Thursday, January 31, 2013

red bobble hat

primark red bobble hat

Not going to blow my own trumpet but I am a big hat person, most styles I've tried seem to suit me. Alas I'm not even going to attempt pull off the baseball cap though. Currently I'm really into this red bobble hat from Primark. Its super cosy and keeps my head nice and warm while holding my hair down  as I attempt to go outside in the blustery London weather. The colour is a rich peppy red which, considering I wear black 99.9% of the time it's a great way to add a bit of a colour pop to my usual look. I think it was only a couple of pounds and thats's pretty darn cheap for a hat!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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topshop cut out arm top via ebay
topshop necklace
maybelline ceramic blue and technic carnival nails
rimmel apoloclips luna lipstick
michael kors mk5128 watch

Gosh for the sake of finding a link for this kimono I saw it went down to £10 in the sale! £10! I paid like £50 for it *shakes fist* CURSE YOU TOPSHOP! Boo. Im so annoyed! I swear pretty much everything I buy goes into the sale, I cant work out if that means I like things no one else does or shops just generally hate me. I've worn this outfit on the blog before a few months ago but it's what I wore today so I guess I can repeat it again! I really love these corduroy leggings that I picked from ASOS. I haven't worn anything corduroy since those horrendous super wide flares that were fashionable in 2003. I think I had a bright red pair! How hideous! But these are great, and really warm too. They just add a different texture to the look which I like. I also made a video to go alongside this so head over to Youtube to give it a little look if you're that way inclined!

Tonights my housemate and best pal's birthday so we're off to Central for food and cocktails. I literally cannot wait. I've been trying to rest up today and fingers crossed I'll be alright going out for a bit. I made a feeble attempt to go out last night but lasted a few hours before heading back home.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

michael kors MK5128

michael kors MK5128
michael kors MK5128

My Mum bought me this gorgeous Michael Kors watch for Christmas! Literally my eyes popped out of my head when I saw it as I unwrapped my gifts! I mentioned in a video ages ago I was going to buy myself one in the new year but she must have seen and kindly purchased it for me! I was undecided on rose gold or silver but I'm glad she picked the rose gold as it's just perfect and every bit as gorgeous as I'd imagined. I know they are a bit done now the whole Michael Kors watch thing, but you cant deny it's a thing of beauty! LOVELOVELOVE!

Monday, January 28, 2013

alphabet shirt

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primark alphabet shirt
topshop harriet shoes
primark necklace
maybelline ceramic blue* & technic carnival nail polish

The first day back in the city hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. Im super tired and really could do with a big rest, but I wanna keep busy. I have a stinking cold to match my extreme fatigue so Im failing at life right now. I bought this shirt a few weeks ago from Primark and I haven't worn it until today, I actually like it a hell of a lot more on than I do off. I don't generally like sheer things but I've made an exception for this one. The alphabet print is pretty unique (although I saw somewhere alphabet is a print that's going to be big this spring summer?) and I quite like the sleeves too. I wore a plain black top underneath because I don't own a white cami (mad I know!) but I'm okay with it!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

sunday portrait week 146

001. Im back in London! Im still really sick , I've been to the doctors but they insist I just have a virus and all I need to do is rest. Unfortunately I have work commitments this week so I've had to come back. I might go back again but it just depends on how ill I am. I think I'm going to go down the doctors here in London and demand a blood test or something!

002. I ordered a ton on American Candy a few days ago and Im eagerly awaiting its arrival! There are so many things I've been dying to get my grubby little paws on I could resist no longer! Someone on my Facebook page mentioned that Crystal Lite bought out a Mojito flavour and I just needed it in my life! Alongside my new addiction for Iced Tea and my love of all things Reeses!

003. Fashion week preparations are in full swing. Invites are trickling in and outfits are being conjured up in my head. I always whine about London fashion week but I know Im blessed that I actually get to live the dream and attend shows! Fashion week is generally like nothing you'll ever experience ever. It's amazing, intense and overwhelming all at the same time. Im hoping for Felder Felder and Moschino Cheap and Chic again as they were my favourites from last season. I have big plans for this season and Im determined to get a ton of cool content to share on here and my beauty blog! Ill be covering some backstage stuff as well for the first time which is pretty darn exciting!

004. Currently toying with the idea of upgrading my camera to a Canon 650d. I have the 500d at the moment and although I love it I think having a flip screen will help me loads with my YouTube Stuff. I have had my current camera for about a year now and don't know if its worth upgrading or not! Tricky!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

life n' stuff

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banana tree

topshop belt (old)
topshop alvins (similar)
OPI bubble bath nails

I nabbed this jacket at the Next Ones to watch shoot I did a few weeks ago and promtly added it to my wardrobe. I've always wanted one of these "Chanel" Style boucle jacket's but I've never really found the one that fit my look right. They can be a touch ageing I think when styled the wrong way but I've got nothing but love for this one! The monochrome mix is just gorgeous and it makes the perfect texture  for the jacket. It's thick and surprisingly warm for just a little jacket. It feels super luxe on as well which makes me feel glamourous. I wore this outfit out for dinner with my friends Matt and Dal at the Banana Tree last week. I wanted something semi dressy incase we went on for drinks but also casual enough for dinner. This fitted the bill perfectly.

