Caring for Dry Hair

Friday, July 31, 2015

I currently coming out the other side of having the most dry, unmanageable hair known to man. So I' thought it was about time I talked about some ways to look after such an unruly hair type. Dry hair can be caused by a variety of things - Straightening, Blow Drying, Teasing, Colouring and over processing can all make the hair look a little dehydrated and dull. It's fairly easy to tell if your hair is this type because it's very noticeable (and common!) hair type.

Conditioning the hair is the most obvious and important step when your hair is feeling a dry. You should smother the ends to the mid lengths of your hair with a good, nourishing conditioner. Avoid using boiling hot water on the hair as this can also damage it further. Using a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week is also recommended. I like to use the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser when my hair is dry. I pop it on with a shower cap and leave for anything from 30 minutes to overnight. The longer you leave it the more time time it has to penetrate the hair.

When styling you probably want to use as little heat as possible. However with the modern lives we don't all have time to sit around waiting for our hair to dry. Mine can take upwards of 6 hours when left alone. However the downside of this it can leave to breakage when hair is dry. I'd recommend using heated styling tools on their lowest heat setting and always using a heat protectant. Also try using brushes which are designed to be gentle on the hair like the Tangle Teaser.

Out and About: 
Things like chlorine, salt water, UV sprays, hair dye and chemical treatments can all damage the hair further. So where possible to make sure you protect against these things. By either keeping the hair covered or trying out sprays and protectantss which you can use on your hair to protect it from the elements!

It's important to remember that what goes into your body does impact the health of your skin, nails and hair. Remember to drink lots of water as this can also effect the dryness of your hair. You can get supplements to help with hair glossiness but I havent tried anything personally. Im always skeptical of things like that as I think the best way to get in vital vitamins and minerals that will help grow your hair!

Minimal Makeup Routine

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Think Like a Blogger Prompt - What's in my makeup bag

Yesterday I uploaded my go-to no makeup makeup / minimal makeup routine using products that I always reach for on a day to day basis! All of them were bits that I had lying around in my makeup bag plus a lipstick that was lounging out in my handbag for a couple of months. To honest this makeup look is this is pretty much my usual makeup routine just without eyeliner and lashes! But oh well, it's my current favourite makeup look so I thought I'd share a little mini tutorial on how I achieve it. You can watch it above or over on my Youtube channel. If you like it then do subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with everything!

Learning to Like Avocado

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Think like a blogger prompt - Write about something you ate

Now this is a weird one, so bare with me. But I was thinking what I could do a post about today and thought I'd do one about a tweet I did at the weekend about my dislike for Avocados. It got a pretty decent response so I thought it would make a good post.

 I’ve never got the hype of the odd looking fatty green things but avocado is a food that you cant avoid at the moment. Smashed (why not mashed, why always smashed?) Avocado is a brunch staple these days and generally the only vegan option on most breakfast menus. They boast a variety of health benefits like being full of antioxidants, a source of healthy fats,  cholesterol reducing and full on mono-unsaturated fats which are good for the brain. Basically they are really good for you and we should all probably have some in our diet.

I used to hate avocado. It was up there with one of those foods that I couldn't stand the sight of. However recently learned to like and eat avocado. I say like with very little enthusiasm as Im actually pretty indifferent to it after all but I do eat it more regularly than I used to.The main thing that put me off is the way it felt in my mouth - slimy and mushy all plus the weird bland, slightly off-ish flavour made me gag. I voluntarily made myself some avocado on toast for myself this weekend - much to my own surprise so maybe I do actually like the stuff. I thought I’d share some of the ways I learnt to like avocado and maybe it'll help some of your haters out there learn to enjoy it more!

How did I learn to like Avocado?
  • Learn how to spot a ripe one. Pop avocado in the palm of your hand. Squeeze it lightly, if it yield to firm gentle pressure then you know it's ripe and ready-to-eat. Another little trick for testing ripeness is to flick off the stem on top of the avocado and its green underneath it should be ripe! Be careful buying them as unripe ones are just going to put you off more!
  • Try it as Guacamole. Add tomato, onions and coriander and mash it all up served with some tortilla chips. This was my first foray into Avo and I was still really unsure about the texture. However with the other ingredients it masked some of the slimy mush feeling and gave it some flavour!
  • Mash some up and put it on toast with a little bit of salt, pepper and some lemon juice. If you’re feeling Squeamish them only use a light spread and build it up as you slowly learn to enjoy eating it. I now like it quite thick but only with lots of salt and lemon and even some chilli or garlic powder.
  • Avocado Sushi. I went through a phase of only eating veggie sushi (I did eventually like fish sushi, then went Vegan!) so I’d always have a few pieces of avocado maki to get myself use to the taste as a chunk. Dipped in soy wrapped in some rice is lost a bit of it's texture all the whole getting me used to the taste. 

