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So, the country has been hit with a blanket of the white stuff and its ground to a halt. Personally I'm not worried about a bit of snow, Ive been driving walking around and playing in it. No panic buying of bread or milk, Although seeing as I work in a bakery it has still been super busy. I think people are strange when there is a slight possibility that there will be snow, Someone came in and bought 8 loaves "just in case". Incase of what? Your house gets covered in snow and you just HAVE to have a loaf of bread? Also a woman shouted at me today because we didn't have any of the cakes she has everyday, Our confectioner was stuck 25 miles away in the snow. You must be a strange sort of person to not to be able to cope without a cake for one day!

We have had about 10 inches here, and I stupidly decided today to wear leggings and brogues, My ankles immediately turned to ice and I soon reverted to a cheapo pair of UGGS.

Heres some a scan from My Moleskine, My pens are so inconsistent at the moment as the place I normally buy my pens from (Rymans and I use a Black Unipin Fineline 0.8) hasn't had any in stock for the past week or two. This makes me sad, i might have to look online or just keep using the blue one. Blue makes me sad though!

My Moleskine '10 (13-14)

Tomorrow Im spending the day photocopying, stapling and writing my Contextual Studies essay, although I could end up doing some branding work. My photoshop wont work on my Macbook properly, it keeps saying a file is missing so it wont install. I dont really know when Im supposed to be back at university so I presume I best get a little work done?


  1. I need to buy a loaf of bread but that's only because we've run out, I hope the panic buyers haven't bought them all!
    My Unis closed until Monday, they've got a huge banner across the website saying UNIVERSITY CLOSED it's ace

  2. i know how you feel my feet went in all directions when i was walking home from school today (which wasn't closed to my dismay!) but apparently it's to be as cold as -21C! Lets hope!
    I hope the woman at the bakery wasn't too harsh!

  3. I love your shoes.

    Everyone panic buying drives me mad (supermarket worker who witnesses it first hand!)
    Makes it unfair for those who dont buy who'll be affected by delayed deliveries!

  4. i love your shoes and your blog name so unique :)
    happy bloging xo

  5. haha! hilarious post my dear! your blog is great :)


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