tie dye skirt

Monday, April 30, 2012

dress/jumper: asos
cardigan: primark
rings: forever 21 & JWLRY
necklace: forever 21
boots: new look (so, so, so, so old!)
nails: models own hedonist* (review here)

Just a casual outfit today as I've been so busy doing things at home. I think I'm going to have square eyes from all this the time I've spent today staring at a computer screen! I can't wait to get off the computer and relax! I did go for a quick stroll at lunchtime (I seem to always run out of food after a weekend…) so I did have to actually get dressed. The weather is currently a mix between a bit of sunshine and still a bit damp after the weekend's epic downpour!

I really didn't want to like this jumper/skirt two in one from ASOS, but theres something about it that is so comfy, wearable and casual at the same time but still looks pretty unique. So I naughtily decided to keep it despite it being wayyyy over priced. I have a lot of love for tie dye at the moment and I keep meaning to go out and buy some dye so I can get DIY-ing! The boots I'm wearing today I've had for years and years  and recently re-discovered. They have to be my favourite flat boots. I got them in the sale randomly in New Look in Hereford one day in the middle of summer. They were the only ones I'd seen in store so I presumed it was fate finding them! I've worn them so much the soles are finally starting to wear away and I need to look into getting them re-soled at some point! I've noticed I have a distinct lack of cardigans in my wardrobe as well, this is the only one I've got with me at the moment and I don't even like it that much. Must make a mental note to buy some more!

Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner review negative swatch photorimmel waterproof gel eyeliner review negative swatch photorimmel waterproof gel eyeliner review negative swatch photorimmel waterproof gel eyeliner review negative swatch photo
Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner: Boots/Superdrug (£6.49)*

Personally, Im not one to talk negatively about a product, If I think somethings bad I simply won't give it the coverage on my blog rather than trash an item completely. Then again I do think there are those times when a product disappoints you so much you just have to say something about it because it was just that bad. So hey! Here goes… the Rimmel Waterproof Gel eyeliner is possibly the worst gel liner I've ever used.

Its greasy, slick and takes what feels like forever to dry down. To me a good gel eyeliner should be a true black, good staying power, pigmented and quick drying with either a shiney or a matte finish. At first the application was so patchy I didnt actually think I'd be able to get a constant line along my upper lashes. I ended up having to dot it on rather than a swipe. Once applied the Rimmel Gel liner felt tacky so I left it for a few seconds to dry down before opening my eye. As soon as I opened my eye it transferred onto my lid and it looked terrible and ruined my eye makeup. To test it I decided to wait to see how long it would take to actually dry and I was looking at 10+ minutes and it was still a touch too wet. It came straight off and I used a different liner while the product headed straight for the bin. Considering I do my makeup in about 10 minutes normally waiting that long for my liner was a complete no-no.

The thing is the gel liner itself looks like it would be lovely pigmented black colour, In the pot and swatched it looks like it will be a shiny true black with a slightly shiny finish. But this isn't how it is, There is something about the formula that just isn't right. The product feels like a gel, where as I think most "gel liners" have a more creamy constancy than a gel one. Paired with the brush that is concealed in the lid of the product, I feel like it just sticks to the end of the brush rather than actually apply to the skin. I had a inkling the brush is applying way too much product hence why it's taking forever to dry, but then I tried using a normal liner brush (Sigma E05) but it still didn't apply as I expected it to. The brush that comes with the product is really stiff and pointy, and I also thing little to short to actually use comfortably. I personally think if Rimmel want to include a brush with their gel liner that it should apply the product well.

Overall I just think its a naff product and to be honest if I'd bought this product I'd have been highly disappointed. I can't believe they actually released something like this as its by far the worst drugstore eyeliner I've ever tried. I have no idea if it is actually waterproof as I couldn't even wear it long enough to test it out! As far as drugstore gel eyeliners I'd highly reccomend the Fashionista Gel Eyeliner which is actually one of my favourite liners I've ever tried.

I don't normally leave open ended questions on my blog posts but has anyone actually tried this? I'd love to know other peoples thoughts on it!

sunday portrait week 122

Sunday, April 29, 2012

001. Today I spent my Sunday like I most weeks, chilling and eating. We went to Wimbledon for a trip to Wagamamas (Chicken Katsu ftw!) and apparently there's a Dominos Pizza on the cards for tonight too. Went out to a few bars last night and actually had a really awesome night. This is a photo of what I wore that night. People always ask about my night out outfits, I do frequently post them on twitter or instagram (its @llymlrs if it wasn't obvious!) but I never have time to post them on here before I go out.

002. I love neon at the moment, I'm so tempted to buy the highlighter yellow version of my Topshop jumper that I wore in the Filofax Blogger Style off. I think I prefer the neon "trend" (I hate the word trend or anything that refers to anything being "in fashion") to the pastels one. I was actually really worried when I was going to all the S/S 2012 press days and seeing all this garish bright stuff. But now I can't get enough of it! I love colour pops rather than full on neon outfits! Especially my beloved Models Own Hedonist for my nails! Some more neon treats I've got my eye on is the American Apparel Neon Nail Polishes, this River Island lime crop top & this gorgeous bright blue blazer!

