So I've barely taken these jeans off since I got them. Seriously these things have become my absolute go-to. They are the new and improved Tom Girl Jeans from American Eagle which they so kindly sent over to me are probably my current favourite jeans. First things first. Whoa, blue jeans? Lily have you gone mad? Nope just embracing something else for a change. AND I LIKE IT.

I don't think I've worn blue jeans in forever ever, FOREVER EVER. I cant remember buying my last pair and I could easily quote when I bought my last pair of black one's (last week). I think I put myself in a little box where blue jeans felt off brand (gotta keep things on brand 24/7) and not me so I never even looked at them. Not sure why I came to the conclusion that Lily Melrose doesn't do blue jeans but low and behold there I am in blue jeans.

I'd love them in a even lighter wash and even a grey or black too. Pls American Eagle. Make my jean dreams come true!