memory lane

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

dress: asos (size 6)
cardigan: topshop (old)
necklace: topshop
bracelets: turkish market stall & topshop
socks: primark
shoes: studio tmls @ sarenza*

Origins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment

Origins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment: john lewis / origins (£32) 

As I mentioned in my June Favourites video, Origins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment is possibly one of my all time favourite products. I don't really rave and rave about products, Im a fickle soul and I know that I move from product to product very quickly. I was recommended this product from the John Lewis Origins counter after deciding that Origins Zero Oil Lotion really wasn't doing it for me. While I liked the Origins Zero Oil, I felt like it wasn't really doing anything for my skin. It was still tight, leathery and overall just a bit dull.

Origins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating cream is designed to aid the skin's natural recovery and rejuvenate the skin surface. It applies like an absolute dream, it really sinks in as soon as I apply it, leave my skin soft and hydrated without feeling over saturated or greasy. I feel like I can apply this over and over again purely because it feels so nice on my skin.  I've been using this as my day and night cream instead of a moisturiser, but it works well as a smoothing base for makeup too.

I really REALLY enjoy using this cream and will 100000% buy this again. I think it has made a huge difference to the way my skin feels and has really plumped up my face. I am surprisingly happy with the overall appearance of my skin at the moment as well as the evenness of my awkward skin tone. I can't pinpoint if it's this alone, or the combination of this and my Alpha H Liquid Gold that has improved my skin. The price is pretty high, and while I do understand is it going to be out of some peoples price range. I just had to post about this as I've never tried a product I've got on so well with. I shall continue to rave about it for the foreseeable future!

video: how i curl my hair

I know not everyone who follows me on here follows my beauty blog so I thought I'd pop this video up on here too. If you didn't know I've just started making Youtube videos for my beauty blog and yesterday I finally uploaded a "how I curl my hair" video. Im forever asked about my hair and how I style it so I thought I best get it up asap! My hair is apparently one of my "things" so I thought LLYMLRS readers would also find it just as useful! After getting some feedback on if people want to see my videos on here, I think I shall post a few of them on here when they are relevant to this blog because at the moment and for the foreseeable future they will be beauty based rather than fashion!

Please so subscribe if you're interested in seeing more videos from me and you can also read the full post on my hair over on ETCLLYMLRS.

everyday makeup 13

Face: Hourglass Mineral Viel, YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus Cheeks: MAC Fluer Power Blusher Eyes: MAC Bare Study Paint Pot, MAC Mythology Eyeshadow, MAC Super Slick Eyeliner, Avon Super Shock Mascara, HD Brow Kit* Lips: Topshop Powder Room Lip Stick

call the shots

Monday, July 30, 2012

top: topshop
skirt: primark (old)
boots: topshop alba's (old)
scarf: river island (similar here)
coat: topshop (v. old, sale)
bracelets: black tied*, topshop, turkish market stall

Today's outfit has to be one of my personal favourites. I just like the colours and the patterns and the subtle colour pop of the arm candy! I wore a similar outfit yesterday for my epic food sessions but decided to wear it again as I did really like the outfit. Yes. I wear outfits more than once! I've worn this Topshop jumper so many times since I bought it a few months ago. I just love it! So versatile and easy to wear. I've worn it with disco pants, and over a midi dress and now with that much loved Primark skirt! I rediscovered this cream jacket a few days ago, I'd never actually worn it and it has been sitting in my wardrobe for god knows how long know! It even had the sale tag still on it! This is why I never buy stuff in the sale! I always forget about them! I think I got it over a year ago now but Im sure Topshop will have something similar this year!

I really can't wait to splash out on a few new items one I get paid, I've had my eye on loads of things this month but funds have been so tight (two holidays in such a short ammount of time = money drain!) So I'm excited to pick up some of the things I've had my eye on. Number one on my list at the moment is this jacket from Topshop, I wanted the Zara one but I left it too late and it ended up totally sold out! I also ordered the Night Hawk Boots I mentioned in yesterday's post. I could resist no longer!

