Monday, February 27, 2012

into oblivion

top: primark
leggings: ebay
necklace: topshop
watch: swatch
shoes: asos*
coat: river island
bracelet: black tied*
nails: 17 woo me

I've always wanted some of the infamous Motel Black and White Jordan jeans, However there is something about jeans just don't sit well with me. I think I just dont like denim, I prefer things that are a little softer to wear than denim. However I saw these leggings on ebay and decided to go ahead and order them! I'm pleased with them, as far as statement leggings go these are about as far as I'd push myself. I absolutely despite the baroque print ones that are ~all the rage~ at the moment! But these are pretty cool. I think with a simple black top they didn't look too much, and I particularly like the way they look with my flatforms! I'm also a big fan of my black tied cross bracelet and my beloved swatch watch at the moment. I go through phases of not wearing a watch and then wearing one, the ticking drives me a little bit mad!

Today has been a bit of a write off as I wasn't able to do half the things I'd planned to do. Mainly because after I'd got ready and did myphotos I settled down and started reading blogs, and then one hour quickly turned into two! I did manage to plough through my emails and reply to the questions I know the answers to! I really need to go into central London to take stuff back as I probably have a few hundred pounds of clothes squirrelled away in my bedroom that I need to take back. I keep looking at my bank balance and telling myself to get myself to the shops to return them!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday portait week 113

001. Back home! London home that is! So nice to be back with the girls after some days at my Mums! I loved being at home but it was so nice to get back to my own place! First thing I did was raid my cupboards! I went for a long lazy Sunday walk with my flatmate up to Clapham Common and then we had a ice cream in the sun! Such a lovely day and its making me so excited for summer to come around again! Was the perfect cold but sunny day!

002. Got alot of events and stuff happening this week which I'm so excited about! Have to sort my diary out as there is so much coming up this week. Got a exciting event for Glossy Box, as well as the Company Blog Awards coming up. I also have a really exciting project coming up which, as much as I wanna shout all about it, I cant until its been actually confirmed! But its ridiculously exciting as I've got everything crossed it doesn't fall though!

003. Tempted to stay up and watch the Oscars, I'm a sucker for a red carpet pre show, and having a good look at all the outfits. Living vicariously through celebs is my favourite thing in the world. I'm shattered though and I highly doubt I'll be able to stay up much later after I've posted this!

004. Remember you can still enter my two giveaway's running at the moment one for a £100 boohoo voucher and the other for a £25 ASOS voucher!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

week in photos

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Ugg Trolling, My new Will and Kate Oyster! Texts from my 3 year old brother, Forever 21, My new phone case from Jolie Petite, Topshop's ridiculous pricing, Roses from Glossy Box (only a month late!) Valentines dates with my house mate, Pizza Express Starters, My favourite Dress, Happy Hour, Fashion Week Prep, LA Colours nail polish, Glossy Box February Box, Top knot, Outfit Trolling, Partying, Chicken Tikka Subway, MAC Cream Cup, MAC Twitter Giveaway, Garlic Bread Pizza! Blogging on the train home, Trying new products, My old bedroom, Primark False Nails, Mourning the loss of MAC Amber Lights (my favourite eyeshadow!) What I wore one day, My Mums Birthday, Finally getting the H&M dress of my dreams, St Moritz fake tan, Hooker Heels, Boots Spree & Flat shoes!

Friday, February 24, 2012

alphabet soup

dress: asos
jacket: primark (really really really old!)
sunglasses: primark
hat: new look
bracelet: black tied*
shoes: asos

I bought this dress in a Fashion Week induced panic last week, but decided to keep the dress even though I decided not to wear it! The shape is so flattering and feels really lovely quality! Its a bit too summer-y for the unpredictable weather at the moment so I'm going to save it to wear in a few months. I cant wait to wear it with brogues and no tights! I'd probably pair it with the leather jacket still for the whole girly/tough look that I like to do! The alphabet print is really fun and different, I particularly like the shirt version of the print, which may have to enter my wardrobe sooner rather than later!

