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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 true nail polish shade

2 true nail polish shade 16 18 19 14 17 20 15 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 16 18 19 14 17 20 15 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 16 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 18 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 19 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 14 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 17 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 20 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 15 review swatch photo
2 True Nail Polishes: £1.99*

I recently got my hands on some polishes from the Superdrug budget range of 2 True. 2 True is a cheap brand where everything is priced around the £1.99 mark and are 3 for £5.  I've never really paid much attention to the brand before but I have to admit I've been very impressed with the 2 True Nail polishes I was recently sent. Shade 16 is a pretty bright pink, perfect sort of "Barbie Nails" type of shade. Shade 18 is a bright bluey green shade which is very opaque and reminds me of the sea. Shade 19 is a bright plummy mix of purple and pink. Shade 14 is a lovely pale purple which is very similar to Models own Utopia. Shade 17 is a pastel but still bright coral nail polish. Shade 20 is a pretty periwinkle blue, its one of the most opaque shades of the range and you can get away with one coat. Shade 15 is a soft, light pale blue with a hint of cool grey.

At a mere £1.99 these are definitely worth giving a go. They have a nice wide flat brush which makes application effortless and they dry down very quickly. Most of the shades are two coats opaque with a few of the darker colours being opaque in just one coat. I highly recommend the shades of 15, 14 and 17, especially for spring as they are really lovely shades.

sunday portrait week 152

Sunday, April 28, 2013

primark jacket
topshop dress 
topshop boots (similar here)

001. As I type this I am on a walk home from my latest run. Boy am I unfit right now. I'm off on out annual family holiday in 8 weeks and I need to tone up my problem areas (tummy and arms!) and get back into shape. It's actually really nice to go running in the evenings as the weather is so lovely. Paired with the fact that it gets dark so late now it's nice to take advantage of the two huge commons that I live between! Ive also started personal training which is a bit different from how I've ever trained before but I'm enjoying it so far! Having someone motivate (and shout!) at you is surprisingly encouraging! I said last week I was going to start the 5:2 and I had a few people ask me about it but it just doesn't suit my lifestyle as I exercise too much to eat 500 calories some days. It just wouldnt work long term, although my flatmate and mother are doing it and have seen really good results so far!

002. On Saturday I went to a vintage kilo sale called Seek and Revive which was really good. It was basically a huge space filled with vintage clothing and you paid for it per kilo of clothing you bought. Each kilo was a mere £15 and I ended up getting 4 tops for £7.50 (me and Dal paid together so it was cheaper). Then we went to Brick Lane for beigels and then went to Wagamama for food. It was a really chilled out weekend actually and I've really enjoyed not going out and nursing hangovers!

003. It's been quiet on the beauty blog front the past few days as Im feeling a bit underwhelemed by beauty products at the moment. I havent had anything the last few weeks that's really wowed me or made me stop and think I need to share this. Apart from obviously me getting my paws on Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess after a very long wait! Maybe its that awkward part between Spring and Summer makeup where I need to wait a little bit longer to start getting excited by summer collections!

004. I literally can't stop humming Get Lucky by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell. Such a good summer tune! I've shamelessly been listening to it on repeat all week! I might start making Spotify playlists of my favourite songs and share them on here! Ive been meaning to do it for ages but I haven't got round to actually publishing them!

snappy snaps

Saturday, April 27, 2013

School and University video, Camden, Matt getting attacked my a horse, Upsetting the Beliebers, New Piercing, Posey Pose, Shoes, Matching my Uke to my outfit, Running, Taxi thanks to Hailo, ESTEE LAUDER BRONZE GODDESS!!!!!!!, Starbz, New Watch, Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, Speaking on a Panel & Being Profesh.


Friday, April 26, 2013

primark jumper
new look necklace

estee lauder bronze goddess 2013

estee lauder bronze goddess 2013 fragrance review swatch photo
estee lauder bronze goddess: £45

"SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY", well those were the words that ran though my head when I popped into Boots the other day to enquire about my favourite perfume of all time - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. The woman told me it wasn't officially on sale until the 1st May but she'd sell it me on the basis I didn't tell anyone... Of course I agreed. Psh, then I go tell all my instagram followers, twitter followers, blog followers, text my friends, tell random people on the tube... Yeah sorry sneaky sales assistant! I just couldn't contain my excitement.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is a beautiful blend of creamy coconut, vanilla, mandarin, amber, lemons and tropical flowers. It's just exquisite. Bronze Goddess reminds me of hot beaches, summer nights, luxury vacations and cocktails. Glamorous and exotic and packed full of excitement. Comforting, energising, uplifting and as I described it last year, Holiday in a bottle. I personally think it smells a little different than last year's version. More creamy and soft, the coconutty notes are a little more subdued bu. The packaging this year has gone full of gold, which although I don't personally love it's not horrible. Last year's ombre effect and glitter bottle and orange tones made it much easier on the eye! I think the fully gold looks a little cheap, even for Estee Lauder.