While I still haven’t got to the stage I could eat a whole one chopped up in a salad or something I am learning to like something I really used to hate with a passion. While I still don’t quite get why people rave and rave about the stuff I am slowly but surely learning to enjoy it and add it more to my diet as a healthy fat. 

Let me know what you think about Avocado!

My 3 Wardrobe Essentials

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Think like a Blogger Prompt - 3 Wardrobe Essentials 

So today I thought I’d show you my 3 must have staple wardrobe items. They are probably no brainers if you’ve been following my blog for a while because they frequent almost every single post in some shape of form. While things like LBD’s and jeans are always hailed as wardrobe staples and I have to agree, there are a few items that my wardrobe would be incomplete without.

Striped Tee
I truly believe everyone should have at least one striped tee in their wardrobe. Chic, easy to style, versatile and are the perfect item to wear when you’re not sure what to wear. Stripes are a really neutral wardrobe item as well as they can be paired with pretty much any colour. Plus you get 10 Parisian points! Personally I think you can never have enough and I've never met a stripe that I didn’t like.

A while back one of my friends told me that they hadn’t seen me without a Fedora in about 6 months. It’s probably true actually because I was straight up addicted to them and I have a tower of them in my room to prove my point. I don’t know why I like them so much, maybe it’s because Im so lazy with my hair but I just like the vibe they add to my outfits. They are warm and add a certain something to an outfit. Fedora wearing tips - If the brim of the hat is small, wear the hat more tilted towards the head with the front of the brim sitting on your forehead. With wide brim fedora’s wear them right on the top of your head.

Leather Jacket

My Forever 21 faux leather jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe for so long. I’ve actually had two of them after I lost one on a night out and then in some twist of fate I found one a year later in F21. These go with pretty much everything and are something that just take an outfit to the next level. I love pairing mine with girly dresses for a mix and match rock chic look. Yeah I just cringed at myself for writing Rock Chic. No one should ever say that ever.

Things to do Summer 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015


Think Like a Blogger prompt - Making Plans for the Summer

Summer is the time to start making memories and plotting some adventures. There is no better time like the present to get some ideas for filling out your summer schedule. The sun will be shining, moods will be at an all time high so its the perfect time to take some time out and create a summer you’ll never forget. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about things you could do this summer!

Take a Road Trip
Taking a trip in the country you live in is less pricey compared to a city break. It’s the perfect thing to do over a weekend! Get a group of buddies involved and rent out a cool Air BnB apartment or even one of those adorable hippy Yurts somewhere near the coast. See some sights, eat loads of food, let the wine flow freely and have a good laugh with your friends!

Host a Cocktail Party
Brush up on your mixology skills and host a cocktail party! Get your friends to bring a bottle of their favourite spirt and you can supply a bunch of fun mixers and lots of ice. Test your cocktail making skills and challenge your friends to see who can make the meanest Mojito!

Rent a Hot Tub
I said I wanted to do this last year but we never got around to actually hiring one but this time Im doing it. You can hire Hot Tubs for pretty cheap these days. Co,nine this with the Cocktail Party for ultimate pool party vibes!

Take lots of photos
I think photography sometimes feels like a lost art form. Im talking about those printed out photos from disposable cameras. I miss those! Get shutter happy this summer and take as many photos as you possibly can and at the end of the summer you can get them printed out in a phonebook or as individual prints for a memory box.

Get Crafty
Pinterest is something that I didn’t get for a very long time but I’ve recently become obsessed with looking at DIY pins.  Pinterest is the source of all things tasty looking, decor inspiration and fashionable chics. Pick out some of your favourite pins and document your own crafting journey! You never know, you might be pretty good at it!

Organise a group sport
When I was at college every week we used to organise a Rounders game down at one of the local parks. Every week without fail we’d all be down there batting away and having the best time. It’s something Ive really missed in recent years as it was such a laugh and so much fun. Im going to make an event on FB and invite everyone to a Rounders reunion sometime this summer so we can all catch up over some rounds (as well as a cheeky visit to a pub after!)

