Friday, August 31, 2012

competition: passion for fashion

dress: topshop (£80)
shoes: new look (£24,99)
bag: new look (£15.99)
nails: models own hedonist (£5)
necklace: asos (£6)
total: £131.98

I've teamed up with Money Supermarket to be a part of a pretty fun competition in which all you need to show off your dream outfits for under £200. The aim is to create some awesome looks for autumn/winter by being as creative and money savvy as you can. I am personally judging the Party category with some other bloggers tackling the other ones . I will be looking through each and every entry too, so really put as much effort into it as you want!

To enter all you need to do is mock up a visual (see examples) of the £200 outfit for each of the 5 categories outdoor, party wear, casual, first date/formal and office. In your blog post, you need to state which category each outfit is for. You should also credit the source of all images you use, and explain why each outfit is great value. Within your post be sure to link to our competition page so that your readers know what 'Passion for Fashion' is. Once you’ve written your post, email a link to with a link to your post in and you'll receive a confirmation email within 72 hours.

Below are some more examples of the type of images your supposed to be making. To do this you can use Polyvore or mock them up in a program like paint or photoshop! Remember to credit your images and link back to the stores you pick from as well as doing a total of the outfit price, including any of the discount codes you may have chosen to use!

dress: glamourous (£35.99)
bag: new look (£19.99)
shoes: river island (£50)
necklace: asos (£6)
bracelet: asos (£12)
total: £123.98

dress: river island (£25)
shoes: daisy street shoes (£29.99)
bag: new look (£7.99)
total: £71.98
DISCLAIMER: I am being compensated for judging this contest and therefore currently affiliated with Money Supermarket. All opinions are my own, and no I don't take bribes ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


jumper: primark
skirt: primark
shirt: asos
shoes: topshop
hat: H&M
bag: zara

Sorry for the MIA-ness! Although I have to admit I'm a teeny tiny bit not sorry as I had one of the best weekends I've had since I've moved to London 8 months ago! I really live for the weekends at the moment! It was just one of action packed bank holiday weekends that was the perfect mix between party times and chilling out. Monday ended up at Notting Hill Carnival! The carnival was just amazing and the atmosphere was just crazy. Tonight Im going to see At The Drive-In which are one of my fave bands (this is my favourite song by them! Sorry if it offends your ears!) so should be pretty intense. I always have thing about seeing bands I really like live mainly because all the ones I like seem to have all split up or in the process of splitting up so it's not really the same if you get me. I don't think it will be like how I imagine it in my head, but gosh Im so darn excited! Big thanks to my friend James for sorting the tickets for me!

This isn't what Im wearing tonight, but just what I put on this morning. I bought this skirt a few days ago, its basically a metallic version of THAT primark skirt from last year. I really like it but its quite hard to style! I also bought this bag after seeing it on Kate (credited, eh?) it's just a simple chain black bag which is roomy enough for daywear and easy to take on a night out! It was the only one left in Zara after Kate posted about it so I think it might be the new blogger bag! My other Zara messenger bag has finally bit the dust although I have to admit it did have a really good run! I don't normally like non-leather bags but I do think Zara ones are just lovely!

Anyway I really hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend whatever you did! (:

Friday, August 24, 2012

leopard shirt dress

dress: river island
cardigan: topshop
bracelet: river island* & black tied*
nails: essie lilacism and barry m lavender glitter

Todays outfit was a simple one, but I think the pretty loud pattern makes up for it. This dress is from the Chelsea Girl range at River Island, which I don't often look at but I saw it online a few days ago and thought I'd keep an eye out for it in store. I'm really happy with it though as I like the fit and the style, It's sort of retro-sixties kinda style which I think looks really cool! Not much to say today, just worked constantly and now it's time to chill ready for bank holiday weekend (:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

one by one

dress: asos (size 6 for reference)
jacket: primark
necklace: primark
boots: topshop
socks: primark
nails: essie lilacism & barry m lilac glitter

Yesterday I was Batman, Today I'm a Transformer. I picked up this necklace from Primark last night when I was at Westfields. It was a whopping £8, but I couldn't resist it, I loved the mixture of gold and black, and as someone who doesn't particularly like gold it really stood out to me. As for the jacket, well I picked it up and really loved it. I liked the leather and the boucle (is that what it's called?) mix jackets and I thought this would be a nice addition. It is however predominately dark blue, and I know there is that fashion rule about not wearing blue and black but I really like the way it looks together! It was labelled as £25, but when it was scanned it came up as £10 which pretty much sealed the deal for me! Makes up for the pricey necklace I suppose! I have to admit this is one of my favourite outfits I've blogged about, I just love it!

