Hello Blue!

Today at University, I met with some industry folks from a design/print company called Hello Blue. They were students at my college and did the same BTEC course I originally was on. They explained the trials and tribulations of actually working in then graphic design industy.

What i found most intresting was the fact they designed things they werent even happy with. One of the guys, explained how he was asked to design a 8 page booklet for a company newsletter and he created a really nicely typeset, simple coloured booklet only for the client to turn around and say it was rubbish. He then decided to make a really ugly one (im talking word art and gradients here *SIGH*) and they loved it. Seriously this booklet was rubbish, and even he admitted it was rubbish, he MADE it rubbish because thats what was asked of him! He explained how sometimes you can and have to turnaround logos/posters/flyers in just a few hours.

It got me thinking about my place in the world of graphics. Im a perfectionist, I take such pride and care in my work and the idea of creating something crap just to please a client scares me alot. Although im keen for working as a designer, the restricition makes me worry.


  1. lol, this is a pretty old post now so it might not be relevant or whatevzzzz

    but i'm also thinking about heading into the design-y/graphic design world for my future career and i'm starting the horrible uni application process soon but i'm so scared that it won't work and that i will be jobless or stuck in a job that i hate!

    this post was so interesting to read because i feel the same as you appear to about wanting to make everything i do, something that i am proud of and i bet that was such a bummer for that guy to have to produce something crap. :/

    aaaaahh are you still doing this course? and is it going well??

    Love ALL of your blog also :) xxxx

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