want to do nore fashiony things as thats something that plays a big part of who I am. Once I get a tripod off my uncle I'm going to start posting on, and do some OOTD's. Is it wrong to be nervous about posting fashiony pics? Oh well.