So, I moved to Brighton over SEVEN months ago now! It's really flown by but I thought I'd answer a really common question that I get in relation to living in London and blogging. Moving away made me realise one thing - London really isn’t the be all and end all of the blogging world.

I lived in London for about 4 years. I moved there after I'd spent a year of going to London 2-3 times a week for blogging related things. One day after a long commute to London (my journey was 4 hours there and 4 back) decided that I want to live in London. So I moved, it was great and I lived their for four years and for the majority of my time I loved it. However moving there didn't really improve my blogging life at all, inf act it hindered it in so many ways that Im only realizing now Im out of the London trap!

It’s something that I see come up time and time again in blogging chats is that “you need to live in London to be a successful blogger” or “All blogging events are in London” and while it may have been the case a few years ago but in 2015 it’s simply not true.

The biggest argument I see about London being the centre of the UK bloggerverse is that that’s where brands and events are. Which is true, to some degree as thats where the majority are based and held. None the less I see events happening all over the country happening these days and little blogging meet ups from all over the UK popping up on my Twitter feed! It's so awesome to see communities growing all round the country!

I'll be completely honest... I haven't been to a blog event in years. Im not snubbing the idea of attending a blogging event although it might seem like that. Of course, I have a skewed view because Im an arguable successful blogger with already established connections with brands so I dont really NEED to go to events so much. But when I lived in London I never wanted to go into the city outside "work hours" because I always wanted to spend my evenings doing something I wanted to do with my friends!

While I do think events are useful for new bloggers to get their name out there by meeting PR’s face to face and meeting up with likeminded bloggers but I don’t think they are something that you MUST attend or something you feel you should travel halfway across the country to go to.  They simply arent worth it, there's very little value in blogging events in my opinion.  But of course it has to be noted that the best part of events has always been meeting other bloggers. It’s not the free stuff or meeting with XYZ PR or the delicious free mini burgers and champs (although that seems to now be green juices and yoga events) it was always the meeting face to face of people you follow and who's content you love.

It’s actually very rare that I attend events these days and I don’t think I’ve been to a press day since I moved to London. Press days are arguably completely useless to blogging audiences. (Personally) I think readers want see what I can buy right this second not in 3 months time. Things like this work for long lead press but not so much in the blogging world where it’s a culture of here and now.

And while yes brands are in London and yes events are often held in London but both aren’t a measure of success. If a brand wants to work with you they will get you to wherever so don’t feel you need to be on standby in London incase they call you up to work with them. Because they don't do that. While being London based is helpful for meeting brands, Id recommend setting up a whole day of meetings rather than coming in and out of London all the time.

There are plenty of bloggers out there who do incredibly well and don’t live in the city so don’t be blinkered by the promise of London for your blog because it’s not about where you live it’s what you’re blogging about. Beyond events and what really is there that London offers for bloggers that you can’t get anywhere else in the country? Blogging is based on the internet, not in London. 

Another thing, London is SO expensive and you get pretty much nothing housewise for your money. My old rent was £750 a month plus bills and I had a pretty mid sized room in a 6 bedroom house share. I lived in a good location and on a nice street but its nothing compared to the place I have here in Brighton. While I obviously pay more as I have a two bedroom flat to myself pretty much anywhere outside of London you can get a much nicer space for your money. Cramping myself into a tiny one bedroom (which I lived and worked in) was horrible and stressful and there was no separation between work and rest!

So bottom line, in my opinion I dont think there is much value in moving to London unless you want to live YOUR life in London.  The best things about London are exploring new places, eating new foods, meeting new people and experiencing life. I absolutely loved my years in London and I wouldnt change them for the world. But moving specifically to enhance your blogging life? Dont do it!

(Obviously this is aimed at a UK based blogger audience, but feel free to sub London for your countries blogging big city!)