Chanel Inspired Espadrilles for £12

Monday, May 30, 2016

I've been lusting after two tone espadrilles ala the infamous Chanel Espadrilles for a while now and one day on one of my usual jaunts around the ASOS site - I came across these beauts. Unfortunately they were out of stock in pretty much every size. Always the way isnt it? Fall hopelessly in love with something and they dangle it in front of your face.

After a lot of waiting and refreshing and genuinely contemplating if my trotters would fit into a size 4.  I for real made a new bookmark in my tabs so I could check it easily thats how much I wanted these shoes. THEY FINALLY CAME BACK.

I would recommend sizing up, I got a 6 even though I'm normally a 5 - They fit me perfectly so I presume they run a little small. I was skeptical about espadrilles as they normally hurt the soles of my feet a little as they are so flat. However I wore them pretty much everyday I was in America and no blisters or soreness at all! Not a single Compeed in sight which impressed me.

PS. Theres also 20% off on ASOS right now with the code YESPLEASE. Dont say I don't ever look out for you guys ;) Go forth and haul the shit out of it! Guess what my next video might be???

One Day...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

As I mentioned I recently went on a little road trip around  California with Zoe. It was a whirlwind trip in which we went to San Francisco, Drove the Pacific Coast Highway One and then finally spent a good few days soaking up some atmosphere in Los Angeles.

Going to San Francisco has always been on my bucket list, things like Alcatraz appeal to my sense of morbid curiosity and seeing cool hippie places like the Haight and Ashbury was high up on my list. Driving down the coast and stopping wherever we felt like it was a dream come true. Despite it being a long journey every second was so worth it. I found my eyes drifting towards the blueness of the sea constantly. LA was really great although I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I was going to which was odd. It's like east London but 100x more intense. Which did appeal to my pretentious side (seriously though, juice was like $10 each!) it was awesome though. I could have drove around constantly and still found things I'd want to look at. Little things like seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame, seeing sets in Universal studios and shopping on Rodeo Drive were highlights.

It was a total "One day I'd like..." experience in which I've always though "one day I want to drive the coastal road to Los Angeles" I have more photos, videos and stuff coming soon but for now you can check out my trip over on my Youtube channel as I vlogged the whole thing. I have tons of snaps over on my Instagram too. I've got so much to go through footage wise it's a little bit intimidating but I cant wait to start looking back on things that happened!

The guys at Virgin Atlantic also have a little competition going on at the moment in which you can win your own trip of a lifetime and cross your one day experience off your list.

All you need to do is post a photo of your and our preferred travel buddy (that could be your partner, best friend or whoever you wanna see the world with) on your favourite social media tagging @virginatlantic and hashtagging #oneday to be in with the chance to win a holiday of a life time and make your One day plans a reality!

£10 Rose Gold Mirrored Sunglasses


A while ago I was on one of my usual browses on eBay for some boots that came out in Topshop 10 years ago or clicking around looking at endless original vintage band t shirts that are being auctioned off for £300+. Seriously I can't believe how much original band tee's retail for. Im gonna be keeping some of my shirts just incase one day my collection of Brand New tshirts puts my kids through college.

Anyway, Basically I somehow ended up looking at sunglasses. Naturally of course because I have a huge problem and need to go to sunglasses rehab. Or maybe someone should just stop me using my Paypal account. I cant be the only one who feels like using a Paypal account doesn't feel like real money? Yup. Cool. Not alone then.

I've had a hankering over getting some rose gold shades for a while but I never really looked into it. Like most things I buy I think I saw them on someone on Instagram and was like make a note of that shit because you need it in your life. But like most things I forget or gets added to the list a

It was approximately 2 minutes between my clicking the link, logging and checking out after locking eyes on these.  I picked up the silver too because you know, I have no self control when it comes to buying things ever.

For a tenner these are a real bargain as I think they look much more expensive than they are. Im p. sure they are a rip of some expense/high end frame but I wouldn't even know where to start looking. Dior maybe? Idk.

They feel a touch cheap, but nothing major. If you're a sunglasses snob then these wouldnt be for you, but if you're looking for a fast fashion affordable major key pair of sunglasses then I would recommend these bad boys. They look so good on and I always feel super sassy in then. A+

Best Matte Foundation for Summer

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My base of choice rn is the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint - If you've watched my Youtube channel you may have seen me use it a fair few times in videos and I think I even hailed it as one of my monthly favourites but I thought I'd expand a lil more on it as to why it rocks my world right now.

