I’ve lived on my own now for the past three almost four months and I always get so many questions about living on my own and if I like it or if I find it lonely. I thought today I’d share some of my thoughts I've had since I've got my own flat.

To be completely honest - Im so happy living alone. I love being on my own anyway, Im one of those people who just prefers to get on with their own stuff than have to wait around for other people. Solo living was something that I knew would always sit well with me because it’s just my kinda vibe. I could lie and pretend that I miss seeing people everyday but I genuinely don’t. Being on my own makes me feel strong, independent and proud that I can afford this flat and all the things inside it all by myself. Im 25 years old and I can say I paid for every single thing inside my flat and I know some bloggers are ashamed of the fact their life is built on money from their blog but Im so proud of the life Im able to build from something I started as a hobby. I’ll never be ashamed of the fact that I earnt all the money for the things in my flat myself because sometimes it amazes me when I look at my beautiful flat and my lovely little car.

I very rarely feel lonely (I don’t know if thats just me, but I don’t!), I have a bunch of awesome friends and family who I feel like I’ve made extra effort with since going solo. I still have a pretty active social life and go out a lot still. I feel like living alone has just made me more inclined to go out there and meet people. I’ve always classed myself as a “terrible friend” as I rarely keep in contact with the people that mean the most to me but I have been reaching out to old friends and getting back in touch with people. I do miss living with my friend Dal though. She moved out of our place a few months before I left so we’d not lived together for a while now. However we still hung out all the time, but now I live in Brighton I see her less so thats kinda weird.

Im much messier than I thought I was, I think because I don’t have so much pressure to tidy up after myself as it’s only me and the Cat here. I don’t really enjoy cleaning that much so I tend to go by this rule “if it takes me less than 5 minutes I’ll do it now, if not I can leave it” It’s helped me keep my place relatively tidy but at the same time I do leave things longer that I should do. I’ve never been a particularly tidy person but I hate a messy kitchen and bathroom and I do think theres a huge line between mess and filth. Filth is a no-go but a little mess never hurt anyone. I try and wipe down my surfaces and load away all my washing every night before bed though but my flat is always messier than I'd like.

Home stuff is expensive. Although I don’t like to talk about money too much, I initially put aside £2000 to furnish my flat but I broke that budget in the end, although not too much over which did surprise me. My flats not finished yet but it’s well on it’s way to being done. I got both my beds, my sofa, my tv, a desk and a bunch of other stuff within that budget. I had absolutely nothing when I moved in (not even kitchen stuff) so I literally started from scratch buying everything from pots and pans to cutlery to my vacuum cleaner. I still need a lot of decor and some shelving units, blinds plus a few rugs but I know thats all stuff that I’ll gather over time now. I have the essentials though!

Me and Aerys seem to have grown closer since we moved. To be completely honest we’ve never been close, she’s always favoured my old housemate Ben. She loves boys for some reason, I found a photo of her and my ex recently when she was watching TV with us and had her paw stretched out holding him! Which she now seems to do with me which makes me melt. On the whole we're pretty okay these days. She doesn’t go outside any more which I think suits her a lot, I was worried she’d pine for the outside but she’s reverted back to her princess day. Spending a lot of her time grooming and sleeping in her bed or on rolling all over my washing. I think she only used to go out because we put her outside rather than her actually wanting to be there. I often wonder if she misses her pal Felix (our neighbours cat) but I think she’s moved on, he did used to bully her and chase her into the house all the time. I have considered getting her a brother but I don’t think I will just yet because Im not personally ready for another cat but I really want to rescue next time around. I have noticed I have to keep her entertained a lot more and give her a lot more attention. She has a scratching post and lots of toys to play with but to be honest she sleeps in her Tipi most of the time.

Anyway there you go, a few thoughts on things I’ve learnt since living alone. I’ve just sort of sat here and typed it out as it came into my head so it kinda lacks structure but I wanted to just word vomit a little on some of my thoughts. I probably should have made this a video but oh well! Let me know if you have anything you want to share on the subject in comments!