001. Today i had my passport taken, and sent it off. I hope it comes asap as im going to new zealand in just over a month now. People have been going on and on at me about getting one for months and I never bothered. Its such a hassle and i wish id done it sooner!
002. Ive been working on a hipster/internet/cool/young person style alphabet thing. As in B is for Bling, F is for Fail, P is for Phat. Ever so slighty silly but im still enjoying experimenting with hand drawn type again!
003. Flickr Pro has made me obsessed with my stats. It made me a little excited the other day when I noticed someone had googled me! I let out a childish squeal! Im at 11,500-ish total views right now. need. more. views.
004. Im finally starting to get Twitter. Ive always found it weird, but im slowly understanding it and realizing why so many people are totally obsessed with it! Follow me if you wish @llymlrs
005. I need a new page header, the old LLYMLRS logo/font/5 second sketch isnt cutting it anymore. Colour and triangles are needed! Photoshop scares me right no though. Pfft.`Thou must work more in digital!
006. My driving test is next week and im actually terrified! This time next week i may be able to go anywhere I want, on my own, driving myself! well within the UK. That scares me... but hello freedom!