I think it's about time I do a bit of a run down of the items that I think that every girl should own. While Im definitely not an advocate for the capsule wardrobe, I couldnt deal with the lack of choice. None the less I do think there are a bunch of absolute staples that all girls should have in their wardrobes. So over the next few weeks Im going to be going through some of my favourite wardrobe staples and some of my top tips on how to style them.

The check shirt is a must because it's easy to wear, super casual and perfect for dressing up or dressing down a look. It's an item which has soared in popularity the last couple of years being championed by street style and celebs alike. Theres nothing comfier and warmer than an oversized baggy shirt, skinny jeans and your favourite pair of boots. It's instant chic!

Think about the colour
Plaid comes in so many colours these days so it's worth thinking about what colours will work in your existing wardrobe colour palette. For more traditional look, go for more muted colors like reds, navy, or greys with white. But I've seen things like neons (!!) and purples and rusts coming through recently which looks really fresh and stylish. I personally love green and red check because they are simple and classic (& go with pretty much everything!).

Try different materials.
In cooler weather opt for lightweight sheer cottons and then come winter pickup thicker flannel shirts. Depending on layering you can wear both regardless of the weather! For example a thin plaid shirt layered over a denim dress and a high neck crop and then a leather jacket on top will produce a warm yet stylish layered look.

The Fit
Often plaid shirts are grungy and boyish but you can get more fitting flattering styles. While I personally love the oversized lumberjack style I find that if I go too oversized it can look like I'm being drowned in fabric and I loose my shape all together. You want something flattering and oversized but not TOO figure hugging as shirts bursting at the seams are unflattering and can feel uncomfortable.t! Don't go too small though--longer and slightly oversized plaid tops are adorable, too.

Borrow it
I personally LOVE worn in shirts, they just have a quality to them which is hard to get off the shelf. If you cant find the perfect vintage offering then raid your Dad/Brother/Boyfriends closet. Nothing says boyfriend fit like an actual mens shirt! It's also worth looking round the mens section of shops to find the perfect masculine shirt because they are often cheaper and come in way more variety.

Style it out
Try pairing your plaid shirts with leather trousers and heels for a casual night out look. Or if you want to keep it casual wear pool sliders and leggings. Neutrals work really well with most plaid colours. too. Denim and leggings are also incredibly easy to pair with plaid. The only thing I would say to avoid  is wearing cowboy boots... unless you really want to go for that cowgirl country look! It can look a bit costume-y if you style it like you're about to go to a rodeo!