Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mr monopoly

new look metallic jumper
topshop fur collared coat
office boots*
black tied bracelets*
zara rose gold bag

I went along to some press days today with Victoria and grabbed her for a few moments to take some outdoorsy outfit photos. I really like how they came out, I sometimes wish I just had someone to take them for me as I just love the vibe so much more! I didn't really dress up today as I got up and ready in about 15 minutes. Threw on a metallic jumper, a hat and my trusty ASOIAF inspired coat and ran (got the tube) into Central London! Im absolutely obsessed with this American Apparel dress I bought at the weekend. It was super pricey at a ridiculously eye watering £39 but I have shamelessly worn it many many times since then. I could never get away with wearing it as a dress but it makes the perfect skater skirt for layering up.

I made a video and have done a full post on the River Island press day which you can see above (or on my Youtube Channel)and then the post over on ETCLLYMLRS.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I took my outfit post earlier but it really wasn't working for me (here are the pics) so I decided to pose around in some Cat Ears that Boohoo sent me instead. I like my ridiculous headwear at the moment (:

Monday, November 26, 2012

many of horror

claires accessories bracelet*
front cover oil slick nail polish

Tonight Im off to an event quickly then coming straight back home to do housework! I've been working all day so Im just exhausted. Then I spent some of the afternoon editing the video for this outfit. Add on all time it takes for me to edit a 1 minute video my brain is so fuzzy I need to give myself a break before coming back home and sorting out some more stuff. I like being busy but working at a computer all day is NOT good for your eyes (or mental stability!), I might go for an eye test.

Keeping it simple for tonight though with this Horror T-shirt and my River Island trousers. I don't know why I decided on this white blazer when I picked it from the Own the Runway store a few months ago as I had no idea what to wear with it. However I'm pleasantly surprised how it set's off such a monochrome outfit! I bought the little studded phone clutch thing at the weekend for when I go out and Im very happy with it. I like being able to have it all in one place so I don't have to worry about it going missing, I really like having the arm strap too.

It's been a frustrating but good weekend, but it's not all been so bad. I don't ever talk about my personal life on my blog but stuff happened, it sucked and but I'm okay. Cryptic much… My friend Kyle from back home came down for the weekend and we chilled, went to Bubbledogs (didn't rate it, and probably wouldn't go again!), shopped and then went out in East London. Spent most of yesterday with my pals in our onsies catching up on xfactor, eating foods and watching films (:

Thursday, November 22, 2012


river island leather sleeved coat
asos spiked necklace
topshop cross ring
swatch watch
tosphop socks

I decided to wear the speckled burgundy t-shirt dress I wore earlier in the week again today as I just cant resist the colour. I'm making a mental note for Burgundy to be one of my "new" wardrobe go-to colours. It's just such a  flattering and pretty colour. Definitely one of those comfort dressing days today as I've been working all day, although I made a detour to Yo Sushi this afternoon after a meeting which cheered me right up. The weather in the UK at the moment is actually horrific and the idea of leaving my house earlier made me want to weep. This chunky cardigan is such a bargain at £17.99, it's super warm and perfect for cosy layering. So far it's washed really well too which is always my biggest problem with cheap knitwear! I didn't know they did a black one which I might actually buy as well! Overall this isn't my favourite outfit I've worn this week but after being blown halfway across London it was better than being cold!

My friend Kyle is down for the weekend which is going to be fun! I'm going to try and force him to take some outfit snaps for me that are outside the house to mix it up a bit!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#bestnightever asos rewards

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

of the night

primark striped sequin jumper
primark plaeated leather skirt
topshop rose gold cross necklace
nails essie (I THINK it's Chinchilly or Sand Tropez!) and topshop panther

Today Im wearing one of the jumpers I featured in yesterdays haul video. I really love it actually. It's the perfect mix of casual and dressy that I can take a look from day tonight. I've been at my laptop working all day on a social project proposal for a brand so when I got dressed I wanted something easy and effortless that I can also wear to events. I forgot I bought this Topshop Rose Gold Cross necklace, I've gone off long necklaces in recent months and when I was sorting out my jewellery after I moved into my new house! A happy surprise though as it looks lovely and I cant wait to wear it more.

I've worked out my nail polish is either Essie Sand Tropez or Chinchilly! I cant work out which and I really should have looked when I was in the salon as I really love it. Over the top of it I layered over my new glitter polish- Topshop Panther. It's a clear polish with matte black and holographic silver particles in which is a fairly unique polish to my collection. It gives a really fun "salt and pepper" feel to the nails which I like.

I've been up since 5am so Im probably due a crash in the next few hours. I inexplicably woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep! ZZZZZ

Monday, November 19, 2012

its been so long...

topshop fur collared coat (last season)
primark socks
essie nail polish (got it done at the salon so don't know the colour!)
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