Friday, December 30, 2011

i am not a goth

shirt: zalando* (with a long sleeve primark top under)
skirt: romwe*
jacket: boohoo
rings: jwlry & H&M
nails: nails inc porchester square *
shoes: H&M

Wearing all black again today. I often get comments saying I should wear more colour. I like some colours (namely red, purple and pink) but Im not overly fussed on the rest. I hate this idea that you have to wear colour and all black looks drab/boring. Long gone are my quasi goth and emo days, I just enjoy wearing black! I think its classic, simple and chic. Im not fussed if someone wears all neon orange or all grey, I think as long as you like what you're wearing you're all good. Plus black is possibly the easiest thing to wear, especially for people like me who dont really think too much about what they wear ;)! Suppose Im not helping my I am not a goth point by wearing a cross embroidered shirt but ya know! I remember seeing Gracie wearing a similar one at the Motel Party and made a mental note to get one at some point. I just cant get enough of this shirt, When I saw it on Zalando I just had to have it! Also sporting a new jacket I got from Boohoo, Again like the burgundy one I love the masculine shape and slouchy oversized style!

Off to my Dads birthday meal tonight, home cooked steak and chips is always a winner! Today I've been so moody and flipping out about the silliest thing for reasons I cannot explain! Hoping its just end of year blues! I'm not normally the temperamental type! Hoping cuddles with my baby brothers will make me feel alot better! I found this Nails Inc Polish in my to review box and couldnt for the life of me remember where I acquired it, but omg its gorgeous. A beautiful grey with a hint of lilac, so sophisticated and easy.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

to the end of time

gilet: forever 21
dress: my yard *
necklace: forever 21
rings: jwlry and market stall
nails: models own juicy jules and OPI Rainbow connection

I have a thing about red and black at the moment. Taken over my obsession with black and pink and now all I want is red everything! Must have some psychological meaning behind it or something! Pretty terrible quality images, but it was actually so dark when I took them I had to over expose them, which obviously has made 'em a bit odd! Oh well!  This is the fur gilet I've been mentioning alot recently, Cant remember if I've actually worn it on here or not though! I'm tempted to order a few things from Forever 21 online, but I've not ordered with them before, if anyone has lemme know in the comments! Im really curious about their delivery times/returns!

Went shopping with my lil' stepsisters today to get my Dad his birthday present (some boots from Clarks, which cost £70, reduced to £34!) then I popped into Topshop and found this coat which I've wanted for ages. I nearly bought it full price during the summer, but when I saw it in my size and reduced to a mere £15, I knew it was meant to be! Had a mega fatty KFC and then we had a sly trip to pets at home to coo over chinchillas and bunnies!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

burgundy jacket

jacket: boohoo
dress: internationale
necklace: topshop
rings: jwlry, market stall and love hearts and crosses *
shoes: H&M
nails: models own juicy jules and OPI rainbow connection

Cheeky little sale purchase from Boohoo! I've never ever bought from Boohoo, I attended their  their A/W press day a few months ago, and I was surpised with what I saw. I placed a order yesterday because I fancied a few things in the sale and a couple of their coats caught my eye. This rich burgundy long line one has really impressed me. The length is much longer than I would normally choose. However I really like it, it adds a bit of masculinity, without being too manly because of rich, beautiful colour. A perfect addition to my wardrobe! Its quite a thin material which will be great coming up to spring/summer. It doesn't feel cheap, the button on the jacket is hideous, but I'm going to change it! Cant wait to add a massive fur stole to it as I think it would make it look so much more expensive than it looks!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

set fire to the rain

top: primark
skirt: primark
boots: topshop (albas)
rings: jwlry & market stall
nails: models own juicy jules
coat: topshop

Gratutitous nail pics as I'm in love with my new super sparkly nail polish! Models Own Juicy Jules has been on my wishlist for ages but never got round to buying it myself, again thanks to grnnymlrs (well its my mums mum so its not melrose, but just just for continuity!) present choices its finally on my finger nails! Very happy!

Wore my hair up again today as its really annoying my being as its so long at the moment. Tempted to get it cut blunt at the ends and get some extensions for some volume. I've had this middle parting ~boho~ ombre look for so long now its starting to drive me a little loopy. I wear my hair up quite alot at home in a topknot but rarely in outfit photos! This style is something I've recently started doing, really simple as is just a bit of a backcombed beehive around the crown, pinned back with a few clips and then the rest in a bun at the back!

