001. Halloween was a bit of a let down to be honest, I didnt even end up going out. Lady Gaga was gonna be totally over done, so i did nothing. I stayed at home and carved some pumpkins with my step sisters. As you can see I didnt make much effort. Although i like to think I stuck to my style by doing triangle eyes... um yeah? When I was younger I dont think I ever carved a pumpkin, I have a feeling it could have been my first time actually. Fun and messytimes!
002. This week Ive become so intrested in Industry. I wanna work in a cool design studio and have an amazingly cool atompsphere, Meeting those guys at Jelly last week made me want to be a designer so much. I wanna be a artist! MOTIVATION=SUCESS
003. I have a feeling im getting sick. I felt awful on friday (drama queen*COUGH*) my brain wasnt working at all. I blame it on the fact I was trapped on the underground on wednesday. Im sure theres loadsa germys going around down there. Please dont let me get ill as its in New Zealand 3 weeks. Im going to overdose on vitimin C for now in the hope that it will be enough to ward of the germs!
004. Ive been contacted by a company that have got me really excited about my work. It involves my AlphaBeta font that I did. Its a different opportunity and something thats gonna get my work put into a different medium.
005. Sorry Ive been a blogger/flickr slacker this week (to anyone that actually reads my blog) Ive been mega busy and been staying at my boyfriends house. He just got a laptop so hes obsessed with the interwebs and wont let me get a look in. He doesnt even know what LOLCATZ or Rick Rollin' is. Crazytimes! I thought everyone knew about that stuff. Its popular culture innit?