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Monday, February 27, 2012

top: primark
leggings: ebay
necklace: topshop
watch: swatch
shoes: asos*
coat: river island
bracelet: black tied*
nails: 17 woo me

I've always wanted some of the infamous Motel Black and White Jordan jeans, However there is something about jeans just don't sit well with me. I think I just dont like denim, I prefer things that are a little softer to wear than denim. However I saw these leggings on ebay and decided to go ahead and order them! I'm pleased with them, as far as statement leggings go these are about as far as I'd push myself. I absolutely despite the baroque print ones that are ~all the rage~ at the moment! But these are pretty cool. I think with a simple black top they didn't look too much, and I particularly like the way they look with my flatforms! I'm also a big fan of my black tied cross bracelet and my beloved swatch watch at the moment. I go through phases of not wearing a watch and then wearing one, the ticking drives me a little bit mad!

Today has been a bit of a write off as I wasn't able to do half the things I'd planned to do. Mainly because after I'd got ready and did myphotos I settled down and started reading blogs, and then one hour quickly turned into two! I did manage to plough through my emails and reply to the questions I know the answers to! I really need to go into central London to take stuff back as I probably have a few hundred pounds of clothes squirrelled away in my bedroom that I need to take back. I keep looking at my bank balance and telling myself to get myself to the shops to return them!

MAC Viva Glam Nicki

mac viva glam nicki swatch review photomac viva glam nicki swatch review photomac viva glam nicki swatch review photomac viva glam nicki swatch review photomac viva glam nicki swatch review photomac viva glam nicki swatch review photomac viva glam nicki swatch review photo
 MAC Viva Glam Nicki: mac cosmetics (£13.50) 

Im sure you'll be hearing alot about this over the next few weeks as its literally just been on pre-sale in the UK. But I've been waiting patiently for the release of MAC Viva Glam Nicki from the moment I read the press release about the collaboration on Temptalia. It came this morning and I literally swiped it on my lips as soon as I opened the box, From the initial shade description sounded too perfect to be true, and boy was I happy when it came. MAC Viva Glam Nicki is a bright mid toned pink with a yellow undertone. The yellow undertone means it does look more coral toned than your average bright pink lipstick. It's nice to see a pink thats not blue toned, Having warm toned skin I find it hard to find suitable pink lipsticks that flatter me. The finish is satin, although unlike alot of MAC satin lipsticks I found this to be much creamier than most, still full coverage in one swipe just not as semi-matte as I'd have hoped! As with all MAC Viva Glam lipsticks 100% of the proceeds (that's every penny from the sale) goes towards the MAC Aids fund. Its so refreshing to see a company give all of the money to charity from sales of a product rather than just a percentage. I'm going to be buying another tube of this as I know I'll be wearing it alot, plus its the same as donating to a charity and getting more than just a lipstick in return!
To my knowledge I don't think its actually on general sale yet, I bought mine during the presale using a code someone generously sent me!

sunday portait week 113

Sunday, February 26, 2012

001. Back home! London home that is! So nice to be back with the girls after some days at my Mums! I loved being at home but it was so nice to get back to my own place! First thing I did was raid my cupboards! I went for a long lazy Sunday walk with my flatmate up to Clapham Common and then we had a ice cream in the sun! Such a lovely day and its making me so excited for summer to come around again! Was the perfect cold but sunny day!

002. Got alot of events and stuff happening this week which I'm so excited about! Have to sort my diary out as there is so much coming up this week. Got a exciting event for Glossy Box, as well as the Company Blog Awards coming up. I also have a really exciting project coming up which, as much as I wanna shout all about it, I cant until its been actually confirmed! But its ridiculously exciting as I've got everything crossed it doesn't fall though!

003. Tempted to stay up and watch the Oscars, I'm a sucker for a red carpet pre show, and having a good look at all the outfits. Living vicariously through celebs is my favourite thing in the world. I'm shattered though and I highly doubt I'll be able to stay up much later after I've posted this!