Ever since Laura Mercier mercilessly reformulated Silk Creme without any warning (actually I did know it was being changed I just didn't want to admit it to myself, sigh) I've been on the hunt for a new base to hail as my holy grail. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is up there, but its not quite right. However this Nars offering is definitely my foundation of the moment.

It sort of reminds me of the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint which is my usual favourite summer base. Although a sudden realisation has prompted me to wonder if it's similar in formula or comparible. I need to go through my collection and see if I still have one lurking around in my stash. I have a feeling I actually used it up last year though which is a bummer. But basically think of a tinted moisturiser but knocked up a few levels in the coverage stakes.

I find a good buff or pat (as Im now converted to the beauty blender side) into the skin with a dab or two of concealer and a dust of powder, although I don't think you really need it. You're good to go. Think light-medium-buildable coverage with a soft glowy matte finish. Not flat matte but like a sort of glow-ish matte. It's super creamy and blends so nicely into the skin without looking like a mask so thats always a good thing.

Overall Im a big fan of this, but that's evident from the amount of times it pops up on my channel. I think it's one for more oily normal skin types as drier skin types might want something a lil bit more moisturising. It's a would reccomend from me!

25 Wedding Guest Worthy Dresses

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

So you know, one day it hits you and it clicks that you're at the age where all your gal pals are getting engaged the fact they are actually getting married hits you? Yeah that.

Aside from the fact I'll probably need to hire someone to be my Date for the night my first thought was panicking about what to actually wear. The last time I went to a wedding it was my Dad and Step Mum's which was literally like 10 years ago and I wore a purple number and had red hair (IDK WHAT I WAS THINKING, I KNOW!) Prior to that I wore a little bridesmaid dress back in 1996 when a family member got married - My Granny still has that little gown and I wore it religously every week at her house.

So I frantically started plotting what sort of stuff a wedding guest should wear? I dont like florals or lace and black is the only colour I wear period. As my brain went into overdrive ticking away at the do's and dont's of what I could wear I decided to do what I do best - Save things to shopping baskets while shopping online.

When I think of wedding guest dressing I think of things that are floral, subtle, pastel hues and midi lengths. But I think its still super important to bring your own personal style at the same time. None the less you gotta be appropriate - I'm talking no chance of nips slips or flashing your bum as you dance with their Uncle Ken to the YMCA. Something conservative but also

Here's my current selection for inspo if you need it:

(Turn off Adblocker if you cant see the widget)

Personally Im leaned towards this bad boy, and I actually bought it with the intentions of it being the lead image for this post. Kinda 70's bohemian with a modern twist. Im p. sure it's okay to wear peach to a wedding right? I though, oh yes that would look hella cute paired with a simple pair of silver heels and a jazzy clutch.

WRONG. WRONG WRONG. It was so hard to photograph and look semi decent on meI almost gave up on live. Back to the drawing board me thinks. It's a shame as it's so beautiful but the fit is a bit off. Then again I do have a super wide back so it's common long sleeve things and I dont get on. Oh well.

I also really dig this dress here, the contrast piping and the little collar are too cute and add a really nice summit summit to the outfit. Infact I might even buy it for summer anyway as it's pretty babein' for a summer dress. Perfect for a summery field-y type wedding!

I'm Going to LA & San Francisco!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Picture me, sitting in my bed last Thursday afternoon, twiddling my thumbs bored out of my mind. I should be editing a video but Im actually sitting there scrolling through Reddit and thinking about if I want to order a takeaway for the evening. Spoiler alert, of course I did. Thai, was really great.

Anyway a email drops in my inbox asking me if I wanted to go on a trip. Well duh of course I do need you ask twice. So Im off on a jaunt to America again to cure my post holiday blues with the peep’s at Virgin Atlantic.

They were cool enough to let me bring a friend along and after asking around a bit I naturally picked Zoe. Not that she wasn’t my first choice she was just busy on the dates originally but after some wiggling we made it work.

So yeah, we’re off on a 8 day jaunt around California - Specifically San Fransisco and LA which is possibly the best thing ever to happen to me in forever ever. Forever ever. We’re gonna be doing the drive between San Fran and LA too which means more American Road Rules. I actually managed to get the hang of it in the end, but it is pretty confusing at first. I definitely drove on the wrong side a few times. Oops.

