As per usual Ive posted this days after i wanted to, although its slighty appropriate as its (sort of) halloween themed!

1. Amigurumi (Crochet) Ghostiecake, 2. Jones Soda Halloween Editions 2008, 3. Halloween #29, 4. Vogue, 5. Untitled, 6. BlokkMonster, 7. Ethan's Creative Grab Bag!, 8. Bear, 9. Hallowzine screen-printed cover, 10. you and me, 11. Boys in costume, 12. Super Skull

Im really intrested in the book pictured in number 7. Creative Grab Bag is a book by Ethan Bodnar, it looks creative and inspiring. I love seeing different artist responses to set tasks. As well as seeing how my work compares to their ideas. Another to add to the Amazon wishlist I think!