Wednesday, September 30, 2009

alpha beta

My personal project over the last week or two has been centered around a hand drawn patterned alphabet. Ive really fallen in love with hand drawn type all over again. I remember the day at college when my friend Jon came running into the computer room with a copy of Mike Perrys "Hand Job". He found the copy in the College libary, and ive had the book ever since. I just couldnt return it!.It was like the bible of typography to me.

Check the orginal individual letter drawings on my Flickr, Theres also a larger picture which shows all the type. Sweet.



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  2. LILY. You are so effing creative. I love this alphabet. Could I, perhaps, use it for the title of my blog? Or if it's not allowed, that's cool too. I just love it!


  3. That is amazing, you are so bloody talented!
    Mike Perry's "Handjob" is incredible aswell, i bought a copy a few years ago, my boyfriend thought it was a dirty book :P

  4. Hey Lily, I've been following your blog for a quite short period of time but I've seen your work. I loove your sketches beacouse they are simple, smart , imaginary and waaay cute, and you're soo creative and actually you have inspired me. Well, I want to change/costumise the title on my blog and make it more fancy and the first person that I thought was you and this alphabet. I'm not sure what am i going to do with it, maybe I'll add some colour, I haven't really thought anything since i wanted to ask for your permission, first. I was wondering if i can use your alphabet. Ofc I'll honor and mention your blog. Anyway, i'm hopefully waitng for your reply. Thaanks in advance , for your time :D


    Don't know how to name it


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