Sunday, July 05, 2009

patterns patterns patterns

Although there is none of my actual final art work on this blog as of yet, A key feature in a lot of my self directed/personal style work features simple shapes and patterns. At the moment, I’m focusing on bringing together all the little doodles together and creating some more patterns to be made into brushes. By having some of my patterns made into brushes or patterns to be used in illustrator or Photoshop I will be able to experiment with things a lot quicker compared to having to draw everything, scan it in and then figure out how it will work with my final pieces. Defiantly going to try and incorporate them into my postcards project which is coming along nicely. I was really inspired by this box of old postcards saw in a local charity shop. I didn’t have any money on me at the time to go buy them, so I’m hoping to go back on Monday, fingers crossed they will still be there!

PS. Im hoping to start posting everyday (or so) from now on, Monday will become my offical "first" blog. EEEP.



  1. I love your blog so much that I'm reading it all right now, haha! My goal is to have a blog layout like you. A blog where you just automatic move on to "older post" because you can't stop reading.
    Also, I wanna do something graphic! But it seems that you have to have tried adobe photoshop for most schools, but it's so expensive. I just wanna ask, if you tried it before you started your education? :)

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