CHALLENGE: Think Like a Blogger

Sunday, July 26, 2015

So I thought I'd set myself a little challenge, that you guys could also get involved with if you feel so inclined. So today I was thinking about blogging, which admittedly I've been thinking about a hell of a lot recently. Theres a huge misconception in blogging that you need to continually spend spend spend in order to create content and "keep on top of the game" when in reality it's actually pretty simple to blog without breaking the bank or ruining your budget. While there is a very spend heavy culture in blogging admittedly, where we all sort of enable each other to buy more and more in the name of "having something to blog about" - Trust me, Im guilty of this too!

I wrote about a little concept I have called Think Like a Blogger a while back now but it's probably one of my favourite posts I've ever written. You can read the whole thing here but I basically talk about how pretty much anything can be made into a blog post. From little things like going for a walk, making your dinner or pulling your favourite lipstick out of your bag and writing a post about it.

Literally anything can become a blog post, you don't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe or the latest gadget in the name of a review. I bet that you could make at LEAST 10 blog posts out of things you already have lying around your house or based around things you're already doing.

Therefore as I'm back at my Mums for the next week or so and I have no blog posts scheduled or preproduced I thought I'd set myself a week long challenge of daily blogging but only talking about things I already have or I'm already doing. No money will be involved in creating next weeks content unless it's already something I was doing like say going out for tea with my Granny. Potential post ideas for that could include Q&A with her, Her beauty tips, Review of Tea Room, Asking her for her secret recipes for future blog posts etc. There are tons of posts you could write that dont involve spending a penny or pushing products at all, plus all without them being a hinderance to your day to day life. I just think it'll be a fun way to explore blogging without breaking the bank, changing my routine or overspending, all the while thinking about how I create posts for my blog.

I have a few products with me but no new launches or things I've talked about before, only a couple of outfits and not a lot of plans for the week. Im not quite sure what Im going to come up with but whatever I do will be on here over the next week and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to follow along then go ahead or even join the challenge then that would be really cool!

Miu Miu 10NS

Friday, July 24, 2015


Some people like bags, some people like shoes. I like sunglasses. One day I'll stop harping on about sunglasses and until then you will just have to put up with me blogging about them on a bi-weekly basis. A couple of months ago when I was in Selfridges with Zoe I ended up picking up the final pair of Miu Miu 10NS that the Miu Mui concession had in stock. It was like fate or something!

They are comfortable to wear, go with pretty much everything and are always compliment prompters whenever I wear them which is always a added bonus. Cat Eye sunglasses are my jam as they just suit my face shape and compliment my overall look really well. It’s worth pointing out they are super durable too, I sometimes forget to put them in my case and just chuck them in my bag and so far they haven’t scratched or dented at all! (Touch wood!)

Grown Up Suitcase

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I decided a few months ago that it was time for me to get a Big Girl suitcase. My previous suitcase was one that my Mum picked up when we went on holiday when I was about 18. I’d used it religiously for years and then when I went to New York in September last year I felt one last pang of cringe as my Zebra print suitcase came around the carousel. It was time I invested in something that was going to last rather than getting a cheap case that lasts half a year if most with my travel schedules.

So off I tottered (seriously I was wearing ridiculous heels that day, Im having flashbacks to the pain as I type) and I went into House of Fraser and spoke to a man who was incredibly helpful and showed me all the suitcases and discussed them in detail. Some went a bit over my heard but who doesnt love a trier. In all I probably was a bit of a pain but I knew I wanted to get the best suitcase for my money and needs. 

In the end I settled on getting a Samsonite S'cure Delux 4-Wheel 75cm Large Suitcase. I’d always wanted a Samsonite suitcase as they are like the Grand-daddy of them all in the suitcase world. So I ummed and aahed over getting one for a while while trying to weigh up the pros and cons of getting a new case. They certainly aren't the cheapest suitcases out there on the market but they are something that is built to last and incredibly sturdy. I soon settled and decided it was the right thing to do.

The one I picked out has hard outer case and comes with click locks rather than a zip. I’ve gone through so many cabin sized suitcases from the zips breaking so I knew that there was no point getting a zipped one. Size-wise I’d class my suitcase as a large medium. it’s not huge but it’s pretty big, suitable for a 2 week trip.