003. My giveaway for the Zara bag is still on! You can enter it here! The Rafflecopter entry form has gone down really well and Im very happy with how its gone! Im going to be doing a few more giveaways in the future! Possibly bi-weekly ones so that its not too much overkill!

004. 24 hour flash sale for the Five ring mixes on JWLRY! Five for £5! So that means it's £7.50 (Including p&p in the UK!) So its a real bargain! Im going to have to adjust some of the postage prices over the next few days now that the Royal Mail prices have shot up. I think the small rings will probably stay the same price but the five mixes might go up slightly. Overseas orders are going to suffer the most unfortunately! I will keep you informed of the goings on though!

mac style blush

mac style frost blush review swatch photomac style frost blush review swatch photomac style frost blush review swatch photomac style frost blush review swatch photomac style frost blush review swatch photo
MAC Style Blush: MAC Cosmetics (£14.50) 

I don't really have many MAC Blushes. I don't know why, I just think they all look very similar, and I tend to just wear the same two (The Balm Frat Boy and Look Beauty Blush in Flirt) most of the time! I was getting a bit bored of my usual bright cheeks so wanted something sheerer, glowier and something that looks very fresh and flattering. MAC Style is a really fresh peachy coral with a shot of gold shimmer going through.. On my skin tone it's  a super flattering glowing peach, thats a combination of a highlighter and a cheek colour. It really freshens up my face and gives me a lovely sunkissed glow. It's quite shimmery as its a Frost finish, but its fairly build able so you can use it to add a soft pop of colour or build it up to a brighter colour! I don't throw the word "Holy Grail" around a lot, but this is a really lovely blush on me (even if I do say myself!). MAC Style has to be one of my favourites I've tried recently It has been added to my everyday makeup rotation box. I can't wait to wear this in the summer!

week in photos

Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Origins Mega-Bright Serum

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Serum review photoDr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Serum review photo
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Serum: Origins/ Debenhams (£46)*

The Origins Mega Bright Serum was created by Dr Andrew Weil for Origins with the intention of being a product that even out skintones and add brightness to duller skin. I've mentioned before but I have pale olive toned skin with very pink cheeks, I don't have Rosacea or hyper pigmententation, just a very uneven odd skin tone! I also have a bit of scarring from a nasty spot squeezing habit as a teenager. This has left some darker patches on my face even after applying concealer and foundation.

The product applies very smoothly and glides onto the skin with ease. It leaves the skin feeling soft and plumper, it feels hydrated without being over saturated. It doesn't smell particularly strong, it has a light fresh smell but I can't put my finger on the exact notes. The smell is very inoffensive though. I have a feeling their might be some illuminating pigments in the product as my face looks brighter after application, but not shimmery. I was really skeptical if a serum could actually improve my skintone, but I think it has evened out considerably since receiving this about three weeks ago. Obviously thats not enough time to say for sure if its a big thumbs up or not, but so far so good. It's also helped reduce the darkness of scarring from previous blemishes as well as bring alot of brightness back to my face.

Im sure alot of people are going to look at the price and cringe a little bit. Its VERY. VERY. expensive, I don't know the likelihood of me actually purchasing this for myself (this was a PR sample!).  I've been using Mega Bright as my day serum opting for Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair in the evenings, before applying my Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser. I think it could be more of a product aimed at older women, rather than someone my age but it is part of my current skincare routine and I'm very satisfied with it's results so far.
Skincare Disclaimer: I personally think skincare is incredibly subjective, I'd never run out and buy something on the recommendation of one person. What works for me, might not work for you. I personally don't feel comfortable recommending skincare products, so all reviews are based on my own experiences with the product mentioned. Remember to always look up other reviews and make sure you reference the reviewers skin type. My skin is Oily-Combination, I don't tend to get breakouts but when I do they are on my chin. Also cutting out dairy from my diet has also improved my skin of late.


top: monki
necklace: river island
jacket: primark
bag: H&M
bracelet: black-tied*
shoes: office
rings: market stall and love hearts and crosses*
nails: bourjois ??

Tonight I'm off out for a few cocktails so I wore something that I could go from day to night too without being too much or taking too long to get ready. I kept it simple with a oversized slightly scruffy looking skirt long shirt. I decided not to iron it because I just have this thing about white shirts, they can either look really cool and crisp or they can look too over done and uptight. Plus I prefer the scruffy bedhead look! I paired it with my favourite jacket, trusty office flatforms and my statement snakeskin clutch!

I love my American Apparel leggings so much, I feel like I wear them so (too) much at the moment. As I've mentioned before they are the perfect alternative to American Apparel Disco Pants. If Disco Pants weren't so long or as tight I'm sure I'd be all for them, but they just don't suit me. These are just so comfortable and easy to wear and so much cheaper. I know I keep raving about them but I absolutely love them!