004. Remember you can still enter my two giveaway's running at the moment one for a £100 boohoo voucher and the other for a £25 ASOS voucher!

week in photos

Saturday, February 25, 2012

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alphabet soup

Friday, February 24, 2012

dress: asos
jacket: primark (really really really old!)
sunglasses: primark
hat: new look
bracelet: black tied*
shoes: asos

I bought this dress in a Fashion Week induced panic last week, but decided to keep the dress even though I decided not to wear it! The shape is so flattering and feels really lovely quality! Its a bit too summer-y for the unpredictable weather at the moment so I'm going to save it to wear in a few months. I cant wait to wear it with brogues and no tights! I'd probably pair it with the leather jacket still for the whole girly/tough look that I like to do! The alphabet print is really fun and different, I particularly like the shirt version of the print, which may have to enter my wardrobe sooner rather than later!

Also I thought I'd mention that I wear Primark 20 denier tights most of the time. So when I'm wearing sheer tights its probably going to be them. I buy them as they are cheap and cheerful, they don't really last too long though. I generally get a few washes out of them before throwing them away. However they are 5 for £2 (or something like that!) so I don't mind too much about them being a disposable! When I wear more opaque ones I tend to wear the Primark Super Cosy tights or the 200 denier ones. Where does everyone gets theirs from?

Today I spent most of the day with my family and photographing stuff for ETCLLYMLRS. I went on a little Boots spree and I couldn't wait to get using them! I'm going back to London tomorrow and then I'm going out in the evening. Really looking forward to getting back to London!

mua lip balm in great lips and hot lips

mua lip balm love hearts hot lips great lips swatch photo reviewmua lip balm love hearts hot lips great lips swatch photo reviewmua lip balm love hearts hot lips great lips swatch photo reviewmua lip balm love hearts hot lips great lips swatch photo review
mua lip balm in great lips(nude) and hot lips(pink): superdrug (£2)* 
(will add lip swatches when i get home!)

Another product from the MUA and Love Hearts range, this time the Im reviewing the MUA Lip Balms. I have two shades, Great Lips and Hot Lips. Great Lips is a peachy toned, almost nude shade. However on my (pigmented) lips it doesnt give any colour. It would probably work well over a nude lipstick for a glossy finish but gives very poor colour on darker lips. Hot Lips is a blue toned mid to dark pinky-red, It probably leans more pink in the pan. On my lips its a juicy dark pink, but like I mentioned before my lips are quite pigmented so the colour may differ depending on your natural lip shade. Its not a colour I would go for as its a bit dark but it is very flattering and gives a lovely juicy pout.

The packaging is nice, its cutesy and fits MUA's target audience (I'm guessing younger girls, 12-17 mainly because of the price point). Personally I don't like lip balms in a dippy pot like this, I don't like putting my finger in products as its unhygienic. You could use a lip brush though if your as fussy as me! However that is not much of a issue though if you aren't as picky as me! My only major issu is that they have a very synthetic vanilla smell to them. I'm really funny about the way a product smells and tastes on the lips.

Overall the MUA Love Heart Lip Balms are OK. They obviously aren't intended to be something that is super pigmented and for the price I think its acceptable for them not to be opaque. A pretty average lip balm but the packaging is cute, but not something I'd choose. The formula is sheer, but build-able, It feels very smooth and non sticky. They wear around a hour or so before needing reapplication.I think they would be best used over a lipstick as a gloss, but without something underneath its barely noticeable. They are pretty fun though and some of the other shades in the range like Sweet Kiss and Sugar Lips look very pretty in the pan, but I highly doubt they'd be pigmented either.

giveaway & asos future stylist 2

Thursday, February 23, 2012

all asos*

I cant remember if I mentioned it or not but I got into Round 2 of ASOS Future Stylist! And you can now vote for my second look at this link! The theme for this round was "clash of the prints", Being someone who's a little nervous when it comes to print I was a bit worried about how my final look would come out! I kept it monochrome, but tried out some clashing prints, panther, stripes and polka dot. I'm really happy this look after not being so keen on my initial one!

I'm really enjoying stepping out of my usual comfort zone doing these ASOS challenges, I know my own style and what I like to wear. I've probably fallen into a unintentional style rut, so it's always nice to try things and see what does and doesn't work for you! I cant believe I even tried a pencil skirt as they are not "me" at all! I'm a bit middle heavy so tend to keep away from anything tummy heavy, however I found it very flattering actually! I think the mix of prints here work really well and its a fun twist on clashing prints without being in your face with too many colours!

