Topshop Crescent Moon Highlighter

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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review swatch photo
review swatch photo
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light up

A recent addition to my ever growing Topshop Makeup collection is the Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon.Unlike the other Topshop Highlighter Sunbeam, Cresent Moon is much softer and peachier which means it would suit a variety of skin tones, specifically paler ones. Topshop Cresent Moon is a creamy pale peachy, golden pink shimmery highlighter which is incredibly flattering. It's velvety smooth, super fine and applies like a dream onto the face. It looks beautiful and really adds a subtle radiance without the use of glitter. I cant rave about this enough as it looks beautiful on the face! For a £10 it's an absolute steal!

#lookscary with o2 & blackberry

primark studded pumps
eylure 224 eyelashes
claires accessories bow headband

A week or two ago me and my good pal Zoe from the London Lipgloss hosted a party for Blackberry and 02 at the London Dungeons. It was to celebrate the launch of the new Red Blackberry Curve 9320 which is exclusive to 02. We went on a trip around the London Dungeons, I've never been so it was a real experience! But it was good fun and we all really got into the pre-halloween spirit!

You may or may not know but I hurt my back the day before I moved back to London and I literally couldn't walk or move! My Aunty had to drive me to Newport as I couldn't physically put my bag on the train! Anyway, I was in a lot of pain but I soldered though because it was too fun to not go to! I was going for a Lady Gaga / Evil Dolly kind of look as Zoe wanted to go as Prison Gaga from the Telephone video. I wore a Topshop dress (it's now not online), Primark studded flats (although Missguided gifted me these awesome Gaga inspired shoes, but due to my back problems I couldn't wear them) and an amazing wig I got off ebay!

Big thank you to the people at 02 & Blackberry, and of course the London Dungeons and everyone who came along to the event! It was literally the most fun I've had at an event ever! Blackberry have created a ton of content related to Halloween and looking scary on their Youtube Channel! Check it out because some of the ideas are awesome! The Red Blackberry Curve 9320 is exclusive to O2.
DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, 02 & Blackberry paid for my outfit but I was not compensated for anything else to do with this project.

introduction: wild about beauty

wild about beauty review swatch photo
wild about beauty review swatch photo
Wild About Beauty Sheer Glow Moisture Tint SPF20, Wild About Beauty Rose Water Illuminating Serum, Wild About Beauty Kajal Pencil Duo in Mauve, Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick in Benny, Wild About Beauty Mattifying Balm

Natural, flawless makeup

Wild About Beauty is a new makeup brand by Louise Redknapp and makeup artist Kim Jacob. The basic ethos behind the brand is a natural, fresh glowing look without the use of heavy, caked on makeup. I think they are going for a uncomplicated and easy to approach to their line of makeup. I feel they focus a lot on producing products that are packed full of skin loving ingredients rather than being too crazy. The shades are all wearable, natural and would appeal to a wide range of women. I feel they take a refreshing approach to cosmetics as they promise to deliver the highest quality make-up that performs, whilst never compromising on ingredients. Which is refeshing for a cosmetics brand at the moment.

I haven't tried them all out yet, apart from the Mattifying Balm, which is incredible! But I thought I'd do a introduction style post to the brand before going on to review some of the products!

Sheer Glow Moisture Tint SPF20 £22: This is a lightweight tinted moisturiser that contains a host skincare benefits. It has a soft illuminating finish and gives the face a fresh radiant look. This comes in theee shades light, medium and dark.

Rose Water Illuminating Serum £22: A hydrating skin treatment deisgned to boost radiance before applying makeup like a primer. It contains rose water which is rich in anti-aging, regenerates the skin. IUt has soft illumiating pigments in which brightens the complextion

Kajal Pencil Duo in Mauve £13.50:A vitamin E enriched double ended shadow pen which is perfect for taking a look from day to night. One side is a eyeliner and the other is a creamy soft shadow. It's long lasting and creaseproof and can be built up for a more intense look.

