Saturday, March 31, 2012

week in photos

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Friday, March 30, 2012


dress: monki
necklace: forever 21
rings: jwlry, market stall, love hearts and crosses*
watch: swatch
nails: maybelline turquoise lagoon*

Another summery outfit today! I've been trying to make the most of the last of the sunshine before it goes away again. I read somewhere its a supposed to snow next week or something, I'll be pulling my fur coat out again! I bought this dress with the intention of wearing it to LFW, but I opted for something else. I wasn't going to keep this Monki dress but I ended up having to as I forgot to return it before the 28 days and I didn't fancy exchanging it. Oops! Im kinda glad I did keep it in the end as I do really like the way it looks on. Like a lot of Monki stuff it's so simple but has a quirky edge to it with the over layer. Monki is quickly becoming one of my favourite stores! I also wore these Primark sandal wedges that I bought a few years ago. They make my legs look even shorter than they already are but oh well!

Off for a bit of shopping on Oxford Street this evening with my Flatmate. I need to buy a new foundation (probably going to get Estee Lauder Double Wear as per usual!) and some tights (oh the excitement). Im then going to come home and tan and continue with the 30 day shred! I've done it everyday since I started and it doesn't hurt as much as everyone has made out it does!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


dress: asos*
necklace: primark
rings: jwlry
nails: maybelline turquoise lagoon*

Spent most of today in our garden relaxing and catching up on stuff. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky! This post is mainly to show off my amazing new necklace from Primark that I got for a bargain price of £5. I don't normally wear gold jewellery, I tend to pick silver toned ones rather than gold. I think it can look really tacky at times. However when I saw it I knew it would look gorgeous with this ASOS dipped back dress. Plus, considering this would be about £20 odd in Topshop its just right in my eyes!

PS: this post isn't sponsored by coca cola but if they'd like to send me some freebz it would save me a lot of money as I drink way too much O_O luv lilz xoxo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


tunic: topshop (few seasons old)
necklace: asos*
jacket: own the runway*
leggings: american apparel via asos*
nails: beauty uk white* & opi rainbow connection
lips: nars bolereo (review here)

I really do love this pearl collar way more than I thought I would. Its so versatile and the perfect piece to make a outfit more "dressy" without being too much. Im sure I've worn this dress on the blog a few times, but due to lack of money at the moment Im trying to re-wear as much as I can. I bought it in the sale from Topshop a few seasons ago and it was just perfect! Thankfully it survived The Great White Dress Massacare of Summer 2011 in which 6 of my favourite white dresses (including this one! RIP) got turned bright pink after a stray scarf was left in the washing machine.

I decided to start the 30 day shred last night and its already starting to hurt. Im not particularly unfit (well not as unfit as I thought I was!) but oh my god the weights. I have such weakling arms I'd never make it was a professional wrestler!

Monday, March 26, 2012

master of puppets

top: vintage (you can get them on ebay)
skirt: primark
rings: jwlry, market stall, forever 21
watch: swatch
necklace: asos*
shoes: H&M
nails: beauty uk white* and opi rainbow connection

Today has gone way too quickly for my liking! I have literally just sat down at my computer and seen it's 7pm. Absolutely crazy! The clocks changing really does mess with my head and my daily goings on! Although it is lovely having more daylight and not having to walk home in the dark come 5pm! Cant wait to start spending my evenings in the beer gardens!

A sort of summery outfit today to match the weather, I wore something similar on Saturday shopping but decided to wear my Metallica tshirt instead of  a studded black body. Had a bit of grief about saying my t-shirt was vintage even though I'm sure Master of Puppets came out way before I was born so its vintage enough for me! I bought it from a local vintage shop when I was living back at home but you can buy rawk~ tee's off ebay for about a tenner most of the time! I simply snipped the sleeves off and its now my perfect summer tee, Primark Men's tee's are good for cutting the sleeves off too for a sorta grungy look. Plus they are cheap so doesn't break the bank! I wore my new dipped hem skirt from Primark too, Which Im absolutely in love with. Im forever drawn to grey marl, but the dipped back gives it a cool floaty, sporty feeling it has. Im really loving the dipped hem look at the moment I might even get the black one when I have some more money! I didn't think it suited me initially but it's definitely a grower!

PS. Excuse my dodgy leg colour, my bed always casts a blue shadow on my legs! Trust me they were suitably orange ;)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

sunday portrait week 117

001. Lovely summery Sunday, Especially now the clocks have changed and we have a bit more time to enjoy! We went out last night in Clapham, which was amazing and terrible in equal parts (if you've been to Infernos you'd know what I mean!). Surprisingly I've not felt too terrible so I actually got to enjoy my Sunday rather than sitting in the dark! I actually wore my hair up last night when I went out, and I never ever wear it up in public. But I actually quite liked it in the end! Tonight I'm having a chill night in with a Dominos and some films!

