What Foundation Do You Use?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation £33*

While I'm still mourning the discontinuation and subsequent reformulation of my beloved Laura Mercier Silk Creme I THINK I've found my new favorite foundation. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is hailed as a providing a flawless, poreless and long lasting base. Sounds good right?

I have two shades 4 and 5 which both suit me well but I think 4 is probably a spot on match. It's a pretty high coverage foundation but can be sheered out depending on how much you use. I use a buffing brush to apply but a stippling brush would give a sheered more refined coverage. It leaves the skin looking radiant and smooth without a sign on cakiness. It doesn't sit in lines or pores and has a pretty decent staying power on my combination skin. It doesnt break me out which is always a bonus. My skin seems to hate most foundations and ALWAYS freaks out whenever I try something new.

My favourite way to wear it is mixed with a generous pump of the Becca Shimmering Skin Tint in Opal. It results in a flawless lit from within medium to full coverage base that dreams are made of. The foundation is pretty glowy alone but I think adding the skin tint just adds a little bit of something to really boost it.

If youre familiar with Estee Lauder double wear then it's very similar to that in terms of coverage but doesnt give the face a mask like feeling like the Lauder one. I do really like this and I have repurchased it when I bought a different shade from the one I was sent originally so I guess I must like it. While I dont think it's ever going to take over my deeo love for LM SC, Having and affair with Charlotte Tilbury isnt bad.

A Cleanser for Your Brushes

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lottie London Soap Star £6.99*

Washing my brushes more frequently is something that I make a beauty resolution to do every year but never get round to it. The Lottie London Soap Star is a solid brush soap which deep cleans brushes with ease and removes germs from dirty brushes.

To clean all you do is wet your brush and swirl it in the Coconut Oil and Shea butter infused solid cleanser to create a lather. Then simply swirl the brush in your hand and wash as normal and leave to air dry on a towel. Compared to using the baby shampoo method I used to use before my brushes are left cleaner and softer with a lot less scrubbing. The packaging is really cute and small, so it's travel friendly. It's also 100% vegan.

I really like using this, I've started keeping it in my bathroom cabinet for cleaning my deep cleaning brushes every week compared to before where I'd use every single brush in my collection before going to wash them. It's quick and easy and leaves my brushes clean and in turn my makeup application is much smoother.

Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood £105 for 100ml*

Orris and Sandalwood is the latest addition to the Jo Malone line up. When I opened this parcel up a few days ago I was pleasantly surprised by a note I'd never heard of before. Not one to turn my nose up at a new Jo Malone fragrance I swiftly spritzed myself before I even read the press material.

It's a unique scent with notes of violet mixed with a heart note of Orris (apparently its part of the root of an Iris) and my personal favourite scent Sandalwood. It's a floral, heady but has power and depth without being old fashioned or talcum-powdery. The creamy Sandalwood notes set off the whole fragrance for me and gives it a woody base. I see a lot of people saying it smells like Parma Violets (It doesn't) but it is a very unique scent and you can definitely smell the violet notes coming through every now and again.

Colonge Intense's from Jo Malone really pack a punch in the staying power, they last really well and I always get extra whiff's throughout the day. Which is always pleasing to the nostrils.

While not cheap at all, retailing for £105 for 100ml it is a pricey option but it is absolutely stunning, unique and interesting. It's definitely worth a sniff if you're into your fragrance and looking for something different to add to your collection. Thumbs up from me.

Hairstyling Staples

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I thought it was about time that I reviewed some of my favourite hair products and the things that I use on the reg to get my signature bedhead style. I did a Hair Routine over on my Youtube Channel recently if you want a more jazzy way of seeing my routine if not keep reading!

Straight out the shower I pop on a few pumps of Redken Anti Snap, focusing on the ends of my hair as these are the driest. I've used this religiously for years and it's by far my favourite product for adding life into damage hair. It's a total must have in my routine and I hate doing my hair without it!

Then I liberally spray a generous amount of a mix of Bumble & Bumble Prep and Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion. The Prep Spray helps untangle the hair and refresh it ready for styling. The Surf Spray is lighter than traditional Sea Salt Spray as it's a salt in oil mix. This makes it softly texturizing without any crunchiness or dryness that you get with sea salt sprays. It adds a nice bit of rough texture which makes the perfect base for my hair. My hair is super flat so I need to infuse products that add the roughness and texture I like.

Next up I use the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Spray. This is probably my favourite dry texture spray as it's cheap, effective and good value for money. It's very similar to high end counterparts  but a fraction of the price. Perfect for that matte volumised look I afore.

Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine is a product I didnt know how to use for the longest time but it's a staple in my haircare routine these days. It was used on my hair during a photoshoot and it gives that perfectly undone feel to the hair. I put a small ammount into the palms of my hands and scrunch it up .It adds subtle texture, a slight sheen and that sexy slept in bedhead feel!

So that's the basic jist of my current hair routine! What are your haircare staples?

Feeling Myself

Monday, January 04, 2016


This lil' sassy number is actually a really old set of photos I think we took back in October but somehow slipped into the obscurity that is my computer packed full of fbskfbsdjfds.jpg files. This skirt was one of my favourite items in a while and I wore it a lot during the festive period. It's the kinda thing you could get away with wearing during the day. It's a little bit jazzy but not too jazzy so can be dressed up and dressed down depending on what you pair it with. My personal favourite way of styling it is with a leather jacket, plain black jumper and my patent boots and a fur stole. Perfect day to night outfit!

(Most of the items Im wearing in the photos has sold out so I've linked similar items where possible!)

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Photo by Jon D Barker, Edited by me.

30 Outfits to Inspire you in January 2016

Saturday, January 02, 2016

So it's the new year and it's about time we all considered switching up our wardrobes... wait isn't that what all the magazines tell us but its really a load of crap? Regardless I thought I'd start a new monthly feature on this blog called "30 Outfits to inspire you this month" it's basically just enough outfit inspiration to pretty much cover a whole month's worth of dressing. I was thinking about doing it as however many days there are in that month but 30 is just easier and almost covers all bases. 30 days has September, April, June and November... etc etc.

It's been a long while since I've done a regular feature on this blog. Yup, I deserve a slapped wrist for that one. But I think it' about time we sort of bought about some level of structure. Ahem.

So here are 30 fully shoppable looks to inspire you throughout the month of January! Hope it gets your sartorial inspiration juices flowing! Let me know which are your favourites!











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