I’ve not been to LA beyond the LAX airport so Im SO stoked. Zoe is a bit of a Cali vet these days so she’s gonna be a good companion. Gimme all dat green juice, acai bowls and iced green tea. We have some loose plans, I really want to Universal and Alcatraz.

But finally on to the good good news IM GOING TO BE VLOGGING. I haven’t vlogged properly since I moved house and to be honest I just kinda got over it after vlogging for a couple of months. However I think its kinda different when you do stuff with people who get social media, especially other bloggers/vloggers. They don’t bat an eyelid when you whip your camera out and start lamenting about the salad you just ate or care if you ask them to take a photo 1000 times just so your calves don’t look chunky af in them.

Seriously one of my best pals doesn’t have any social media. I honestly don’t know how he’s alive in the 21st century. Either that or he refuses to add me on social media as he’s some sort of secret online identity. Tempted to go super sleuth and investigate this. 

So you can follow along my adventures on my Snapchat (llymlrs) or my Instagram (llymlrs) or my Twitter (llymlrs… see a common theme here?) We’re also gonna be using the hashtag #hellroseworldtour if you wanna keep up on that too.I  likely wont post the vlogs till Im back, though so there's that to look forward to!

Anyway, Im leaving on Thursday and I absolutely cannot wait. I feel super blessed right now because Im in a bit of a funk and my desire to leave is really high. Although Im a bit worried as I’ve just got over a big bout of fatigue post Vegas. But to be fair, I ate really badly and drank while I was out there as well as generally just not the most healthy I can be. But seriously, Im so excited!

Post a photo of your and our preferred travel buddy (that could be your partner, best friend or whoever you wanna see the world with) on your favourite social media tagging @virginatlantic and hashtagging #oneday to be in with the chance to win a holiday of a life time and make your One day plans a reality!

Damn, Jo

Friday, May 13, 2016

Damn, Jo Malone back at it again with another new launch. Wait. Is Jo Malone actually a person? *frantically googles* Ah yes she is. Panic over. Im sure there a brand that's fronted with a womans name but isnt actually a person but I can't think of it off the top of my head.

So once again Jo Malone have dropped a lovely new fragrance in the form of the uber fresh Jo Malone Nashi Blossom. Nashi is Japanese for Pear and well blossom suggests flowers so any guesses what it smells like?

Clean and pretty, it's a fruity floral delight for the nostrils. A lil sweetness with the fruity apple and pear notes but then has a few sharper hums in the form of lemon and then a nice sophist' finish with rose rounding it off. The packaging is adorbs too - If you're going to be spending £60+ on a fragrance you wanna make sure it looks damn cute on your dresser right?

If you like Jo Malone Peony and Suede I'd recommend trying this out. Go forth and spritz.

The New New Spring Uniform

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sephora Haul

Why you need to see the Grand Canyon

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I've actually been to the Grand Canyon before. Last year I went on a Trek America with some pals and it was awesome but I was also tired, broken and felt like I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have done and it was something I really regretted. I knew on my recent trip to the US I was going to make the 4+ hour drive from Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and appreciate it properly.

It’s weird as you walk onto Bright Angel trail to make the epic hike down to the bottom. You soon realise you’re stepping on rocks that are like a million years old. Rocks that have been there since the dawn of time while the dinosaurs trotted over and probably perished on at some point too. You’re stepping on a part of history and thats pretty bloody cool.

It’s hard to capture the beauty and sereneness of the place - Its pure unspoiled canyon land. Red rocks for as far as the eye can see. Mesa's dotted around and towers of endlessly stacked toppling rocks that  look like they could erode any second, all flourishing around the icy blue Colorado River.

If you ever have the opportunity to I totally recommend taking the time to visit the Grand Canyon. South Rim, not the West which is a pure tourist trap. Avoid the gift shops and pomp and stay for at least two days if you can. Visit it properly like I did the second time and take in every second of it’s being rather than just ticking it off your bucket list. Been there done that just isnt enough. I went to Ankor Wat a couple of years ago and experienced the same sort of thing, but it was incredibly packed and nothing compared to the peace and simple stillness of the Grand Canyon.

It is a spiritual and sort of out of body experience, In some ways being there made me forget all about the things in my life that bothered me and I allowed myself to take in the beauty of my surroundings without fear worries or sadness. Go see the Grand Canyon and experience something pure and unspoiled by modern life. 

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