PS. Spot the ladder in my tights! Bloody fake nails! I promptly changed them after ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

3 ways to wear - little black dress

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Outfit One:
River Island Jacket-
H&M Hat (similar)
Topshop Socks
Office* Boots
Forever 21 Ring

what i wore today

Outfit Two:
River Island Blazer
Primark Necklace
Michael Kors MK128 Watch
Office Flatforms (similar)

how to wear a little black dress

Outfit Three:
Primark Bag (similar)
Zara Shoes (similar)

I guess this a fairly different type of post for me. However in the interest of bringing something a bit different new to the blog, a few weeks ago I set about filming this ways to wear video. I've always shyed away from the idea of showing people how to dress. Even in real life I'm terrible to shop with as I hate commenting on other people's fashion choices. Lets face it, if you like that neon pink jumpsuit then you go Glen Coco! I don't know why, but the idea of telling people what to do or how to wear something just isn't my cuppa tea. Mainly because quite frankly if someone told me what to wear I'd tell them to naff off. I know I'm not literally telling people this is what you should wear, but I've always wanted to blog my outfits with the mentality of this is what I wear and what I like and you like that and it inspires you then brilliant. None the less, like everything I seem to say, I've backtracked and here's my attempt of showing you how I'd wear a simple black dress three ways. Cringe voice over aside, I hope you enjoy the video. If you're not that way inclined I've summarised the outfits below!

LBD's are my favourite thing to wear, and this one from Monki is no acceptation. It's a beautiful simple A line shape which is super flattering. I'm not the biggest fan of my arms so the three quarter length sleeves are just perfect for covering up my least favourite area. I wear this dress quite a lot because it's just so basic and can be worn in literally so many ways!

Outfit one is a cute casual, shopping or running errands. It's the kind of thing that can be worn all the time and just chucked on and go. I choose the leather sleeved and boucle jacket because I liked the way they added texture into a simple look. I added the hat as I felt it need something a little bit extra, and lets face it I love a good hat!

Second outfit is more of a date or drinks outfit. It's charming and sweet without being too much, the perfect mix between casual and dressy. I've actually worn this exact outfit on a date before (and I think my housemate has as well) because it's something thats just fool proof. The blazer gives the look a touch of colour and a feminine touch and the colours compliment the neon pop of the Primark necklace.  I personally have no qualms with wearing all black, but a statement or patterned blazer is a great way too add a little bit of interest to a look.

The third outfit is something I've already featured on this blog, but I wore in on a night out when I went to a posher place than our local pub! Kitten heels are something I never thought I'd get into but I have to admit they have really grown on me. I really like the pointed toe as it elongates the leg and makes me feel much slimmer than I am. I kept the look monochrome, as it's a huge for S/S. Im pretending I'm fashion forward as I've been doing it for years.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

my boot collection

Topshop Allegera Boots
Office Lace Up Boots
Topshop Alvin Boots
ASOS Athens Boots*

As Im sure most people are aware, I'm a huge fan of black boots. These bad boy's rarely leave my feet. Long gone are my days of just wearing simple black flat's and long live the little black boot! I mentioned in my Great Expectations Tag that I thought having a good pair of boots is a wardrobe essential and I really stick by that. They can be worn all year round, summer or winter or day and night. There is nothing I like more than wearing a nice summery dress and toughening it up with a grungy ankle boot or tons of layers in the winter with cute little ankle socks.

I'd say these four are my all time favourites. Topshop Allegera's gained a cult following about a year ago with everyone literally going crazy for them. Dupes started to appear all over the internet and in the high street shops to replicate and they became a very popular shoe choice. I wore these to death for the latter half of 2011 and way into 2012. Mine are looking very battered these days but there is nothing a good shine with some boot polish cant fix. I almost forgot how much I loved these boots until recently and I'm so glad I gave them another chance! My Office lace up boots were purchased with a voucher that I won WAY back when I won the Look Magazine Blogging competition when this blog was still in its infant days. I wanted them for a while but kept putting off purchasing them, until one day I popped into the Office store in Worcester and there they were, size 5 in the sale. I practically skipped to the till. They remind me of Victorian lace up boots, with a classic edge. These look great in the summer paired with little dresses and girly ankle socks.

I purchased the Topshop Alvin's after years of pining after the infamous Office Nighthawks just didn't do it for me. They have a certain cowboy charm to them with all the buckles and the studs. The heel height is perfect for any situation and I've worn these during the day, to meetings, to clubs and even to gigs. I cannot fault these boots at all. ASOS Athens boots are your basic flat Chelsea boots. However they have a simplistic and minimalist edge which I just adore. They are my current go-to boots for when it's snowy or rainy. I feel they add a really manly, military, grunge edge to any outfit and are super comfy.
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