Ultra Dewy Glow Stick in Benny £15 A creamy highlighting stick. This contains beeswax and vitamin e to keep its texture moisturing and hydrating. This blends effortlessly into the skin for a bright luminous glow. Availible in two shades Winston & Benny.

Mattifying Balm £20: A lightweight colourlness balm that mattifys the skin leaving it looking smooth and refined. The balm can be used before or after makeup to prevent shine and leave the skin looking flawless from day to night. This makes the perfect makeup base!

All the products are available online at

i heart fall

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

rimmel metal rush nail polishes

rimmel metal rush nail polish lacquer varnish review swatch photo
rimmel metal rush nail polish lacquer varnish review swatch photo
Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Varnish in Purple Reign, Royal Blue, Pearly Queen, Gold Save The Queen (£3.99)*
Metallic Nail Polishes

For Autumn/Winter 2012 Rimmerl have launched a new collection of on trend nail polishes called Metal Rush Nail Polishes. These have "state of the art technology" that means the nail polishes change colour depending on the light they are in. These nail polishes come in four shades and retail for £3.99.

Pearly Queen is a greyish lilac pearly shade with a slight green shimmer going through it. This was the only shade which needed about three coats to be opaque but I think this would look better layered than on it's own. Royal Blue is a mid toned peacock blue which has a shimmery undertone of purple and green. Purple Reign is a plummy purple shade with a slight gold sheen going through it. Finally Gold Save The Queen is a dark gold with a green sheen to it. All the shades change depending on the lighting thanks to the duo-chrome and shimmer going through them.

Metallic polish isn't to my taste, I tend to stick to creme finishes, but I have to admit I've warmed to some of the shades in this collection, Especially Royal Blue. Metallic is a big trend for Autumn/Winter and especially when it comes to nail polish. For the price they are really worth it, they apply smoothly, need two coats and dry very quickly. The brush is short and flat which makes application completely effortless. Cant rave about these enough, an incredibly reasonable on trend addition to the Rimmel range.

Also I have the full set of 4 Metal Rush Polishes to giveaway, To enter all you need to do is fill the form in below! This giveaway will end a week today!

this lullaby

Monday, October 29, 2012

primark necklace
swatch watch

This is the outfit I wore yesterday but I really liked it and ended up snapping it today to show you guys. The lighting is terrible at the moment, now that I've accepted winter is coming and should therefore take my outfits much, much earlier! I'm pretty sick today as my cold has sort of upped its game and I'm a snotty, sniffling mess! I bought some lemon and honey to make some hot drinks to get me through the rest of the day! After I did these outfit photos I admittedly changed back into my onesie, frog socks and dressing gown!

I love this ASOS swing dress, I have the long and short sleeved versions as I think it's so wearable and perfect for any occasion. I paired it with my beloved black New Look fur stole, which had it's first outing of the season. I can't express how much I love that stole! It's perfect for adding a luxe edge to any outfit! I don't know if they have them this season, but I know you can buy them from Topshop or River Island at the moment! Currently this River Island jacket, that Im literally asked about all the time is in stock on the ASOS website so I recommend snapping it up if you've had your eye on it! I know River Island have been sold out of this grey version for a while now! A black and a red version are still on River Island though!

everyday makeup #17

review swatch photo
Face: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, Laura Mercier Silk Creme in Cashew Beige Cheeks: Fashionista Rome Bronzer, Fashionista London Blush Eyes: MAC Groundwork, Pixi Lid Last Shadow in Peach Pave*, Pixi Lash Line Ink, Eyeko Mascara*, Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil in Warm Brunette Lips: MAC Overdrive Long Wear Lip Cream

Dove Creme Mousse

the following post is Sponsored by Dove
Dove Creme Mousse review swatch photo
nourishing body wash

The Dove Creme Mousse Body wash is rich creamy body wash. It has a formula similar to a body cream. It's thick pearlescent crème formula, but it lathers up well to clean the body as well as leaving the skin feeling silky soft and hydrated. After one use it leaves the skin feeling noticeably softer and beautifully nourished, unlike any other body wash I've used before. One of my favourite things about the wash is that it doesn't run or drip in the shower so I don't end up wasting loads of product as it comes out too fast. The Body Wash comes in two varieties in Dove Deeply Nourishing Creme Mousse Body Wash and Dove Brightening Creme Mousse Body Wash. Both variants contain NutriumMoisture technology, which addresses protein and lipid damage to the skin caused by regular shower gels, leaving skin nourished deep down and feeling softer and smoother for longer.

