Oh wowz im on L already. Id normally give up by now, but alas Im still going. I was in Cardiff from Wednesday&Thursday with my friends and it was super fun, but then i came home and found out my work was put on welovetypography.com. Im so proud I even told my Mum.

Ive been thinking about which medium to present the final products of these sketches. I wasnt sure if a mini zine or a font would work. Ive never made a proper font before so it could be fun. But the idea of kerning and spacing would drive me mad. Im such a neat freak it would probably take me forever.

Im desprate right now to start defining my style as a designer... or dare i say illustrator? I think my main problem is that i dont know which of the two i actaully want to do. YES i want to be a graphic designer, but i hate not having creative control, but on the other hand illustration can be just as restrictive. PSSH.

More Letters on Flickr.


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