Theres only three features ive 100% decided on so far. I do have more ideas but i wont start posting on those, until iv started establishing myself, my blog voice and getting some followers! More than likely ill post more things that what ive just got here at the moment. But im constantly working on ideas in my moleskine, all the scans can be found on Flickr.

Every Sunday, im going to round up and share my favourite links from the week. Ill post my favourite blogs, artists, inspiration, tutorials, photographs or anything that catches my eye! Im constantly bookmarking things on my delicious which you can find here.

Tuesdays are going to be dedicated to everything typographic related.
I am one of those graphic designers that suffer from font snobbery. Type Tuesdays could be a look at classic fonts like Helvetica, Garmond or even Comic sans, to hand drawn experimental work type .

'Folio will be published on a Thursday, and is going to take a look at the current project I’m working on. Most of the projects are self initiated, as most of my university work doesn’t fit into my graphic identity. Although may even post some of my older projects from college that I want to update, including a before and after. This column isn’t only going to showcase my work, I’ll give hints/tips and ideas of things that­ can help you build your own portfolio.