Also I thought I'd mention that I wear Primark 20 denier tights most of the time. So when I'm wearing sheer tights its probably going to be them. I buy them as they are cheap and cheerful, they don't really last too long though. I generally get a few washes out of them before throwing them away. However they are 5 for £2 (or something like that!) so I don't mind too much about them being a disposable! When I wear more opaque ones I tend to wear the Primark Super Cosy tights or the 200 denier ones. Where does everyone gets theirs from?

Today I spent most of the day with my family and photographing stuff for ETCLLYMLRS. I went on a little Boots spree and I couldn't wait to get using them! I'm going back to London tomorrow and then I'm going out in the evening. Really looking forward to getting back to London!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

giveaway & asos future stylist 2

all asos*

I cant remember if I mentioned it or not but I got into Round 2 of ASOS Future Stylist! And you can now vote for my second look at this link! The theme for this round was "clash of the prints", Being someone who's a little nervous when it comes to print I was a bit worried about how my final look would come out! I kept it monochrome, but tried out some clashing prints, panther, stripes and polka dot. I'm really happy this look after not being so keen on my initial one!

I'm really enjoying stepping out of my usual comfort zone doing these ASOS challenges, I know my own style and what I like to wear. I've probably fallen into a unintentional style rut, so it's always nice to try things and see what does and doesn't work for you! I cant believe I even tried a pencil skirt as they are not "me" at all! I'm a bit middle heavy so tend to keep away from anything tummy heavy, however I found it very flattering actually! I think the mix of prints here work really well and its a fun twist on clashing prints without being in your face with too many colours!

Sorry that my blog is so give away heavy at the moment! A few seem to have come up all at once and I don't want you guys to miss out! But I have another £25 voucher for ASOS to give away during Round two, The winner of my Round One giveaway was Sarah, Congratulations!
- The Giveaway ends on Midnight 1st March (GMT)
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be ONE winner for this round!
- The prize is one £25 Asos Voucher.
- Winner will be chosen using from the comments
- You must "Like" Asos on Facebook and vote for me (if you want to)
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- Make sure you leave a comment below saying you've voted!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

giveaway- £100 boohoo vouchers

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shirt: asos*
jacket: boohoo
necklace: river island
rings: jwlry
skirt: primark
bracelet: black tied*
boots: topshop allegeras (cheap dupes here)

Change of plan and I'm currently back home at my Mums house! Kinda nice to be home but also a bit huffy about not being in London! Never fear I do have some outfit posts for the next few days. Nothing like forward planning (or getting up earlier to do a few!)! I just hate not posting! Today I wore this outfit before deciding to drop the skirt and boots and do flats and leggings to travel! I love this Boohoo coat and I wear it all the time, Its oversized and boyish without being too masculine! I always get asked about it and its quite thin- definitely not cold weather wear but its going to be perfect for s/s transitioning! My Asos Panther printed shirt is my favourite thing ever at the moment, It can be worn in so many different ways but always look great! I just wish the sleeves were a little smaller! Also following the current blogger trend of putting a banded necklace under a collared shirt! I think it looks so good!

Boohoo have kindly offered a £100 voucher for a reader, all you have to do is comment this page to be in with a chance of winning it! Let me know which item currently in stock you'd buy if you won the voucher! I'd probably pick this bag, this dress and this shirt! You can also be in with a chance of winning my LFW Boohoo Picks by commenting on this Facebook Status, or reblogging on Tumblr!
-  The giveaway ends on Midnight 11th March (GMT)
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PS. ARGH That annoying piece of hair!

Monday, February 20, 2012

lfw 2012 outfit day two

what i wore lfw london fashion week
blogpost lfw london fashion week
ootd lfw london fashion week
uk fashion blogger lfw london fashion week
dress: asos
coat: new look
shoes: office
necklace: asos*
sunglasses: girlprops
bag: topshop
nails: models own uptopia* and opi rainbow connection 

This is what I wore on Saturday to London Fashion Week. I picked up the coat for a measly £8 during the January sales at New Look (reduced from £59.99!) with the full intention of it being a LFW coat! The dress is from Asos and looks kinda ridiculous/hideous/amazing but I loved it. My glasses are from GirlProps about 2 years ago, but I've seen them on eBay too. And for shoes I went with the usual, Office Flatforms. I just did my hair in a messy beehive which was made messier thanks to the epic winds on Saturday, it actually got actually got filmed for Channel 4 or something! God knows where that footage might end up! I always wonder where street style pictures end up after fashion week because not everyone is keen to tell you!