I can’t rave about this suitcase enough. While it was £130 and is a pretty expensive option but if you’re ready to invest some money into your travel kit then I would recommend this till the cows come home. I think I’m going to get a cabin size one too just so I have a smaller option when I travel!

Why I Blog

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Everyone’s reasoning behind starting a blog is different, some are motivated by money, free stuff or simply by the desire to share their thoughts online.

I’ve been blogging in some shape or form for a very long time, I found out the other day I've been writing on my Live Journal since 2007 a few days ago! LLYMLRS in it’s current state has been around since 2009, although I did have blogs before that that I never committed to or simply just used them as online journals.

Becoming a full time blogger was never something that came into the equation when I started bloging. Purely because it wasnt really something that was a thing way back then. My blog has grown considerably and far beyond my wildest dreams. 

Here are my very personal reasons on why I blog and why I love what I do:
  • Being able to express myself online freely
  • Allowing myself to be surrounded by creative and engaging people from all over the world
  • Sharing my experiences so others can learn from them
  • Being part of a predominately female-led industry full of smart and powerful women
  • Having a visual record of my life from leaving university till whenever I decide to stop. 
  • Trailblazing my own career out of a hobby
  • Meeting likeminded people who are have become life long friends
  • Countless life-changing opportunities.
  • Travelling the world and seen place I’d never considered visiting
  • Encouraging and inspiring others
  • Challenging myself to learn new skills and expand my knowledge
  • Spreading a message of positivity
  • Boosting my self esteem and confidence
  • Making a hobby financially viable
  • Using my voice to influence and advise others
  • Being part of a digital revolution pioneered by young creatives
  • Knowing people care and that my opinion matters

Those are just a few of the reasons why I blog and why I love it so much. Blogging totally changed my life and I like to look back at how different my life was compared to when I started. While I don’t think anything was wrong with my life before, I just was never sure what I wanted to do with it. I never had a career goal but I knew I wanted to be successful and known for something but I didn't know what exactly would bring me in that position. There was never really a moment in my blogging story where everything just clicked. It felt right from the start, it made sense and I knew what I was doing was going to become part of my life and be one of my greatest passions. 

Id love to know why you blog, it's such a personal thing and I'd love to know your reasons!

Taste of London Food Festival

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Im no stranger to a Food Festival. I grew up in Ludlow, the self proclaimed foodie capital of the UK which has a huge slow food culture and is known for it's iconinc yearly food festival. Zoe asked me if I wanted to head over to Taste of London with her which is pretty much the same deal. Some of London's best restaurants and food producers were there to show off their wares and impress a eagar (and hungry) public!
The currency of the day were paper 'crowns', which we were supposed to use to pay for all the items we ate that day. I felt the crowns were annoying and pointless and such a waste of paper when money could have easily crossed hands on the day. You could only buy crowns in packs of 10, with most plates being around the £4-£5 mark it was quite annoying. Plus those buying beers and wines would be handing over a considerably amount more of silly paper crowns! I think I spent about £20 that day on very little food and some over priced drinks. Then again Im a Londoner and spend at least £20 on a meal out whenever I go out!

The event cost £25 to get in for the day, but then you had to pay for all the food and drink on top of that. I'd imagined It'd be more like the Ludlow Food Festival where traders offer a lot of samples and try before you buy type things. It's worth noting that there was some free iced tea, which me and Zoe happily sampled and funnily enough ended up being the only things we bought on the day. She bought it there but I ended up waiting till I got home and ordering as I didn't want to carry the stuff around. I just think it was worth noting how the things we tried were things we ended up buying!

Being newly vegan there wasn't really much on offer that I could eat really which was a shame. Although Im well aware my eating habits are probably not the type that would attend this type of event anyway so Im not going to bash them on that. I ended up having some noodles, falafel and hummus, as well as some AMAZING grilled Aubergine and harissa with coconut cream. I need to try and recreate that at home!

Overall it was a lovely event but incredibly over priced for what it was. I guess the high price tag attracts a certain class of punter but I felt it was way too expensive for what it was. All in all it was a lovely day out and we had such a nice sunny afternoon in merry London!

