Anyone for a can of Cocaine?
Found this gem of a energy drink while my dad was driving around Mission Bay aimlessly one rainy day in Aukland. It taste horrible but with a name like Cocaine you cant not buy it. My younger brother thought it was the coolest thing ever, but I just wondered how they were able to get away with calling a energy drink something like that. The warning on the side states that "this is not an alternative to the illicit street drug" Who in the right mind would think that. Well, Hey its a good attention grabbing name for a drink, Im sure they've sold tons just purely for the name. Drugs are bad Mmkay?

I spent today working my socks off at work, being out of the working loop has really thrown me. My usual 7:30-2:30 shift nearly killed me, Coffee is my only savior sometimes, that and the fact at the end of the week ill have a nice big pay cheque. Which Ive already spent on this dress, this one and this cardgian. Plus these blatent chanel rip off tights. MAC have also taken some of my pennies, and ill probably end up with just enough money to fuel my car. No macbook this week then ): Tomorrow im seeing Where the Wild Things are and Im SO excited! It was one of my favourite childhood books. Plus it looks too cute!