New peter pan top from the Primark sale and that Primark pleated pleather skirt! Picked up the last few in my local Primark for a few people in my local Primark that had gone to a measely £5. Absolute bargain if you can find them! I've worn mine countless times since I got it! I feel terrible as I'm always wearing the same sort of stuff at the moment! Sorry about that!

Monday, December 26, 2011

red tartan

skirt: romwe *
coat: topshop
rings: jwlry
scarf: river island
shoes: primark
nails: models own pink punch *& some konad that I was messing around with (but look nothing like the photo!)

Finally breaking the ~llymlrs style~. Been wanting to change to doing full length for a while, I'm just a sucker for routine and I like things to be the same. Also I sorta felt like the way it was before was "my" thing and the no legs/shoes joke was just blogging-in-joke. Two good years I've done the above the knee thing, I think most people used to do full length when I first started blogging, now it seems to more common to do above the knee. Its much more awkward doing it full length, the main reason I did it above the knee was because I dont really have enough room in the room I do my photos as the beds in the way. I had to balance my tripod on the bed, which was alot harder than it sounds. And then straighten and crop in post production! Bit more effort, but I do like the way they've come out! For the record, I dont wear shoes indoors, and I do wear the same shoes pretty much every day (topshop albas, H&M flatforms or these pumps) so be prepared to see them all the time!

The scarf was a Christmas present of my Granparents. I cant tell you how long I've wanted it this scarf for! Its such a gorgeous vibrant red tartan! In River Island style it had some disgusting embroidery saying "love" with some hearts on that I had to pick off, but I'm just so happy with it! Been holding off getting a scarf this winter because I knew I'd be getting this!

Im back packing orders for JWLRY tomorrow to be sent on Wednesday! I've seen lots of photos of people who got given rings for Christmas, So glad you like them!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

sunday portrait week 104

Just a quick hello to everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas! Currently nursing a food baby in my PJ's watching    with my family. Had a really great day and got everything I wanted plus more! Including a Vivienne Westwood Necklace! I literally cannot wait to wear it! A new hair dryer and some hot rollers! I also got a Konad kit which is possibly the best thing ever, been stamping my nails ever since! Gonna attempt a full manicure tomorrow! Plus all the usual holiday smellies and chocolates!

I've put my back out somehow and I've been dosed up on pain killers most of the day, shaking my fist and cursing because I've been in so much pain. Although overall its been such a lovely day! I'll be back tomorrow on my normal form! Really looking forward to reading everyone's Christmas posts, so feel free to link me if you've done one! I love seeing what others do over Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011


jumper: primark
shirt: H&M
skirt: romwe*
rings: jwlry and love, hearts and crosses*
bracelet: lilyloveslola
fur: topshop

Doing my Christmas prep tonight as Ive got so much on tomorrow! I need to exfoliate and fake tan, properly blow dry my hair (had the worst bad hair day today so I ended up putting it up) and clean my room. Washed my sheets and put my new pillows and electric blanket on my bed. I always have to have super clean bedding on Christmas Eve. Is that weird?

Anyway, I'm sure I'll post tomorrow, I still need to take my Christmas Day outfit photos so I have something to post. But if I don't get round to it I really hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, and Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you just enjoy time with your family and friends or just have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

that time of year

Various snaps from the past few months that never made the final cut. Didn't have time to take anything today as I went into Ludlow and bought over priced coffee, cakes and other yummy food. Treated myself to a large mint hot chocolate and some cake, then I even had a regular coke, tis the season its always the real thing. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gains half a stone in the winter without even eating more than they usally do? Winter diet starts 28th December... or something like that.

I thought I'd share some outfits from the filler folder on my computer. No reason why these didnt make it onto the blog, just probably didn't end up taking enough images for a full post or they just werent posted with the sets.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

oh mercy me

top: topshop
skirt: primark
coat: topshop
rings: jwlry & H&M

Went on a quick shopping trip with my Mum to get the final few bits and bobs for Christmas, I also found the Christmas Dress, its not perfect, and really not that dressy at all, Its just nice and simple and will do! Gonna see if I can find a nice and fancy necklace of some description to go with it. Have my eye on a few Topshop ones, considering my dress was only £20 its acceptable to have a pricey necklace to go with it? Right? Poor justification!

This is my street walker outfit from Monday which I shot yesterday because I knew today would be hard to fit in outfit photos with me being out today! This week has been pretty messed up in terms of what I wore on each day!  I actually wore this outfit if your interested, which I expect at my current rate, will be up on Friday!
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