Video: Bed Head Curls / My Everyday Hair

before & after

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler set to 1-1-3, GHD Brush, Wide Tooth Shower Comb,
Mark Hill Party The Night Away, Mark Hill Dirty Little Stop Out
So, There ya go, How I do my hair. Im constantly asked about how I curl it, but I honestly don't think I do anything different to it than anyone else in the world! Which is why I always put off recording a video on it. I just use my beloved Enrapture Totem Styler and curl bits in no particular order however I feel like it!  I know it's not perfectly styled or very slick or polished hence why I refer to it as a "messy, bedhead" style! This is highly requested and how I do my hair most days, I really don't do much to it and if I'm being honest it turns out looking different each time I do it. The next video is on the products I use and should be up in week sometime. Also, side note but I've been trying to get this to upload all weekend by my internet is so slow, So today I caved in and paid for the BT Wifi in my area and it uploaded in 9 minutes YES 9 freakin' minutes! Anyone who uploads HD to Youtube would be impressed with that! It was taking over 3 hours on my home broadband, So I know what I'll be using from now on!

Watch on Youtube for more links & information on what Im wearing, my makeup and some other bits and bobs. And if you wanna see more hit that subscribe button! (:

Rainbow Snow Leopard Nails

Rainbow Snow Leopard Nails how to nail artRainbow Snow Leopard Nails how to nail artRainbow Snow Leopard Nails how to nail artRainbow Snow Leopard Nails how to nail art
Ciate Snow Virgin*, Models Own Nail Pen*, Models Own Red Alert, Models Own Fuzzy Peach*, Nubar Lemon, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Lapis of Luxury
I was catching up on some WWE this morning so thought I would do something I hadn't done in a long while and do some leopard print nails to pass the time while I streamed it. I use the Gem Fatale Leopard Nails method, and have done ever since she first posted that tutorial many, many moons ago! Kitsch and Tacky, but was fun and easy to do! I think leopard is one of the easiest nail art's to get the hang of. It takes a little practice but is so easy once you get the basic shape outline shape right!

sunday portrait week 135

Sunday, July 29, 2012

001. Im so tired today, Although today has literally it's been one of the laziest days of my life! We went for Brunch at a Cafe in Balham called Milk (which was awesome, I highly recommend it!) and then we went to Byron for dinner in Clapham Juction. I promise I do eat at home, but when you live in one of the most amazing cities with all these yummy food around you its hard to resist the urge! In-between all that eating all I've done is lie on the sofa and drink tea. Cant wait to pop my onesie on and get some zzz's! I've been out the last couple of nights enjoying LDN life though, Including fun times watching the Olympic Ceremony in Shorditch and then a big night in Clapham!

002. I've been trying to upload a Youtube video all day today but it's just not agreeing with me. My internet is really temperamental at the moment so it's going to be a challenge when the file sizes are so darn large! I don't know how some Youtubers do it! I'm gonna leave it up over night tonight, but if it works my hair "tutorial" aka a really lame excuse for a everyday hair routine video will be up! If you missed my last video on my Models Own nail polish collection you can watch it here!

003. Olympics fever has well and truly struck London! I sort of fear for my own safety trying to leave the house this coming week! I don't like how busy London is most of the time but I think "the Games" has made me even more paranoid. I've noticed that my diary is unusually very quiet for the next few weeks. Well planned I suppose! So tempted to go home and stay with my family back in the countryside for a bit!

004. Planning on treating myself to some new boots this week and I think I might actually cave in and buy the Office Night Hawk Boots. I've wanted them for literally YEARS now and after seeing them at their A/W Press day (photos I still haven't got around to editing!) It seems it might be the right time to go get them. The weather has completely turned in London today. The sun we had when I came back from Turkey last week is a distant memory! My mind has gone from thinking about summer clothes back to my A/W wardrobe already! Crazy!

giveaway: ray ban wayfarers

Saturday, July 28, 2012

top: topshop
bracelets: turkish markets, kukee & black tied*
Ray Ban Sunglasses (here)

Oh, It's Giveaway time again! This time I have teamed up with Smart Buy Sunglasses to give away the super awesome prize of a pair of genuine Ray Ban Sunglasses. They stock a wide range of designer sunglasses from Gucci, Prada to Persol. But I was asked to pick a pair of sunglasses  myself and then one to giveaway so I went with the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers. They are the style RB2140 Original Polarized Wayfarer, Polarized Lens basically mean they reduce glare reflected at some angles off shiny surfaces such as water. I really like mine and best of luck in the giveaway!
PLEASE NOTE The terms of this giveaway have been set my the company not me.
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be ONE winner!
- You need to enter through the Rafflecopter form, any comments will not count as entries.
- Winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter.
- If winner does not reply within three days the prize will be passed to another person.
- Prize will be sent by company, so they are responsible for getting the prize to the winner.
- You must be a follower of this blog!
- 5 points for blogging about the giveaway, 1 Point for Liking them on Facebook, 1 Point for Following @sbg_uk on Twitter, 1 Point for Tweeting them your favourite pair of Sunglasses.

