This post is SPONSORED by Maybelline

Whenever the opportunity arises to cover the Ashish show, I'm there in a second. I was invited backstage with Maybelline - London Fashion Week's official beauty sponsor. I missed last season though which was a delightful array of girls on skateboards and spring inspired glitters. Ever since I started going to Fashion week many moons Ashish has always been one of my favourite shows, Along with Shrimps and Anya Hindmarch, Ashish always offers something unique, off beat and fun. Ashish is always about sequins and being bold and daring while also strangely wearable. I never knew I needed a sequin evening dress or a jumpsuit, but maybe I do now?

This season was filled with 70's disco style nods and matched up colours. Every shade under the sun was represented in a celebration of all things bright and outrageous. I always think that Ashish looks have a borderline couture feel to the garments, to be honest which some people might find too much, but for a magpie like me my eyes just dazzled!

Leomie Anderson (a personal fave of mine!), Poppy Okotcha and Lily Fofana to Kiara Ridgell and Summer Thompson kept the show diverse and varied which is always a signature of Ashish shows. He truly shows diversity well and celebrates colour of all kinds, not just in the clothes.

Each look was created by Sharon Dowsett who is always a delight to meet. She's so passionate, warm and interesting and she always creates something unique with the products she has on hand. The beauty look was fairly simple with a slight twist - Each girl was assigned a colour block colour and the whole look was themed around that. Skin was kept fresh and light with a mix of Baby Skin Primer and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and a touch of the Maybelline Dream Velvet Touch if needed. The backstage artists were using the new Dream Blender to apply foundation seamlessly, it’s shaped to blend and perfect, a great pro tool.

She said she tried to make bright and offbeat more flattering shades easier to wear by incorporating hues on some models rather than going all out brights. Don’t get me wrong there was some extreme pops coming from the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks but it was cool to see how she handled the trickier shades.To create a unique blend green tinted lip shade she mixed a green eyeshadow from Diamond Glow Drama in Forest Green the with Baby Lips Hydrate. The shows hero product was the new Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama which pushed up the lashes and kept the eyes looking defined without being overdone. Brows are tamed with the Brow Drama mascara for a natural but refined look.

Nails were by Michelle Humphrey using a vast paintbox of different shades of the Maybelline Nail Colour Show range - again to match the models assigned colour.

There was serious 70’s vibes going on with hair and body glitter paired with the signature Ashish sequin overload. It was just fantastic and an awesome spectacle to see. I’ve already been eying up their SS16 collection and thinking about how I need way more glitter in my life.