Ghost Girl - Dare to be You!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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GHOST fragrances have been on a bold journey of self-discovery and unveil their edgy side presenting a brand new feminist floral that is complimented by a brand new look and feel. The scent, like the campaign is bursting with attitude for the strong, daring and fun-loving girl of today. Their most fearless fragrance to date, this intoxicating scent marks a change of direction for the brand adding a young, mischievous edge to the existing classical collection. Ghost Girl. DARE TO BE YOU.

Ghost are just about the release a fresh and youthful new fragrance, Ghost girl. Unlike previous Ghost offering has a much younger appeal point with its fruity floral notes and graffiti inspired bottle. The fragrance has notes of pear, bergamot and raspberry before opening up floral notes like Tuberose, Almond blossom and Orange blossom. The base notes provide some warmth in the form of a cosy blend of Amber and Sandalwood. It aims to inspire the spirit of individuality, while being strong, playful and fun loving at all time.

Inspired by the fragrances motto "Dare to Be You" I decided to channel my inner emo kid and Gerad Way and go for a makeup look that was totally out of my comfort zone but a look I've always dreamed of being able to pull off. Red eyes is something I experimented with in my teens but thought I'd never be able to pull off in my mid twenties (wow, I think thats the first time I've acknowledged Im MID twenties).

I used the red from the Urban Decay Electric palette and packed it on to my eyes. Weird but it felt the red really complimented the green tones in my eyes and really made them pop. For lips I used the Jefree Star Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin which is a odd nude brown grey type shade which oddly seems to work. Dont ask me why but it just does!The sweetness of the perfume contrasts so well with the controversial look to give an awesome rock n roll come girly girl edge. I love it.

Big fan of this makeup look as it's unapologetically me, All while being a little bit out of my comfort zone at the same time. It's fun to break the mould sometimes and do something a little bit different from my usual winged liner and peach pink lips!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Ghost via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Ghost.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So. It's all done! Im moved in to my new flat and I've finally let the cat out the bag on where Im going to be living in my latest vlog. Which you can check out over on my channel and above in this very post. I'll be posting daily vlogs on my vlogging channel for a while just so I have someone to talk to so I dont slowly go insane and I quite like the fact it's documenting my journey into solo living.

To be honest Im really scared and excited in equal parts. Scared because Im worried Ill miss having people around me all the time and the comforting feeling of not being alone in your house. But excited for the fact I can keep my space clean, store all my things and generally have space to live and work without the two being sat right on top of each other.

Now I've spent my first night alone I cant say this. I can totally see this being a challenge for me. I've basically left my whole life behind and dropped everything I've known for the past 4 years in London to move to somewhere completely new where I don't really know anyone. Starting again is bloody terrifying BUT Im so motivated to try something new and experience something else for a bit. Im a very spur of the moment person and although I've been talking about leaving London for the past few years, But now that I actually have I feel like maybe I'll regret it so to spite myself Im determined to prove myself wrong. Im so bloody stubborn!

Tonight at 5pm Im uploading my empty flat tour and I might post some of my vlogs as posts on here. Im really hoping to get normal programming resumed soon but Im also going to V at the Weekend so it's going to be a bit of a hectic one!

I'm MOVING! - Interior Inspiration pt 1

Friday, August 14, 2015

Apologies for the extended absence on this blog… but I do have an excuse! Kinda! IM MOVING! If you follow me on Twitter then Im sure you know about this already but yeah… IVE GOT MY OWN FLAT. It all happened very quickly and I basically saw some flats one day and then ended up taking one and then before I knew it Im packing my life up and moving on Monday. Im nervous but excited to be living on my own! I cant believe me and Aerys have our own little place though!

I’ve spent the week thinking about the overall design of my flat and how I want it to look. I have two bedrooms as well as a huge living room which I hope to convert into my office as well as my living space. I also have this absolutely amazing entrance hall which is so so so nice! I genuinely cant wait to get decorating things!

My basic idea is to keep it a similar theme to my current room. White with bright pops of super bright colour, mixed with fun prints and lots of texture. While I know people seem to be loving the all white and minimal thing at the moment it isn’t really me and I really want my first home to have a real “me” feel to it. I want a mixture of kitsch accents with traditional furniture but with lots of bright colours to set it all off. Im planning to have a lot of black in my flat to add lots of contrast to my decor.

One thing I know for sure is that I want a full print wall. I’ve had some art pieces in mind for my walls for so long and I cant wait to purchase them. I've bookmarked a few that are already on my hit list but Im trying not to buy anything until I move in as I really want to make sure what I get works with the space I have. I

My only problem with this flat right now is that I have super limited funds (nature of being freelance!) and although I want everything perfect asap I know that Im going to have to slowly build up my rooms as time goes on. Ive never really bought my own furniture as I've only lived in furnished places and some of the prices of things are tripping me out! I’ve decided to focus on my bedroom first, then living room then my second bedroom with the kitchen and bathroom being a bit of an after thought as they arent going to be the spaces that I spend my time.

