This is LLYMLRS week 11

001. I wasn't going to do one of these today, but I figure that Ive done it so far this year so I HAD to do it. University deadlines and various other bits and pieces Ive been working have been taking up all my spare time. My deadlines are all at the beginning of February so I really don't have time to stop at the moment!

002. GLEE! I really cant put into words how good this tv show is. Ive seens tons of people on twitter go on about it and decided to watch a episode. Seriously its so good, It makes me wish I could sing. I'm glad its finally come to the UK, Even though I'm over halfway through the series from watching it online. Glee has stopped me mourning the lack of Gossip Girl at the moment. Although I wouldn't mind a bit of Chuck Bass right now. It reminds that i much catch up on all my other TV shows, there is a whole two series of Americas Next Top Model Ive missed!

003. Saw Avatar on Friday night with my boyfriend. I thought it was OK, The effects were something else though. It was so weird seeing things actually in front of your face. Didn't think much of the whole 3D thing overall though. I was quite annoyed at the use of Papyrus for the subtitles! That's not cool. It really is the new Comic Sans.

004. I bought a grand total of 8 moleskines last week. Not one, not two but eight, I couldn't believe myself really. I seem to have fallen in love with the mini thin notebooks. I cant for the life of me think of what they are called. Ive done most of my latest university work in them. I just like working in small spaces. You should have seen my space when my tutor told me I needed to do a poster in A0.

005. Once my deadlines have passed Im going to do a major overhaul of my portfolio. Its too big for my liking (A2) and I defiantly need something alot smaller and easy to transport. Ive gotta dig through all my old CD's, Memory cards and USB sticks to find the decent work. I must reorganize all my files really. I started doing this on my old laptop.