Brb, Holiday Time!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

uk fashion blogger
uk fashion blogger

So if you're a long time reader of my blog you'll know that me and my family go on holiday to the same hotel every year without fail. I didn't go last year as I decided to have a summer pursuing my own life rather than doing a thing with them. However this year I decided to just go ahead, join everyone and go again. It's only me, my brother, Step Dad and my Mum, so not a whole crew of us (I have a big family) so it should be pretty stress-free and easy going.

We're off to Turkey, which is looking to be a super hot, relaxing break. Im totally booking myself in for a Turkish Spa treatment as soon as I get there and then taking up residence right next to the pool to catch some serious sun. I really want a need a break right now, Im just feeling uninspired and unmotivated but I think thats just come from having a serious 6 months solid where I worked pretty much everyday all day without fail. Quiet time is really needed.

I've decided that Im not going to do any work or whatever while Im there but I know that I will go back on my word within a few days. I told myself not to bring my laptop with me but I know that I'd freak out and panic if I didnt. Either way Im not opening my emails until I get back to London.

Im also going home to see my Dad for a few days when I get back to the UK. My little brothers spoke to me on the phone recently and told me how much they wanted to do another vlog (they did this one for my Vlogging Channel) so as a doting sister I have to make it happen. Im actually not going to be back in London till either the second week of June or the weekend before (If I end up going to Wireless).

If you have any book recommendations that I could read poolside then let me know! Im really into crime and thriller novels and things that have twists. Im also into a lot of non-fiction stuff especially to do with true crime and history (that makes me sound so weird!) so send those my way!

Anyway if you want to follow my adventures then you can add me on Snapchat or on Instagram my username on both is LLYMLRS. Im sure I'll be snapping away keeping you up to date with things!

Resting Bitch Face

Friday, June 19, 2015

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On a weekend jaunt to Brixton before a party I picked this ruched off the shoulder striped top from H&M. Sorry I cant link it in my shop the post but it's current stock so go check it out! If you've been keeping track of any of my recent hauls then you'll be well aware Im all about the off the shoulder cut at the moment. It's super flatting and just gives me a nice shape, especially as I have a pretty wide chest, it just seems to flatter it quite nicely. I even picked it up in blue and white stripe because Im that type of person to buy something in every colour if they see something they like!

I have no idea why I look so moody in all of these photos! Im sure Jon can confirm that I wasnt actually all that sulky when we did this shoot! Clearly just not having a brilliant time though! Oops, must work on my resting bitch face for sure. I just cant help it!

The new Laura Mercier Silk Creme

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Laura Mercier Silk Cream Moisturising Photo Edition review swatch photo

I was really sad when I heard mutterings that my favourite foundation of all time was about to be reformulated and remixed. As someone who once they find something they love they wear it religiously I panicked. Goodbye Laura Mercier Silk Creme and in swung the Laura Mercier Silk Cream Moisturising Photo Edition foundation.

So. Basically it’s very similar but it’s taken out the matte element of the foundation completely. It’s a very radiant and glowy base which my skin seems to be loving. I’d been noticing for a few months my skin just wasn’t loving the dryness of the OG LMSC. It started to cake around my nose and forehead and despite my best efforts to keep it looking flawless and non cakey. It just stopped working for me as well as it used to. The coverage is medium to full, which is exactly what I like. The glow gives a beautiful lit from within vibe which Im currently really digging. My only niggle is that it contains Shea butter which is a known breakout trigger for me but it’s not done anything so far.

New favourite foundation? Well, I guess so. I have to accept my favourite is long gone and this new thing has come in to take it’s place. I really do like it but there is just a little something holding me back from singing it’s praises from the roof tops.

V Festival Vip Tickets Giveaway

Saturday, June 13, 2015

V Festival Vip Tickets Giveaway

Summer ASOS Wishlist

Keeping Faith

Thursday, June 11, 2015

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A bit of a weird outfit for me as it's a very non-typical me outfit. However I wore this on a date recently so I thought I'd show it on here too. The reason why this came to fruition was because I saw someone in the street wearing a ripped midi skirt from ASOS (I was that person and stopped and asked her) and I just knew I had to recreate. Unfortunately it was OOS by the time I got around to ordering on it so I had to go searching for an alternative. This one is from Vila and is a little bit shorter (then again Im 5ft5, so maybe it's a good thing!).

I've been on a bit of a Midi skirt hype recently, I love the length more than ever and have been opting more and more for trousers and skirts that cut off mid calf rather than my usual mini. I think it's super flattering and I feel pretty comfortable in it! Maybe it's my old age (ahem) that has got me craving longer lengths!

Facial Sunscreen you’ll want to wear

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My skin hates sunscreen, but I KNOW I have to wear it and even more now summer is creeping slowly up on us. Most sun creams can make sensitive skin types break out, they just contain a few things that can cause breakouts. I actually think my face is allergic to sunscreen as it tends to bring me out in dry patches and burns slightly. There are a lot of different suncreams out there for the face but for me, they are just repackaged versions of regular sun screen.

Saying that Benefit Dream Screen is one of my all time favourite sunscreen products designed specifically the face. I love its dry matte feel, it kinda feels like a primer that a slick sun lotion. Apply a generous amount before applying any foundation or any base products and it’ll fully protect the skin from the sun. It’s also SPF50 which is ideal protection for the face! Packaged in a teeny vintage inspired blue packaging it’s a really eye catching and cute product that while it doesn’t scream “Summer SPF” it’s a good all year rounder.

Whats in my Travel Makeup Bag

Monday, June 01, 2015

Whats in my Travel Makeup Bag

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