Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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coatigan: river island
shoes: H&M
leggings: new look
necklace: river island*
rings: jwlry and forever 21
nails: models own utopia and opi rainbow connection

I got this lovely monochrome abstract tunicy-dress from the Very.co.uk Bloggers Event that I attended earlier on in the week. I didn't originally pick this, I chose a Daniel Sandler Blush and some Loafers but had to do swapsies when I got there after seeing this in person! Its one of those things that are so easy to wear and simple but look really good.  I don't really think about shopping at Very, but after doing some exploring trying to find the link for this dress I'm actually pleasantly surprised. They have a pretty good range of stuff! I pulled out my old favourite flatforms (my Office ones have taken over that place in my heart!) and forgot how ridiuclously comfy these ones are. Kinda in love with this nail combination at the moment, I love how OPI Rainbow Connection (dupe is Technic Carnival if you can find it!) looks against the greyish purple of Models Own Utopia. Reminds me of cupcakes!

Had a sleepover with Kate and Emma last night after going to Zoe's ZOMG lipstick launch. So lovely seeing your friends do exciting things! Was really well attended event and so nice to see people! I was left alone in Selfridges for far too long and I ended up buying something ridiculously naughty! I'll show it on here or Twitter in a few days! Its absolutely gorgeous though!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

sunday portrait week 109

001. Thanks for all the compliments on yesterdays playsuit! I'm so happy with it and really loved wearing it out! Last night was really fun, Going out in London is SO expensive but was such a hilarious night! Spent today slobbing around my flat, and went on another sneaky Nandos trip for lunch. Think that Nandos on a Sunday is my new Sunday Roast. Although I could murder a roast right now! One thing I really miss about being home is not having a home cooked roast on the table on a Sunday courtesy of Mmmymlrs!!

002. Big week of events and stuff planned! Really excited about Zoe's lipstick launch (and looking forward to seeing some of my favourites again!), Afternoon tea on Wednesday with Next and a few press days towards the end of the week! Its then IMATS at the weekend too which is going to be epic by the sounds of it. I really want some Makeup Forever and Crown Brushes! Hoping to go early and then go out for a few drinks and lunch! Victoria is coming to stay at mine for the weekend too which is fun! Been too long since I last saw her!

003. You can still vote for me in ASOS Future Stylist and I'm currently trying to style my second look! Fingers crossed I get through to round 2! I'm also up for a Company Style Blogger Award. I'm nominated for "Best Blog For High Street Lovers", which I think is the perfect title for my blog. You can vote for me here if you like! Speaking of Company Magazine, I absolutely adore their re-branding! Its so cute and quirky, and seems to fit their image of being a very street style/highstreet focused magazine.

004. My aim for next week is to blog a bit more. I'm SO lazy at the moment, to the point where I've not even got dressed properly some days! I haven't really had time to try new stuff for ETCLLYMLRS, but I've got so many post ideas for it I just need to sit down and get on with it! I need to catch up with the events I went to this week and post about them too! I think I've also not been buying stuff as January has been such an expensive month (moving and having to buy a new phone!) so I dont have anything new to show you guys!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

feather print

playsuit: motel*

Quick post today as I just wanted to show you what I wear out. I'm occasionally asked to do more going out outfits rather than just the everyday style stuff. However I normally just wear the same stuff as I would during the day just without tights/leggings and with heels rather than boots. I am going out tonight for my flatmates birthday and I think I'm going to wear this playsuit that Motel sent me. I was really draw to the shape and the fact it has a really cute cut out back. I tend to get my legs out when I go out rather than my chest/arms and I always try and keep the tops of my arms covered. I was quickly drawn to the unusual print and the shape of this playsuit, Its almost like its two separates which gives it a quirky two piece feel to it. These photos dont really do it justice! This playsuit is a size 10, and its not tight on my rounded hips/legs, but its not baggy like the stick legs of the Motel model, So if you wanted it baggier on the legs I'd reccomend sizing up! Im also just wearing these new look heels and my fur coat a splattering of rings and I think I'm going to do Nails Inc Porchester Place on my nails! Im also wearing St Tropez Mouse fake tan, first time I've tried it and Im impressed!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

our smallest adventures

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dress: topshop (<a href=
dress: topshop (cheaper ebay versions available!)
jumper: topshop
necklace: asos*
rings: jwlry and H&M
shoes: office (see this post)
nails: aa nails poppy red* barry m strawberry ice cream* and wah x models own nail pen*

