001. Passed my drivng test on friday, it was my first time and I so completly overjoyed with it! I actually screamed in my car! I thought id failed as well, so it really was just a complete shock to pass. I got 6 minors, mainly for hesitation, but other than that, sweetimes! IM FREE!
002. Im poor. I got my student loan this week but i somehow ended up with only £500 out of the £2100 I was supposed to be enjoying! I do have to pay for my car insurance and my trip to New Zealand. But still... I must get working more.
003. I want to be a illustrator! YES ive finally decided that although im doing a degree in graphic and media design i want to draw. I feel my drawing skills are less than desirable, but hey, you dont have to be able to draw right?
004. Brandng. My current project at uni revolves around branding, We get three choices, Shopping in Hereford, The Courtyard (theatre/arty type thing) or Black Mountain adventures. SO INTRESTING. NOT. Id love to do some branding work on something contempary and stylish, not boring and uninspiring. This is why i lost my passion for art last year. University briefs are wack!
005. Being compared and critizied. This week ive been mailed a few times on flickr by people complaing my work is like so and so's. Im not trying to be like anyone else, work like anyone else or copy anything. It made me really upset to actually be commented on one of my peices of working saying "oh be careful your work look alot like *INSERT NAME OF SOMEONE SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME" My drawing was nothing even like the person they linked me to. I shouldnt take it to heart but sometimes its just too annoying!
PS. I really must start posting on here more!