Glossy Box April 2012: The Natural Box

Caudalie Vinosourse SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum, Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Lip Liner,
 Monu Professional Skincare Hand and Nail Cream, Figs and Rouge Lip Balm, Phillip B Styling Gel
Glossy Box (£12.50)*
My April 2012 Glossy Box came through yesterday, It feels like ages since I got the infamous Harrods one so was quite exciting when it did come in the post. The novelty of beauty boxes has worn off for me now and Im a bit nonchalant when it comes to getting them. But, for a change I was pretty happy when I saw who the package was from. The theme for the April Glossy Box is "The Natural Box". Its nice to see another themed box. I do think these go down well and give a bit more consistency to the sampling scene.

Caudalie Serum looks good and I've used it a few times since I got this box. I love most of the Caudalie products I've tried in the past and my skin has felt dryer in the evenings  recently so the ultra hydrating properties are much needed. I got the Inika Comsetics lip liner in a shimmery reddish colour, I can't see a colour name but I may be missing it! It's not to my personal taste and I don't like lipliners but it seems like a OK product, The Monu hand and nail cream will, like most hand creams in these sorts of boxes, might be badly received. I'm not a hand cream fan, but I'll just pass it on. I already have this Figs and Rouge lip balm which I didn't really like in the first place, so again thats going to be passed on to someone I know. The Phillip B styling gel is another product I probably won't use, the idea of a gel on my long hair doesn't sit well with me. All I can think of is really slicked back greased up hair!

Overall, I really didn't get blown away by the box. I don't know if all the contents in the box are the same for all subscribers, they typically vary quite a bit from Glossy Box. For a Eco box I didn't really see the theme coming through that strongly with the products. I felt it could have been pushed in another direction, different brands, or at least had more focus on organic and natural stuff. Nothing to me screamed natural or organic, despite the products being natural... I just can't explain what I mean really! They just aren't the things that spring to mind when someone says natural or organic. As far as Im aware the styling gel isn't eco, It feels like it was just thrown in there as a extra. The biodegradable box is a nice touch, but I still just think its all wastage at the end of the day. Are their other boxes not recyclable? I think as a company that obviously has a fair few subscribers they should have a bit more of a responsibility to keeping things as green as they can and having fully recyclable boxes. I do reuse my Glossy Boxes but I think there is so much wasted packaging!

I know it's Glossy Boxes 1 year anniversary box next month and Im sure they will be promising big things! But I don't know how I really feel about these sorts of boxes in the long term. Im still on the fence if they are worth it or not! I will write another post on my feelings soon!

asos amp boots

Thursday, April 26, 2012

asos amp chelsea boots

Todays post is a pretty gratuitous blog post about my new boots. Then again most of my posts, and most blogs in general are just about gratuitous purchases and showing off what you buy. Lamenting the loss of the boots of dreams, The Topshop Adonis boots I decided to trawl the internet for something similar to fill the whole only a pair of shoes could fill. I kept searching but I couldn't find anything quite right, but when I came across these ones there was something about the shape and the style that really called out to me! I added them to my save for later basket and waited until the inevitable 20%/25% ASOS code. Thankfully one came up the other day and I decided to purchase them. So they were about £40 in the end which I don't thinks too bad. They have this really cool shape to them and have a good sized platform. Even though they make me feel like a giant they are very comfortable and easy to walk in!

Whats with Topshop and ASOS all naming their boots with "A" names?

things i want #9

wish list things i want polyvore asos topshop river island nars
dress: topshop, necklace: asos, blush: nars gilda, glasses: asos, shoes: river island

rose gold accents

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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top: asos
leggings: american apparel via asos*
necklace: pieces via asos
jacket: river island
boots: asos
bag: zara (my giveaway for the same bag is here)
nails: rococo t-cup*

Today Im off to meet my long suffering, but doting Father as I haven't seen him in what feels like months! Although on reflection is probably has been months! My baby brother called me this morning and despite it was pretty mumbled (and in some parts shouted!) I'm pretty sure he asked me if I didn't like him anymore! So sad! However I'm just so ridiculously grumpy and tired at the moment while I get over the "withdrawal" period of cutting caffiene. I didn't realise how dependant I was on the stuff until I realised I was drinking 4-5 cups a day plus Coke on top of that! Not good for my health at all!

I wore this outfit to events last night but decided to recycle it for today. Although on reflection the epic hail storm and thunder and lightening currently distracting me from writing this post is probably a sign I am dressed highly inappropriately for the current weather. Oh well. I had a mini ASOS spree when there was a 25% off Marie Claire code and I'd had my eye on this top anyway so decided it was time to purchase it. Its very revealing and I am wearing a Motel Rocks bustier under it! I also wore my new Zara bag too which I adore! It's so big and fits in loads of stuff. I love the way it looks with my Mulberry purse (not showing off, yaddayaddayadda and it's the postmans lock contiental wallet in plaster pink soft buffalo if you're intrested) The Rose Gold hardware on both the items is just to die for. Plus the way the soft grey and the salmon pink look together just really does something for me! More things need to be rose gold! The necklace I'm wearing is actually copper tone but Im going to say its rose gold too ;)
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