I thought it was about time that I reviewed some of my favourite hair products and the things that I use on the reg to get my signature bedhead style. I did a Hair Routine over on my Youtube Channel recently if you want a more jazzy way of seeing my routine if not keep reading!

Straight out the shower I pop on a few pumps of Redken Anti Snap, focusing on the ends of my hair as these are the driest. I've used this religiously for years and it's by far my favourite product for adding life into damage hair. It's a total must have in my routine and I hate doing my hair without it!

Then I liberally spray a generous amount of a mix of Bumble & Bumble Prep and Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion. The Prep Spray helps untangle the hair and refresh it ready for styling. The Surf Spray is lighter than traditional Sea Salt Spray as it's a salt in oil mix. This makes it softly texturizing without any crunchiness or dryness that you get with sea salt sprays. It adds a nice bit of rough texture which makes the perfect base for my hair. My hair is super flat so I need to infuse products that add the roughness and texture I like.

Next up I use the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Spray. This is probably my favourite dry texture spray as it's cheap, effective and good value for money. It's very similar to high end counterparts  but a fraction of the price. Perfect for that matte volumised look I afore.

Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine is a product I didnt know how to use for the longest time but it's a staple in my haircare routine these days. It was used on my hair during a photoshoot and it gives that perfectly undone feel to the hair. I put a small ammount into the palms of my hands and scrunch it up .It adds subtle texture, a slight sheen and that sexy slept in bedhead feel!

So that's the basic jist of my current hair routine! What are your haircare staples?