002. Currently craving a summer update to my wardrobe. I left most of my summer clothes at home when I moved to London so I've hardly got any weather appropriate clothing at the moment! I know Im doing the typical british thing of as soon as the sun comes out the winter wardrobe has been chucked out in favour of summer dresses and gladiator sandals! After my initial dismissal of colourful clothing this s/s, I've started to warm to colour again. Especially pinks and mint green! I need this dress from Topshop in my life!

003. Finally started reading John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, Its been on my Kindle for ages and I thought I'd start reading it this week! I've given up on the other book I was reading (A Feast of Crows, George R.R. Martin) as it was a bit slow. I'll probably pick it up again once the new series of Game of Thrones starts and I'm a bit more inspired.

004. This week I'm looking forward to some events on Thursday, Especially the Motel one! They always put on a lovely event! Im going home at the weekend to watch Wrestlemania with my brother! Not sure about staying at home for the rest of that week as well so I don't need to go back again for Easter! Other than that my life is same old same old! A lot of people think my life is really interesting but its fairly average I think! I just tend to share the interesting stuff, rather than "hey this is me sitting on the sofa watching Beyonce world tour!"

005. Its still free worldwide shipping on all JLWRY orders!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

week in photos

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Friday, March 23, 2012

the last time

dress: river island
jacket: own the runway*
bracelet: black tied*
shoes: office
bag: ebay
nails: maybelline forever strong in ceramic blue*

My new bag arrived this morning and I just had to post about it! I finally got my hands on a look-a-likey of that Zara shopper that I'd been umming and aaahing over for a while. I considered buying the one from Zara but I could never find it in store, and when I could I could only find the brown one. I purchased mine off good ol' ebay for about £15 and it took a few weeks to come. I actually bought it when there was a free £5 voucher going round for things off ebay so it was only £10 in all. All in all I'm very happy my new bag, despite being a bit of a bag snob (I generally only like leather handbags!), it's a good size and actually surprisingly nice quality! I still have my eye on one of the Celine smile tote bags, but Im glad I picked this one over it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

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dress: asos*
necklace: asos*
rings: jwlry, H&M and love hearts and crosses*
shoes: office
watch: swatch
bracelet: black tied*

If I ever went to afternoon tea with the Queen I think this is what I would wear, It's a little bit Breakfast at Tiffnays too which I quite like! But Im not so sure I'll be going to meet the Queen soon (Hit me up Liz if you're reading!) So Im wearing this to the Collection (formerly Collection 2000) 25th Birthday Party! Should a good time. Im then going for food with my flatmate, who's making her beauty event debut, She's nervous bless her! The weather is absolutely beautiful today, It's such a pretty sunny day with a hint of a chill in the air which is my favourite type of weather. Was tempted to go tight-less but decided it was probably best to keep them covered up for a few months longer!

Ever since I got that Topshop Boutique Silk Dress I've been pining over something in the same style but doesn't cost as quite much. Im also a little worried about wearing the Topshop one as its silk and I panic every time I sip a drink incase it splashes all over me! I saw this on the Asos website and thought it would fit the bill. Its big, oversized and floaty with capped sleeves. Im not a big fan of capped sleeves, I think they look a little odd. But beggars can't be choosers. I didn't pay for it hence the * as I used my last voucher of the Asos future stylist competition, which sadly I didn't get through. Although on reflection posting about the third round had slipped my mind so it was my own fault I suppose! I also picked this Asos collar as I thought it would go really well with loads of things and its great for layering. It's not the kind of thing I'd pay for myself as I think £20 for a glorified necklace is a bit much, but Im glad I decided to go with it as I can see myself wearing it alot|!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

this and that

dress: primark
coatigan: river island
scarf: river island
necklace: ebay
bracelet: black tied*
nails: nails inc porchester square*

I wore the Primark version in white and black stripes of THAT Topshop dress everyone wanted but wasn't as silly as me by paying £25 for. I think it was either £8 or £10 this one and its current stock too. The other stuff Im wearing is all old stuff I've had for ages so I don't think its still in store unfortunately. Apart from the rings which are new acquisitions!  I love the long pointed ring I got from ASOS a few weeks ago, Its a touch to big for me though which makes me sad!

I really don't have much to say today unfortunately! I've had a good day though I've just chilled (and shopped of course) with my Mother and now Im just curled up in my new Primark Doughnut PJ's with a tea and some biscuits. Last night I took her to Jamies Italian which I enjoyed but not sure about her! She did say she liked it though! I bought a few new bits and bobs today: some stuff to review for ETCLLYMLRS as well as some essentials from Primark (tights!) and new skincare.

For the record I don't photoshop my photos (as in air brush them, all I do is brighten them or remove background objects), but I've had have a quite bad breakout for the past few weeks on my chin and right hand side of my face and its started to get me down. I have been trying to be sly in photos about it by posing away from the camera!  I can't seem pin point whats making my skin hate me so much so I decided to buy a whole new skincare routine from Origins, so we shall see how that goes. I've washed all my brushes and gone back to my foundation that I know doesn't break me out. But blah. Sorry for the skincare ramble but when my skins bad it gets me down ):
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