I hardly took any snaps this time I was on holiday this time around and Im kicking myself now Im home and having a severe case of the holiday blues. I also have the post holiday sickness (????) and feel like a bag of poop to boot. If you want to see any of the snaps I took last year when we stopped off in Seligman last year then you can see them here.

W/E though, I thought I'd share the outfit deets from my Insta against this cool American flag wall. When I saw it I was like dingdingding I've hit the instajackpot right now (although I didnt hit any jackpots while in Vegas though, sadtimes). I just knew it would be so perfect for a snap or two!

I really recommend stopping off in Seligman if you're on your way to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. It's really cool and fun and well worth stopping off at to take some snaps or grab some lunch. Dont bother driving down Route 66, it takes wayyyy longer and isn't really a complete road anymore or that used anymore. Plus a lot of the lil' towns along the way have a similar kooky (literally the first time I've ever typed that word and Im still laughing at myself now) vibes and all claim to be the birthplace of Route 66.

I wore a simple white playsuit, a necktie, my faux leather jacket (because it was actually p. cold while I was at the GC, it even snowed one day!) and then I wore some brown booties to round off the outfit! Quite comfy but still stylish, albeit a bit on the chill side!