Im a bit lazy when it comes to using things like body creams and just tend to focus on my drier areas. I tend to just do my knees and elbows. However since starting to use the Dove Body Wash it's left my skin ridiculously soft, smooth and hydrated that I didn't feel the need to add extra moisturiser to my dryer areas. I think which is will be great going into A/W, Especially as my skin gets a lot dryer so this is definitely one to try out in the colder months if your in a hurry and don't want to waste time faffing around adding body cream after your morning shower.

Dove Creme Body Wash retails for £3.71 and is available now from all good supermarkets and chemists.

caudalie divine oil

caudalie divine oil review swatch photo
multipurpose oil

I've been using hair oils religiously for the past year but never considered one that I could use on my body. The press release for Divine Oil popped into my inbox a few months ago, but I never got round to trying it till recently. I have relatively normal skin and although I have been trying I dont moisturise as much as I should. I noticed recently that my knees and elbows were getting very dry and cracked. I've been using this after showering after I've dried myself off, focusing it on my drier areas and massaging in the oils. The oil quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind. My dry patches healed up quickly and my skin was left soft, moisturised and not sore. You can also use this oil on your face, hair and nails. The smell is very natural and light which is quite uplifting and relaxing. My favourite thing about Divine Oil is that it comes in a spray bottle. I find most body oils to be very, very messy! As it has a spray pump it saves on pouring out too much product, wasting it and over saturating

Overall I really like Caudalie Divine Oil. It's pretty pricey, but I think for a multipurpose oil it's definitely worth the extra money. Like I said Im not big on moisturising, but because I can use it on my cuticles and on my hair I'd be more willing to spend a bit more money on a product like this. It is a cult product and something you might want to consider if you suffer from dryness going into Autumn Winter!

sunday portrait 138

Sunday, October 28, 2012

001. What a week, Back to "normality" with a side of flu and general rubbishness! I've been ill most of the week and today is no exception! I was in bed for most of the day, did a little retail therapy (see above mini haul video) and now I've just got back from collecting a cheeky Nandos (Ooops) now that I live even closer to it! I had a lovely weekend as I went to see the new James Bond movie and then I went to possibly my favourite restaurant in London Meat Liquor! Honestly, if your in London check it out! We went around 6/7 and did have to queue a while before we got in, and then had to wait some more at the bar. But it's just sooo good. Dead Hippy Burger FTW.

002. Halloween is my favourite of all holidays! Any excuse to dress up! Im either going to a halloween party next weekend as the Keyboard Cat or a unicorn. When I decide I'll post a photo up! Not 100% sure yet! Speaking of dressing up, I've got some snaps to share from a party me and Zoe hosted at the London Dungeons where we hosted a party for 02 and Blackberry to celebrate the launch of the red Blackberry curve! Was so much fun and we have some great photos to share!

003. This week I did a fancy smancy shoot with Estee Lauder and Heart with a few other bloggers for something they are doing around Christmas. I hate being on camera, then to do it on a professional level with 10+ people there to stare at you is highly daunting! I hope it comes together in the end though, I'll share it once I do! I've done some TV work before but nothing like sitting in front of the camera and trying to talk through things! My intro took about an hour of the whole shoot and that was just me saying "HI IM LILY MELROSE AND TODAY IM GOING TO BE DOING..."

004. JWLRY is reopening next week! Once I was settled I knew I was going to reopen the store again, It just took a lot longer than I anticipated! I've been getting so many questions about this at the moment so hopefully that will clear up all the answers (: I'll be restocking the 5 mixes first, and then the individual rings will be back a few weeks after that!
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