I've honestly been waiting a whole year to get my hands on this perfume again and I cant be more smug/satisfied that I have it again. It's my favourite perfume of all time. I highly recommend going to and Estee Lauder counter to check it out. Now this launches officially on May 1st on Estee Lauder counters... I'll take 10. I'm honestly going to buy at the very least two more because I love it that much!

barry m confetti nails

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Barry M Confetti Nails in Dolly Mixture Liquorice Marshmallow review swatch photo
review swatch photo
Barry M Confetti Nails in Dolly Mixture review swatch photo
Barry M Confetti Nails in Liquorice review swatch photo
Barry M Confetti Nails in Marshmallow review swatch photo
Barry M Confetti Nails in Dolly Mixture: £3.99*
Barry M Confetti Nails in Liquorice: £3.99*
Barry M Confetti Nails in Marshmallow: £3.99*

Coming soon to a Barry M counter near you are the new Barry M Confetti Nail Polishes! These are very similar to the Nails Inc Feather polishes in which are basically strands suspended in a clear base. All of the colours in this post are three coats without a base. I would recommend using a colour base though! Barry M Confetti Nails in Dolly Mixture is a multicoloured strand polish in yellow, orange, pale blue and white. It looks very much like sweets. Barry M Confetti Nails in Liquorice is a black and white stranded polish which I personally really like. I think the feather or confetti nails effect works well in monochrome. Barry M Confetti Nails in Marshmallow is a soft pink which looks really cute and girly.

I have to admit although I like the effect, I think they are so hard to get off it's not even worth it. It would probably be worth applying a peel-able base to the nail like the Essence Peel Of Base or even PVA Glue. It took me a good hour with scrubbing to remove all the polish from the nails when I used the Nails Inc ones so I presume it's similar. The finish is slightly rough so I'd recommend using a topcoat to seal everything in. In all it's a nice high street dupe to the more expensive Nails Inc polishes, but I cant see them catching on unfortunately! At £3.99 a pop they aren't going to break the bank and really do add a unique, funky texture to the nails!

whats in my bag

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A little peek into the things that I carry around with me on a daily basis! I recently got a new bag after my old Zara chain bag fell apart. I didnt want to rush into a whats in my bag video before I actually accumulated some things in it! Check it out over on Youtube for all the details and stuff!

dry texturising sprays

dry texturising sprays review swatch photo
Oribe Dry Texturising Spray: £38.00 (shown is travel size)

I'm a huge fan of dry texturising sprays, they are great to get those messy, bed head styles espeically on freshly washed hair styles. These dry shampoo/hairspray hybrids are among my favourite hair products. A life saver for people like me who have pretty limp lifeless flat hair after washing and need something to give it a bit of roughness during styling. It's great for enhancing curled or wavy hair and adding a bit of body into the lengths.

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray is the most expensive item of the bunch. At a whopping 10x more expensive for full size than the VO5 version. It's nice, but not that nice. Definitely not worth it in my opinion. While the hold and the separation are there, and its so light on the hair with no residue. I just don't think there is anything special about this that can justify the huge price tag. Compared to the other dry texturising sprays this does actually last a fairly decent amount of time. VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray is pretty cheap and does a good job of mattifying the hair and adding oomph. Sprayed at the base of the roots and then ruffled out it gives loads of volume and . It doesn't last all that long though and the can even suggests setting the hair with a hairspray to keep the volume. I think the TRESemme Texture Style Devine Definition Spray is also very similar to the VO5 version, I feel they both are the same kind of formula and hold but it's a touch lighter on the hair compared to the VO5 as it leaves a bit less residue.

I do think spending £38 on a full size bottle of texturising spray is a bit loopy, and I dont think I'd reccomend it purely for that reason. I got the travel size which is a slightly more managable £18. While I see why people rave about it I just cant mentally justify something like that for my hair. Go with the lower priced ones but they dont last as long and do need a quick top up and refresh as you go along!

the swish

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

asos, forever 21 and market stall rings
new look necklace
essie fiji nails

nude cleansing oil

nude cleansing oil review swatch photo

I think its well documented how much I like the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. It's my favourite makeup remover thanks to it's gentle formula and its ease of use. I went to a Nude event last week so I've been giving the Perfect Cleansing oil a whirl ever since. It's an oil cleanser that melts into the skin and breaks down makeup, applied to dry skin and then emulsifies and then water is added to make a milky cleanser. I then wipe off with a clensing cloth for a refreshed clean face, Personally I tend to double cleanse with another makeup remover so my skin is comptley cleansed. I always find oil a little harder to remove from the skin that other forms of makeup remover. So it is worth going over a few times with the cloth to make sure any residue is gone. The Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil isnt as oily on the skin as other cleansing oils I've tried in the past. I feel like it doesnt sit too much on my skin making it feel congested and blocked up. While It does take all your makeup off but it might be worth using another cleanser (for example Bioderma) to go around the eyes to make sure every last scrap of make up is off. As it can get a bit messy around the eyes! It has a nice natural "Nude" smell to it, which is hard to explain unless you've tried the brand! Overall a nice makeup cleanser, but nice being the operative word. I dont love it like I love my Pure Melt Cleansing Gel but it does a fab job and Im sure I'll be using it up. At £28, its not exactly purse friendly either so I don't know. If you like to cleanse with a oil then try this, if you're indifferent then... maybe try something else!

