Image via Ads Of The World

1) Im in love with these Ben and Jerrys Adverts I found when browsing FFFFFFound, They are just so cool, innovative and different. Ive seen quite a few poster designs recently that are made with 3d objects/paper cut outs, and think they loook so awesome! The art direction is some of the best ive seen recently. Makes me want some icecream so badly!

2) Lizzy Stuarts work is another thing I found this week that i instantly loved. Her style of drawing, it has something thats instantly recongizable about it. I admire people who have consitant a style of work. Especially love this drawing of a Giant Bear in Tiny Village, Theres something about that pop of orange I love!

3) Blanket Magazine is a online PDF based magazine that aims to uncover new artists from around the world. The concept of the magazine really excites me. I have purchased a subscription which was $12 for 12 months worth, a total bargin! The wesbite also has links to artists/designers that contribute and ones they think you should check out.

4) Karen Cheung is a UK based illustrator with wonderful style, I love her wesbite design too. For a hand drawn type nerd like me its total eye candy! The sketchbook section is amazing! I always like looking into the sketchbooks of various artists!

5) Skinny Ships / Richard Perez, is something thats really impressed me this week. His typographic style is admirable, his use of traditional styled fonts mixed with contempary ones is just magical! The colours are just perfect and work together in perfect harmony with each other!

6) I love this promo video for Julian Casablancas from The Strokes, The imagery and the music make me so excited. Plus im totally obsessed with The Strokes, so i really cannot wait! The typography for the album reminds me of a mix of Spinal Tap and Thin Lizzy!

PS: Sorry ive not updated all week, i promise to get into the swing of it a bit more!