Sorry that my blog is so give away heavy at the moment! A few seem to have come up all at once and I don't want you guys to miss out! But I have another £25 voucher for ASOS to give away during Round two, The winner of my Round One giveaway was Sarah, Congratulations!
- The Giveaway ends on Midnight 1st March (GMT)
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be ONE winner for this round!
- The prize is one £25 Asos Voucher.
- Winner will be chosen using from the comments
- You must "Like" Asos on Facebook and vote for me (if you want to)
this link
- Make sure you leave a comment below saying you've voted!
- Leave your email or blog link so I can get in contact with you!

Tresemme Heat Defence Serum

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tresemme Heat Defence Serum photos review testedTresemme Heat Defence Serum photos review tested blogpostTresemme Heat Defence Serum photos review tested blogspot
Tresemme Heat Defence Serum: (£4.38)* 

Personally, I've never seen the importance of using a heat protector, I'm one of those people that tends to just dry and style their hair using heat and not think about the damage. I actually rarely use any styling products on my hair apart from Morrocan Oil and a tiny bit of hair spray. I always feel like too many products weigh down my long and fine hair and can leave it looking flat and greasy. However Recently I've been much more open to trying out haircare products,and been surprised at the incredible difference in my hair since updating my "hair care routine".

Tresemme Heat Defence Serum claims to protect hair up to 230C, smooth and fight frizz, help damaged hair from previous heat styling as well as seal in shine. I use a Babyliss Conical Wand on 220C (the highest heat) normally to style my hair so this product is perfect for it. Last week I had a massive hair disaster with my hair dryer which resulted in my hair looking like a dry, frizzy, unmanageable mess. I've noticed if I dont dry my hair properly using a hair dryer attachment and a rounded brush it looks terrible. So to try and counteract this, I dampened it a bit and added a few pumps of the Tresemme Heat Defence Serum and then blow dried it straight using a round brush. The Heat Defence Serum smoothed out all my flyaways and ends, and left my hair looked so soft and shiny without weighed down. I've never used a heat protectant or a hair serum before so I dont have the prior knowledge to compare this to another product. However I've really enjoyed using it and probably will keep this in my hair routine for the time being. Its not done anything bad to my hair so far! I tend to apply this to the ends and mid lengths of my hair while its wet before I dry it. I have also tried using it as a serum to add shine after I've styled it, which worked well at keeping my hair sleek.
Tresemme Heat Defence is £4.38 and you can purchase it from Boots, Superdrug and all major Supermarkets

giveaway- £100 boohoo vouchers

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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shirt: asos*
jacket: boohoo
necklace: river island
rings: jwlry
skirt: primark
bracelet: black tied*
boots: topshop allegeras (cheap dupes here)

Change of plan and I'm currently back home at my Mums house! Kinda nice to be home but also a bit huffy about not being in London! Never fear I do have some outfit posts for the next few days. Nothing like forward planning (or getting up earlier to do a few!)! I just hate not posting! Today I wore this outfit before deciding to drop the skirt and boots and do flats and leggings to travel! I love this Boohoo coat and I wear it all the time, Its oversized and boyish without being too masculine! I always get asked about it and its quite thin- definitely not cold weather wear but its going to be perfect for s/s transitioning! My Asos Panther printed shirt is my favourite thing ever at the moment, It can be worn in so many different ways but always look great! I just wish the sleeves were a little smaller! Also following the current blogger trend of putting a banded necklace under a collared shirt! I think it looks so good!

Boohoo have kindly offered a £100 voucher for a reader, all you have to do is comment this page to be in with a chance of winning it! Let me know which item currently in stock you'd buy if you won the voucher! I'd probably pick this bag, this dress and this shirt! You can also be in with a chance of winning my LFW Boohoo Picks by commenting on this Facebook Status, or reblogging on Tumblr!
-  The giveaway ends on Midnight 11th March (GMT)
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PS. ARGH That annoying piece of hair!
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