Tonight I'm off for big eats with two of my favourite people I've met through blogging, EmmaKate. Kate's moving back to Scotland so we are having our equivalent to the last supper at Meat Liqour. Expect instagram pic's galore! Trust me, you get fatter just looking at the food at Meat Liqour!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

creating happiness

tunic: river island
skirt: H&M
necklace: river island*
boots: topshop
bracelets: black tied & market stall

This tunic makes me feel like Batman, as I walked around Balham (aka The New Gotham City), It felt like a cape blowing in the wind. Felt like such a boss! I showed this dress in my Not a Haul video I did a few weeks back but mentioned I had no idea how to wear it as the back panel is completely sheer. I decided to just get one of those plain black body con mini dresses from H&M to layer under it. I think it  still looks pretty cool, even though there is some triangle sheerness on the back that is lost because of the thing under it. Sheer stuff really annoys me! I feel a bit gothic in this outfit, not that I really have a problem with that but I've really been making a pro-active effort to stop wearing so much black recently (cough cough!)

Today I've been looking at places to live as Im moving house the middle of next month and then trying to find somewhere that I can rent some desk space in London. Since giving up on my terrible internet at home, Starbucks has become my new go-to desk space. This is probably going to cost me more in the long run than finding somewhere to actually work... I feel like I get so much more work down when Im here than home! Tonight I'm off to Westfield's Stratford to go to Primark, I haven't been in ages and their A/W collection looks right up my street!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

have it all

dress: asos
jacket: primark
cardigan: new look
belt: primark
hat: topshop
boots: office (old)
bracelets: turkish market stall, river island*, black tied*

Todays outfit was a quick throw on and go outfit as my internet was annoying me so much (so, so so so so slow!) I spent the afternoon working in Starbucks just so I had some working internet to finish up my projects! I really love this oversized smock dress, but wasn't so sure when I first got it, It just so casual and easy to wear! I paired it with my burgundy hat and the Topshop Coy lipstick as I thought the colours looked really really pretty together! Shock horror I'm wearing different boots from my Alvin's that I've worn for the past few posts! Infact I got this pair of victorian style lace up's with a voucher I got when I won the Look Show blogging competition years and years ago! I hear there is going to be another Look Show this year, So I really hope I can go again!

I thought I'd include the snap of my broken iPhone screen as I haven't shown you all yet. I dropped it when I was walking down the street one day chatting to Emma. I had that awful moment when your stomach just drops as I turned it over and it was all smashed! I really need to go get it replaced but I keep putting it off! My background is this picture of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan after they both got  titles after TLC (: Indy Schmucks indeed!

Monday, August 20, 2012

little hell

top: H&M
skirt: H&M
jacket: river island
cardigan: new look
shoes: topshop
socks: primark
belt: primark
bracelets: claires accessories* & turkish market stall
lips: topshop pillow talk (review here)

Dodgy lighting today, Not sure what was going on as I took it at the same time I usually do! Routine! Probably a bit warm for this outfit today if Im being honest. So I just wore the skirt and the boob tube for most of the day! I can't get my head around the changing weather at the moment so Im not making any rash decisions and bringing my summer clothes out again! I was recently send a whopping massive package of Claire's Accessories jewellery and included were some of these cross and skull bracelets which I absolutely love! I actually saw them in store a few weeks (yah I went into Claire's Accessories at the age of 22!) ago and they were only around £4-£5 which is a bargain as Im sure the one I got from Topshop which exactly the same was about £8! The nails and polish Im wearing are also from Claires, but I couldn't get any good snaps of them but I'll try again tomorrow!

Last night I joined Pinterest, I don't really understand it fully yet but Im sort of trying to get my head around it! I hear Pinterest is a pretty big deal and thought it was about time I got around to checking it out! If you have one please link me in the comments so I can check it out and follow etc! It looks visually exciting but hard to get! You can follow me here! Im going to be posting all the photos from my blog posts as well as things like wish lists etc!
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