quick holiday reviews: hair

Label M. Mini Airliners kit (£12)*: A small kit containing Label M.'s Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, Daily Shine Conditioner, Protein Spray and Sea Salt Spray. The shampoo and conditioner did their job but were nothing special, but they were too small for a two week holiday for my hair so I had to use an additional one as well. I enjoyed using the Protein Spray as it contained UVA/UBA protection and stopped my hair drying out, my brother also used this as his scalp burns quite easily. The Sea Salt Spray was perfect for adding beachiness to the hair in the evenings as its not too heavy or crispy. Overall a really nice little kit for holidays! I've still got loads of the Sea Salt Spray and the Protein Spray left which I shall continue using!

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (£25)*: Another day another hair oil! Does the same sort of job as all the other hair oils on the market if I'm being frank. I've seen alot of people say they prefer Macadamia Oil to Morrocan Oil but I'm not all that sure. I think it's all down to personal preference when it comes to which hair oil people liked the most. Despite this I did enjoy using it and it did leave my hair soft, shiny and sleek.

Dove Leave In Conditioner (£3.39)*: I used this to try and keep my hair conditioned and stop it drying out so much in the sun. I would spray it into my hair throughout the day, when it was either dry or wet. While I think it worked well for smoothing and conditioning I don't think it really had any additional benefits to my hair's overall dryness. It's a nice product but I really don't think it's outstanding but for the price it's worth it as a de-tangler and a smoothing spray.

Primark Hair Doughnut (£1): I bought this on a whim when checking out at Primark but it does exactly what it's supposed to, Just a bog standard hair doughnut. Great for a creating a nice even bun style hair-do when going out in the evening. At £1 you can't go wrong! I prefer doing buns with a doughnut as they seem to look much better and give the bun alot more volume and shape.

Tangle Teaser (£10)*: I used to use a pink one that I bought myself but Mum stole it from me! But I remembered I had one I was gifted a while ago so it was easy to replace. I kept a Tangle Teaser in my pool bag just so I could comb my hair through if I ended up going sea or in the pool. My hair can get super tangly and matted if I don't brush it regularly. It is handy tool for untangling my fine hair, but on thicker hair it doesn't particularly work all that well.

Phyto Sun Veil (£13): I only remmebered I took this on the last few days of my holiday so I haven't tested it out too much. However  I do like it and it is nice at protecting the hair from the sun's damaging effects. Non Greasy, Non Sticky.

galaxy essential upgrades: collars

Friday, July 27, 2012

This post is bought to you by Galaxy Essential Upgrades


For my third Galaxy Essential Upgrade post I'm going to be talking about Collars. Collars are a fun way of upgrading an outfit without having to splash the cash. Peter Pan collars have been popular for a while and recently other forms of collar upgrades have come onto the market. In the form of printed collars, collar tips, collar chains, necklaces and beaded chokers. All are such simple and easy ways to use upgrade even the most basic of t-shirt or shirt. The best part about collar attachments it means you can mix and match them with other pieces and not have anything permanent! I've pulled some of my favourite collar details from ASOS, who have the widest and most varied collection of collar's I've seen on an online store, and put them into a post to show you some ways to wear in collar form!

galaxy asos collars
galaxy asos collars
galaxy asos collars
galaxy asos collars
galaxy asos collars
galaxy asos collars
galaxy asos collars
galaxy asos collars

As you can see I've shown all the collar looks with either a plain black t-shirt or a basic black shirt. This is to really demonstrate how easy it is to jazz up boring basics with a collar accessory. I've seen people DIY their own collars that are cut off old shirts, make their own peter pan collars from bits of lace or make a necktie using some ribbon from a haberdashery!

I wasn't sold on collar details originally but they have really grown on me. Now I can see how easy they are to update a boring outfit. I think my favourite look has to be the coloured collar tips and the pearl collar. The pearl collar is perfect with either black or white dresses (see this outfit here and here) and are a perfect way to make something look more dressy. I've had that collar for months now and I've worn it all sorts of places. I really like the collar chain's too, especially the pearl one. I think it adds a really nice touch to the collar, every so slightly granny-ish but in a cool way at the same time!

What are your thoughts on collar detailing? Is it a good trend or one you're going to be skipping on?
Personal Disclaimer: I am being compensated by Galaxy Essential Upgrades for creating content as part of their campaign. None of the posts I create are constructed or forced by them, All opinions and ideas are my own. I created all the content in this post. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this post apart from Galaxy.
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