Had a overwhelming urge today to wear full black this morning, but then I didn't want to be too ~dark, so I went for my velvet glitter skater that everyone and their mum has (cheaper & nicer versions via ebay, but I cant currently find any, but trust me you can get them way cheaper than what I paid for mine a few months ago!) with my diamanté Topshop jumper I've owned for yonks. This jumper used to really smell of rust for reasons unbeknown to me, but the odour has now thankfully gone! No idea why it was like that, but least I can actually wear it now without gagging! Also wore my hair in a messy beehive-ish thing today. Its my sort of my go to hair style at the moment because its easy and takes 5 mins. I love the Brigitte Bardot look, its so effortless and cool. I think I'm going to finally brave a trim soon as my hairs just getting a bit too long to manage. I cant imagine not having long hair but a few inches arent going to ruin it!

Going to a Very.co.uk event tomorrow and then I have a really exciting photoshoot thing with Forever 21 after. Fingers crossed the shoot goes well as Im doing something really exciting with them in the next few weeks! Cant wait to share it all with you! I'll be posting stuff on my Instagram (my username is llymlrs) throughout the events and I think I'll start doing the cliché  (but always my fave) weekly photo round ups on ETCLLYMLRS again now that I can be more out and about! Really excited about life at the moment!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

laid back

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dress: topshop
jacket: primark
scarf: river island
necklace: asos*
hat: H&M
shoes: topshop
rings: market stall, jwlry, love hearts and crosses*
nails: aa nails poppy red*, barry m strawberry ice cream* and wah x models own nailpen*

This is what I wore on Monday to go see Kate. I feel like I really should get back into the swing of posting what I wear on the actual day I wear something. Just been a bit all over the place in the last two weeks with pre shooting outfits! I hardly ever wear my Allegeras any more, I think because they got so popular I decided I didn't like them. Such a hipster. The dress is the Petite version of the grey marl midi dress that Topshop has at the moment but that just drowns me. I have so much love for grey marl jersey! It just has a lovely slouchy off duty feel to it which I love. The necklace was something I picked through ASOS Future Stylist as I had my eye on it for ages!

Im off to a Viktor & Rolf product launch for their new Spicebomb fragrance tonight, which is actually a male fragrance but I LOVE male smells. My favourite Man smell is Versace Blue Jeans, which I used to force all my ex boyfriends wear. I smelt it on the tube (makes change from B.O.!) the other day and was sitting there sniffing this man! Haha. The oyster holder is from this ebay seller, and I just cant get enough of it so I just had to include it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

giveaway & asos future stylist

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llymlrs outfit blogger
top: asos*
skirt: american apparel via asos*
glasses: asos*
shoes: asos*
nails: american apparel l'spirit via asos*

I was asked to be part of the ASOS Future Stylist competition on Saturday after a last minute drop out, Bearing in mind I was in London two days then moved house on Friday so I had really little time to think about it. I panic ordered tons of stuff but only had a £150 budget! I always try not to get involved in blogger competitions as it then makes me realise what a smallfish I am when it comes to srs fashion blogging! But its ASOS, and totally one of those brands I'd love to get involved with! But anyway it would mean alot for me if you could vote for me. You have to go to the ASOS Future stylist app and then vote for me within the app. By voting you also get entered into a competition where you can win £200 vouchers!

The theme for the first challenge was "candy denim", not jeans as someone on Facebook (un)kindly pointed out! I don't do denim or pastels so it was a bit of a challenge for me at first. I went with double denim ensamble in my safe colours, pink and black! The shirt has a lovely thick denim quality and the pussy bow makes it feel surprisingly girly for a denim shirt. Also picked these amazing oversized round sunglasses, They are just so quirky and striking I couldn't resist! You can see the full length shot on my voting page!