I updated ETCLLYMLRS with a recap of all my LFW photos from Instagram, and tonight Im going through the ones I took on my proper camera. But normal outfit blogging will resume tomorrow, I really wish I could do outside/"proper" blogging photos but I dont have anyone to take photos for me! Have been thinking about hiring someone to do them for me, but then its awkward and it would make it SO much harder to post everyday!

PS. The reason I wear sunglasses at LFW is because for some reason I get really bad eyes around Fashion Week, I always end up a completely drippy mess! I'm not being a DIVA *snap*, I just look like I've been crying my eyes out if I dont! And no I don't wear them during the shows! I'm not Anna Wintour (yet)!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

sunday portrait week 112

will do my outfit for day two of fashion week tomorrow!

001. Currently doing my usual Sunday thing by slobbing around the flat and not doing anything of note. I even wore jeans today for the first time in years! Apologises for the laziness as I couldn't be bothered with putting make up on just to blog! Me and my flatmates went to Pizza Express tonight, which was so yum, could 100% eat it again right now!

002. What a week! Forever 21 was amazing and London Fashion Week has been really good! I have show invites for the next two days but I don't know what my plans are yet. I'm shattered, and going out last night probably didn't help. I'll do some proper posts next week on the two things, but its all been so busy and one thing after another I can hardly remember what I did at the beginning of the week! Thank god I keep a blog recording things I do as I'd completely forget!

003. Going home to see my Mum on Wednesday or Thursday! First time since I moved to London and I'm really looking forward to seeing my baby brothers! I sort of don't want to go but do at the same time! Going to be so weird getting off the train back to the fresh country air!

004. Its Pancake day on Tuesday! My pancake of choice is ice cream and nutella! I do love a classic lemon and sugar one though! Im a expert pancake flipper too, so I like to show off my skillz. I love pancakes but never seem to have them any other time apart from Pancake Day!

Friday, February 17, 2012

LFW 2012 Day One

dress: topshop boutique
coat: topshop
clutch: monki
watch: swatch
bracelet: black tied*
sunglasses: ebay

OH HAI REAL BLOGGER. This was what I wore to day one of London Fashion Week. I'm wearing a Topshop silk dress with a dipped back that I paid way too much for. My justification was that it is silk and very wearable! Oh well! Today was good but Im ridiculously tired. Met some lovely people and saw some amazing shows. I wish I could do them justice with photographing them but I have no idea! I had to re-write this post as the original made no sense at all! Full day of shows tomorrow hopefully as going out with my house mates in the evening! Hopefully I'll update again tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


coatigan: river island
playsuit: motel* (worn as top)
skirt: primark
bag: louis vuitton speedy 35
scarf: primark
rings: jwlry, H&M and love hearts and crosses*
nails: MUA U ROK (see review here)

I shot two outfits today as I'm busy at Forever 21 all day tomorrow, But neither came out how I wanted unfortunately so had to be cut down to snippet posts! Today I wore this playsuit from Motel but its a little bit too short and dressy to wear during the day so layered it with my leather skirt. I'd probably wear it as a playsuit on a night out though, ie. when I have a wine jacket on! My beloved Coatigan has gone really bobbly which makes me really sad, its supposed to be textured but its starting to look a little ratty! I think this is also the first time I've posed with my Louis Vuitton on this blog! I don't really ever pose with bags but I just liked how the red playsuit looked paired with the brown of my Louis. I am a total LV girl and I know they aren't to every ones taste but I really love mine!

I've been panic buying for LFW today, Topshop decided it didn't want my money and wouldn't accept my new debit card. So I'm going to have to run around their tomorrow night in the hope they have the things I want in stock! Managed to place orders with ASOS, Missguided and New Look though so I'm hoping at least a few items are suitable. I dont really like anything in the shops and I've been on a massive spending ban since I had to fork out for my new phone so I'm naughtily using LFW as a excuse to spend! I always tend to order loads when I on-line shop and then end up keeping one or two items!

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