get lucky

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rockit Vintage Top
River Island Tube Pants
Zara Sandals
ASOS Silver Rings
River Island Turquoise Ring
Forever 21 Black Cross Ring
Black Tied Cross Bracelet*
Topshop Bag
Essie Fiji Nails
GOSH Mandarina Lipstick

Rockit Vintage Top
Zara Sandals
Topshop Bag
Essie Fiji Nails
GOSH Mandarina Lipstick

Heres the vintage shirt that I bought yesterday in Camden in all its glory! I really like it despite being floral. I just think floral is so overdone and can look really naff sometimes. But I think the fact this is monochrome (my usual!) it fits well with my usual wardrobe. It has a button up  back but I decided to only do up the top two buttons because I quite like having my back on show when I have a high neck. Just shows a little bit of flesh as I think long sleeved shirts can often look a little prudish, especially when buttoned to the top. There is still a lot of love for my Zara heeled sandals which I bought last week. I love how spring-y they look in a outfit and add a different dimenson compared to my usual heeled boots!

I made a outfit video to go alongside this which you can see towards the end of the images in this post or head over to my Youtube channel to see it on more detail! Remember to subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more video stuff from me. I dont always post the videos I make on my blog and you dont want to miss out right?

PS. How good is that Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk track? So funky! I've listened to it pretty much on repeat all day!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Tan Bronze Lotion

Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Tan Bronze Lotion review swatch photo

The unexpected sunshine over the weekend called for the first bare legs debut of the season. Needless to say I wasnt prepared. I had planned on fake tanning properly before I went out for my birthday night out but after I got out the shower my legs were sore and red and really in no state for fake tan. I think I had a bit of shaving rash and if I slathered on fake tan it just wouldnt have sat well and just looked patchy. I decided to slap on the Palmers Natural Bronze Tan Lotion which I've had sitting in my to-review box for a while. I thought the cocoa butter would be perfect for my sore legs and give me a touch of colour.

I'm a big fan of the fresh natural scent of cocoa butter and the moisturing properties really work well for my skin. The Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E blend are a perfect match to keep your skin beautiful and soft and highly moisturised. The colour is fairly natural on first application, a bit more colour than I'd imagined actually and more first application color than other gradual tanners. It wasnt dark on the night out, but more colour than my legs had before. A few days later I'm left with a nicely built up, gradual tan. The intensity can be adjusted depending on your own preferences, fair to medium and dark. I used it about four times for a medium tan. It applies well with no streaks or patchiness. One thing I'd note is keep an eye out for your toes and between your fingers, mine were a little orange after application! Definitely make sure you apply lightly on the feet and then wash your hands after use.

In all I really like the Palmers Natural Bronze Tan Lotion. I think it would be a good one for all skin tones because you can control how dark it goes over time. A nice sun-kissed glow with minimal effort and no orange-ness. A great gradual tanner and I think an summer essential.

sunday portrait week 151

Sunday, April 21, 2013

001. My birthday went really well! Thank you all so much for all your birthday messages! I spent Saturday chilling in the sun up on Clapham Common in the sun with a Starbucks. I then planned a little BBQ with some of my friends before heading out into Brixton. Was really lovely and I didn't even wake up feeling terrible!  You can see some snaps of my birthday outfit in my previous post! The highlight of my night was my housemate showing me her insane dance moves and Zoe's vine of her singing Blink 182 to me!

002. I spent the day in Camden with my friends Matt and Dal, we went for a walk down the canal, a beer or two and a browse around the stalls. I also got something done... more on that when it heals a bit though! I bought a vintage floral (yes, floral!) long sleeved silky top from Rockit. Two things I don't do,  floral and vintage. However it's my standard monochrome style so it can be excused! I shall wear it tomorrow on the blog so everyone can see it! The weather is so lush at the moment. I was sitting at my desk this morning thinking, gosh I could get used to this!

003. Im starting the 5:2 diet tomorrow after hearing loads of good feedback on the diet. I think I need some focus to get healthy and sort my food intake out. Im a chocolate fiend at the moment (I don't even like it that much) and I feel like I eat way too much cereal and toasted muffins! I also need to decide in the next few days if I want to go on the annual family holiday or not! My fittness has declined in recent months too because literally every time I've attempted to run I get shin splints. I've bought new running shoes but its still not doing anything about it. I really need to rejoin the gym and do something low impact like going on the cross trainer!

004. Remember to check out the Worldwide Wardrobe challenge that I posted about last week. You could be in with a chance to win a trip to a fashionable city

005. I've got a giveaway planned for the next week which I just need to finalise over the next few days. Should be a good one! I haven't done one on the blog for a looong loong time! I do them quite frequently over on Instagram so keep an eye out for those!

birthday snaps etc

everyday makeup #26

Saturday, April 20, 2013

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