5 things to do solo this weekend

Friday, July 17, 2015

Doing stuff solo shouldn’t be something you're scared of. But as a millennial I feel like its something we all feel a little bit weird about doing. There is nothing wrong with being on your own or choosing not to go out with your friends at the weekend! I think that we should take a few hours or a whole day at least once a week to ourselves to refresh, recharge and spend some time getting to know yourself better. Being independent and learning to love being with your own company will help you tenfold so here are 5 things to do solo this weekend.

Netflix is Life
Spending an entire weekend binge watching my TV shows is one of my favourite things on solo weekends. Load up with snacks and put on your cosiest PJ’s and take up residence in front of your laptop. Some of my favourite shows at the moment are Penny Dreadful and Vikings. If you have any recommendations of series to binge watch then suggest them in the comments!

Take Hike
When I was in America I realised how refreshing and mind cleansing going on a hike can be. Experiencing nature can really calm the mind and the soul and make you feel at peace with the world around you. A short 1-2 hour hike around a local wood, park or if you’re more adventurous then attempt a mountain climb! Feel the wind in your hair and the birds chirping around!

Solo Shop 
I personally love shopping with my friends  but I do also love going on my own. When Im alone I can take as much time as I like trying on things and experimenting with my look without having a friend comment on things. Hurray to being under no pressure and no judgemental friends side eyes!

Day Tripping
Hop on a train and take a visit to the coast or to a brand new city you’ve never been to before. The beauty of travelling solo it means you can go wherever you want, do whatever you want and in your own time! Stay overnight in a fancy hotel and pretend your in Gossip Girl!

Read Something Inspirational
Curl up under a duvet on your couch with and get fully engrossed in a good book. Try a motivational book to inspire and motivate you to try something new in life. Or maybe a recipe books to get you trying some new foods next week. Or even a YA novel, which are still great reads even in your mid twenties!

There are so many things I could add to this list and I may do another in the future if you guys want more things to do on your own! If you have any ideas of things others can do on their own this weekend then do leave them in the comments as I would love to know!

Highlighter on Fleek

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Im NGL. I dont REALLY know follow Jaclyn Hill on the reg. I've some of of her videos over the years but Im not overly familiar with her.  BUT What I do know about her is that she seriously rocks the glowy cheek and is the personification of highlighter on fleek. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop is her offering to the highlighting makeup world and in a word it STUNNING. 

A white gold, pinky peach highlighter that gives a serious dose of glow to the cheeks. I've honestly never used a highlighter like it, Im talking way more than a glow from within... like a glow from out of space. Infused with light reflective peals and a bit of shimmer this gives an intense luminous finish to the skin. The warm undertone works like a dream on me and it’s just… highlighter on fleek. Plus, as a cheeky (get!) bonus this powder can be used as a eyeshadow or as a highlighter so it’s a great all rounder shade. Id also class it as a night time highlighter as its WAY too intense for day wear in my opinion, it's SUPER glowy.

Downside, you can’t get it in the UK right now. I got mine from for $38 and it came within a week. Would totally recommend this to and highlighter junkie fo’sho!

2000 Trees Festival

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


At the weekend I headed over to a little farm somewhere near Cheltenham to attend the 2000 Trees festival with Zoe. I made a little vlog of the day over on my vlogging channel which is embedded above or you can see it over on my channel if you click here! Hope you enjoy watching it, and I hope it's one of many vlogs to come over the festival season. I have a few more coming up this year but because I decided to spend my summer in London this year my schedule is so different from last year when I was away pretty much every weekend!

We stayed in a little Yurt thing which was so much fun and I wish I took more photos of it to show you the glamping side of festivals! The one we stayed in was HUGE and so cosy and spacious! 2000 Tree's is a underground/alt rock type festival, The crowd was quite a mixture of serious music fans, festival goes who just wanted to go to a festival and a bunch of kids. However it was a really relaxing and chill vibe going round which was really nice to be a part of. Especially as Im off to Reading this year for the first time in years and thats going to be something a bit different in comparison!

We caught a few bands but my favourites Deaf Havana were my highlight of course. I've seen them a fair few times over the past few years and they've really gone from strength to strength. Was cool to see some of their new stuff live as well as some of my favourite songs by them (check this one)!

Things took a turn for the worse when Zoe had an allergic reaction to something she'd used on her eyes on the third day of the festival so we actually ended up going home a day earlier. I honest was so worried about her eye, I'd never seen anything like it and there is nothing worse than something going wrong with your eyes! It's terrifying! She's alright now though, but its not a nice thing to happen to anyone!
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