Go Big or Go Home!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Now that my hair is somewhat on the mend (although I'm actually getting my hair done next week, so HELLO BLEACH I'VE MISSED U BOO) I was in the market for a new shampoo and conditioner. While moisture is all well and good it's way too heavy for the current state of my hair. Pureology Hydrate will forever be the key to keeping my hair in good condition, I just think we should see other people.

I've been using two different product ranges from Redken recently to keep my locks in check - One being Redken Beach Envy which is v. lovely but I think I've firmly decided on loving Redken High Rise Volume a little bit more.

It's kinda hard to describe it, it sort of lifts the roots and gives natural volume without making the hair feel like a bird's nest or chock a block full of product. I'm really not all about that "higher the hair the closer to Jesus" life just a little bit of omph to my flat mop of hair.

High Rise Volume gives the hair a little bit of a boost with a cool girl sheen, think subtle texture and lightweight volume - hair with a bit of body!

If ya wanna get sciencey then it's a volume-boosting blend of filloxane and softening polymers which create lift that lasts. Not so clued up on all that jazz but it sounds fancy and certainly is doing a little something to my hair

Theres a bit of a trend at the moment for more styling based shampoo and conditioners rather than treatment shampoo's and conditioners of old. Im digging it for sure. Go Big or Go Home!

Come Shopping with Me!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

This post is SPONSORED by Westfield Stratford City

So today I’m teaming up with ultimate shopping destination Westfield Stratford City to take you on a shopping day out with me and show you some of my spring picks!  If you’re unaware, Westfield Stratford City is a shopping centre, come entertainment complex with a bunch of restaurants and food outlets to suit every taste - all under one roof.

Confession time - I hate shopping in central London. It’s busy, hard to navigate and a pain to get around as shops are so spread out. Back when I lived in SW London Westfield London was my old haunt but I decided to hit up Westfield Stratford City because it’s pretty easy to visit now I live in Brighton. After a smooth, sunny ride up to London in my little car, and strategically parking near the car park exit closest to Topshop I was ready to go. One of my pet hates going shopping is carrying about my bags all day. Having my car close means I can nip down and put my heavier things away and keep going! 

I’ve always found Westfield Stratford City is one of those places that take a day to go out and really enjoy. There something crazy like over 250 shops to choose from, a plethora of places to eat and drink as well as other places to keep you entertained like their Vue cinema.

So what did I buy I hear you holler at your screens? Well! I picked up a backpack from Zara that I actually saw on online recently but I wasn’t too sure of the size so wanted to check it out in person before deciding, as I didn’t want to go through the tedious returns process that I’m very familiar with. Being able to go in store saved me the hassle and that disappointing feeling when you get something and don’t like it IRL!

I also bought myself a lovely oversized blue shirt from Topshop - I have an affinity with all things denim at the moment and this just caught my eye. Also from Topshop I ended up getting ANOTHER pair of Quay Australia sunglasses in their My Girl style. I’m sure you’ve seen me wear them before at some point but I just love the unique cat eye style! The orange lenses are just pure fire too; I can’t wait to wear them on holiday later this month!

I also go some cool Skinny Dip patches that I’ve wanted for a while As I hadn’t seen them in person and finding sizing online was impossible I knew I wanted to see them with my own eyes before committing! Thankfully they were just what I was looking for in the end! I’m going to customise a bag with them so keep your eyes out for that!

After a good ol’ rummage through Topshop we ended up stopping for some lunch at one of my favourite spots - Yo Sushi. I know it’s gimmicky but it’s one of the best fast food options and super healthy (kinda, although Pumpkin Korokke is life)

We also popped into American Eagle Outfitters, as I adore their denim. I was umming and aahing over getting another pair of my absolute favourite jeans the American Eagle Tomgirl jeans but I already have two pairs so I decided to be good. They are the perfect summer jeans though with the current trend for light ripped denim in a relaxed fit. I saw some nice summery bits I might go back and take a closer look at too that would look perfect on my American Road Trip too.American Eagle Outfitters is located at both Westfield Stratford City and Westfield London, which is very handy.

Last purchase of the day were a pair of Birkenstocks - Something I’ve always sort of not loved but then for some reason on that day I needed some. I think I actually saw some super cool girl wearing some when we were walking around the center and was like hmmm - I could do with a pair of those. My mum is a proud Birkenstock wearer - she was so pleased to hear about them!

I picked out a few key pieces to keep me going through spring. In contrast to going online and  buying things, where I’d normally end up picking tons of things at a time incase I didn’t like something on when it I eventually received my package. Going into the store cuts out the waiting for the parcel, the disappointment if something isn’t quite right, having to get a different size and the returns process.

Westfield Stratford City also has a handy product search on their site, here (click)  you can look through items in stores before heading to the centre to get an idea of things to keep your eyes out for. I found this really useful because I could make a mental note of the clothes I wanted to check out!

So those were the things I picked up! Full of sushi and a couple o’ bags in tow I headed back to Brighton feeling like I achieved something while shopping in store for the first time in a long time. I tend to shop online but I found it so nice having a lovely day out in the centre catching up with my friend Corrine, having a browse in the shops as well as having a nice little lunch! All with the added bonus of not having to go through the hassle of returning things or things looking different online than they do in real life!

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