Nothing like a bit of casual bribery but ASOS have kindly offered me a £25 voucher for my readers who do vote for me! See the entry requirements and details below! The winner will be picked at random using a number generator! You dont particularly have to vote for me, there are alot of amazing bloggers in the competition (including Audrey, Morven and Jazmine), But thanks so much in advance if you do vote! Fingers crossed I make it to the next round!
- Giveaway ends on Midnight 1st February (GMT)
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be ONE winner!
- The prize is one £25 Asos Voucher.
- Winner will be chosen using random.org from the comments
- You must "Like" Asos on Facebook and vote for me (if you want to) this link
- Make sure you leave a comment below saying you've voted!
- Leave your email or blog link so I can get in contact with you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

cult of personality

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top: primark
skirt: zara
belt: topshop
shoes: new look*
rings: love hearts and crosses*, market stall and jwlry
nails: american apparel l'espirit*

Went shopping with Gh0stparis today, spending money we didn't have on things we dont need. As you do. She took me to Wagamamas which I can confirm was very good, was my first time too! I actually wore this outfit on Saturday to Westfields and these were the test shots I quickly did in my new room. Not too bad, dont like the carpet because it casts a grey tone over the image and wearing shoes on carpet is really bad, but for the sake of people who need to see the shoes We'll have to roll with it! Also this was the day after I moved in so it could do with a good hoover!

If theres one thing I hate more than fake pockets, its fake buttons. This Primark shirt is lovely but gapes at the neck as it needs another button just to hold it all together. Just seems so silly having buttons on the outside that actually dont do up all in the name of "detail"!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

sunday portrait week 108

As I've mentioned tons, I've finally moved to London! Love my room and I've unpacked and made it feel a bit more like "home". Went out with my house mates last night so Im feeling a little ropey today! We pre drank some champers to christen our new flat! I think I left my phone in the taxi, so not the best of starts but I'm having a great time so far. Think I'll have to go buy a new phone tomorrow which is crap! Off to Nandos tonight which is like 5 mins away from my house so this could be really dangerous! I've never lived so close to fast food before! With a bit of luck I'll be back to regular blogging tomorrow! I've got alot of emails and comments to reply to right now, so Im feeling really unorganized. Trying to sort my routine out is gonna be a challenge. I tend to do the same things at the same times most days. Im not OCD or anything its just the only way I seem to get things done! I have a photoshoot and a few events this week as well. So nice to be able to say YES to attending regular events! Sorry this is so short and in one chunk, I really don't have much to share right now as all I've done this week is pack then move, Hopefully now Im London based I can do loads more. This weeks gone so quickly and it still doesnt really feel real and Im living in London!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


flatform shoes
flat shoes
flat platform
flatforms: office (sale, now sold out)

Feel free to file this post under filler rather than snippets but I thought I'd just show you some close ups of my flatforms. I get alot of comments about them! Plus its all I have, Spent the day loading my boxes onto a moving van! Flatforms are basically like as the name suggests flat platform shows. Im shorter than I'd like to be and (I know this sounds weird) don't like the way my feet look in flat shoes. I feel so short and stumpy when I don't wear heels or a wedge!

I like flatforms because the give me the extra inch and a bit I like without being too high. I personally find them easy to walk in, although its quite odd at first being so far off the ground but still have flat feet! My Office Willow Paige's are half real leather and half suede which I think adds a lovely dimension to the shoe. I paid £28 for them, which I think is such a bargain considering I did want them full price (£75) but they were sold out in size 5 on-line. I know these ones are sold out now but I have a similar pair from H&M (again sale) and there are these ones on new look and these on asos (I bought these too). You can also look on ebay for my specific pair but unfortunately there isn't any coming up at the moment. I was so lucky to find these flatforms in Office after months of lusting after them!

You sick of seeing me wear the same shoes everyday yet?

PS. So sorry about my veiny feet, I absolutely HATE feet to the point where I feel a little bit sick seeing someone elses foot! Which is actually a part of the reason why I never used to show them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

snakeskin clutch

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top: new look*
leggings: H&M
necklace: H&M
coat: topshop
shoes: office
nails: nailene french nails*

This is actually what wore out to my leaving meal with my family on Saturday, I just wanted something comfy (and an excuse to use my new bag) and easy. I think leggings, statement necklace and a vest is my go to lazy-but-still-looks-good look! I've not always been big on leggings, but I really like how they look with my Office flatforms! I tweeted and a few days ago that I needed some snakeskin print in my wardrobe. I tried some leggings from Primark, but they just didnt work for me. I think print leggings can look really cool sometimes but I just couldnt make it work. Sulking my way around the shops ready to admit defeat, I  I saw this clutch in H&M I practically ran to the till! It is a perfect way to inject the print into my wardrobe. I like that its grey snake skin print rather than actual snake colour (typing that makes me feel really simple but I cant think of the correct way to describe a general colour of a snake! browny-creamy-green?). It fits in well with my overall monochrome approach to dressing recently.
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