(Image via The Wizards Hat)

1) The Wizards Hat is my favourite zine of the week. I bought issue three a while ago, and completly forgot about it, i found it in my pile of zines the other day. It features some of my favourite illustrators (Jim Stotem, Will Bryant & Gemma Correll) and has a CD to listen to as you read it! The theme for this issue is "The Magic Number" its printed in black and white but really doesnt have a low-fi feel to it. I totally reccomend checking it out! Id love to get some of my work into it!

2) Over and Over & Handjob are must have books for anyone into hand drawn type or patterns. I remember lusting after the book after first discovering Mike Perry and needing the book in my life! Ill never forget the day my friend Jon ran into the computer room at college clutching the book. I cant belive my college libary had it! I was the first person to get it out and have had it ever since! Definalty one of the most visually stimulating books I've seen in a long while!

3) I love this Typography That Talks Back by Ryan Reigner, The outcome really relates to the words, its such a creative way of expressing words as images, they add a depth and action. They made with layered peices of paper, so creative!

4) The Book Cover Archive is something I came across when researching for a refferal project for university. A great source of inspiration, and i really like the site layout. So clean and fresh!

5) 12 Common Photoshop Mistakes, Misuses and Abuses on Design Cubicle is a really helpful post for newbie designer. I'll be the first to admit ive made some of the mistakes before! It also highlighted some of my design pet hates! I hate drop shadows and embossing so much!

6) The Grid System is the key to design in my opinion. It plays a huge part in everyday graphics and is something that every designer should be aware of. Although im a big fan of handrawn type i still always consider the grid systems when designing commercially.