Im really excited to see what comes from my new flat and I cant wait to show you guys! I am going to be doing moving vlogs over on my second channel so subscribe to that for updates as I go along! I will post a before photo on here though when I move in. 

Reading Festival Tips & Advice

Sunday, August 02, 2015

So festival season is well and truly in the swing of things. Admittedly I haven’t been to many this year however now that August is ticking over the countdown to my personal favourite festival Reading and Leeds is getting closer and closer. Over the years I feel like I’ve become a bit of a festival expert. I’ve been to so many there is no way I could even count how many bands I’ve seen in that time.To me festival time is an excuse to get away from the city and the real world and live a little bit hedonistic!

I thought I’d write a little guide on how to survive Reading and Leeds festival as I’ve been there twice before but admittedly haven’t been since I was 17 (and Im 25 now!) I’ve learnt a few things along the way about how to actually function like a human at a festival since! Here’s my low down!

Camping & Tents

Always bring a pillow. Trust me, you will thank me for this one! While it might seem like an annoying thing to carry there is nothing like having something soft to lay your head on once you get back to your base. Rolled up clothes just don’t cut it!

Also bring a roll matt. There is nothing worse than ending up in a duff spot and having to sleep on rocks. You can pick these up super cheap and they are really lightweight! If you’re feeling fancy then a airbed would be a good idea but they are heavier and you have to go through the effort of blowing them up!

Blankets as well as a sleeping bag is a smart move. It does get pretty cold on festival evenings so always bring an extra blanket or two. You’re inevitably going to be with someone who doesn’t bring a proper sleeping bag too so be prepared to share!

Think about where you’re going to camp. Most festivals provide a map of the campsite beforehand so so some research and think about where you want to stay upon arrival. Avoid being too close to the arena and any main walkways if you want to get any sleep at night! Plus make sure you’re also far enough away but not too close to the toilets!

While they are expensive never underestimate the powder of a good tent. Honestly you don’t want something thats going to fall apart after a day or leak horrendously. 

Food & Alcohol

Always pre-purchase some alcohol at a local supermarket before heading to the camping site. Festival alcohol is notoriously expensive and you don’t want to waste your budget on it. Remember to avoid glass (pop spirits in plastic bottles) and always bring a hip flask just incase.

Water. Always bring a big ol’ bottle of water to the festival with you or one of those snazzy fold away water lung things. Reading and Leeds both have taps on site so you can refill but you’ll save a lot of money if you bring something to put water in rather than buying it bottled. It’s always important to keep hydrated if your spending all day drinking!

Shopping - Do not bring a whole bunch of food to the festival. In my experience it’s best to bring things like snacks, crisps, cereal bars and something for breakfast/lunch and then keep about a tenner a day back for a meal in the evenings. Festival food is notoriously bad (although it has improved in recent years!) but having a hot meal in the evening will keep you going on alcohol fuelled evenings! Honestly though I’d avoid things like noodles or beans unless you actually HAVE a camping stove as there no point buying one just for the weekend. More fancy food I’d recommend bringing would be pitta breads, hummus, brioche, jam some fruit and juice.


When it comes to money I’d try not to bring too much or too little. It’s hard to really estimate how much you might spend but I’d say £250 is the absolute maximum you might need if you aren’t bringing your own booze and food. I generally try and stick to the £150 mark averaging about £30 a day which is mostly spend on arena beers! 

There are cash points on site but charge a bomb and the queues are always ridiculous. If you can (and trust yourself) bring it all with you rather than trying to use your card.

Always keep your money with you as unfortunately there are people who will knick things at will if they have the chance! While bumbags might not be the most stylish option they do help at keeping your pennies close to you!

General Tips

Embrace Festival life. Festivals are a strange thing, it’s like a weird no-rules type deal where you escape from the real world for a bit. Don’t worry that your hair’s greasy by day three or you smell like a butt, let it slide for a bit and enjoy the ride.

Toilets are always going to be gross, there is no two ways about it. HOWEVER Reading and Leeds are offering up some fancy swanky toilets this year for an additional fee which if you’re Princess enough to need to use then I’d check ‘em out.

Portable chargers. If you don’t have one then Im not quite sure how you’re  functioning as an adult in 2015.  Bring more than one if you’re an excessive user!

Bring a camera, even a little disposable one if you’re worried about a nice one getting pinched! 

Don’t waste your time. While sitting around camp is fun there is always so band new bands to go see and people to make friends with. Wander around the site and see who you might meet along the way! 

I’ll be at Reading Festival over the Bank Holiday (August 28th-30th) weekend so if you’re around do come say hello! Mumford and Sons, Metallica and The Libertines are headlining the main stages so theres something for everyone! Personally Im looking forward to Saturday the most as Metallica, BMTH and my all time favourites Alexisonfire (although I went to their “last show ever” like three years ago!) are gracing the stage with their presence. Other bands I can’t wait to see are Refused (although clashing with The Libertines) The Bronx, Moose Blood, American Football, Kendrick Lamar, The Maccabees, Panic! At the Disco and of course Baby Metal. 

Check out the lineup here and you can still purchase weekend tickets well as day tickets! Come party!

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