My Moleskine 146-147
Arrived back in the UK after a 33 hour trip back from Aukland. I dont think I want to
step on a plane again for a long time. You really dont realise quite how far you have to travel to get to New Zealand. Ive got tons of pictures, tons of bits and peices I need to post, a whole moleskine full of drawings and I have no idea of how Im gonna approach uploading it all. I cant upload it all at once or it will get lost in the mix. Tomorrow night ill start writing and see how it flowss.

New Zealand wasw amazing, so much better than I remembered it being. Its crazyover there though. I feel I havent stopped in 4 weeks. Ive been to some beautiful places and seen such amazing things, Four weeks was totally not enough. I always regret not going there for a gap year. But whateverrrz.

Ive got some new features and changes coming to the blog. Also with my list of things I want(need) to acheive in 2010. Im determind to start blogging properly. Not once every few days! Actually remember to do my sunday portraits, and blog more about my life.