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Monday, October 31, 2011

llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
jumper: uniqlo via vouchercodes *
shirt: new look *
skirt: H&M
rings: jwlry & market stall
nails: beauty UK smokey lilac *

I dont know much about cashmere to be honest. Its not something within my price range, or probably something I would choose to buy myself as I tend to just do cheap and cheerful. Voucher Codes asked me to be part of a challenge about Cashmere. They sent me this from Uniqlo, coming in at £79.90 (they do have a discount code page on their website!) I really wasn't sure what to expect. I opted for black as it was the safest choice!

I think the Uniqlo Cashmere jumper feels really soft and comfy, most importantly I didnt find it scratchy or irritating which is my main gripe with any jumper thats woolen. But after my mother trialled it (she declined to be part of this outfit post, still working on trying to make her become a blogger!) she adores it and says it feels perfect. My jumpers a S, and I expected it to be bigger because the photo made it look a little big, I probably would have preferred something more baggy. Even a L or XL would have been better.

I didnt really know how to style it either as its more fitted than I normally would choose! Though I'd go for my go-to pink and black style outfits! Also sporting my new favourite nail polish, Beauty UK smokey lilac. Its just such a wonderful purple thats not a bright lilac but kinda browny too. Love it! Posted about my lipstick too on my other blog!

MAC Please Me Lipstick

etcllymlrs uk beauty blog mac please meetcllymlrs uk beauty blog mac please me

Possibly my all time favourite lipstick! A beautiful matte mid toned pink, which I wear alot on my other blog.  If you ever see me wearing something matte and pink its normally this lipstick. I got my second tube when I did a Back to MAC when I was in London earlier in the week. I think alot of people are funny about Matte lipstick finishes, as they can settle into lines and dry bits on your lips. Personally I think the Matte formulation of lipsticks from MAC tend to be wonderfully pigmented and smooth, I find Please Me to be really full coverage on my pigmented lips too, I think it looks alot different on thelips than it does in the tube, it draws far pinker on me.  But this could be because of the colour of my lips, as they are very pink already! Please Me tends to wear on me for about 5-6 hours, and has a lovely vanilla taste! Highly reccomended!

sunday portrait week 97

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Milly, Anna, Me & Zoe

001. Comso Blog Awards Photo! I feel like I've run out of time to actually post about it because so many people who went already have! I didnt win my category unfortunately! But congrats to Anna & Olivia who totally deserved their winning categories! I was really sick the whole day, look fab, feel terrible was my most commonly said phrase! Had a lovely night though! Favorite part was coming back to a hotel for lots of chatter with Gemma, Sarah, Lauren, Olivia & Lyzi!

002. Giveaway up on ETC LLYMLRS! I'm giving away 8 Models Own Nail Polishes!

003. Decided that November is Comment month! I never comment blogs, I read absolutely loads of blogs, and its not because Im lazy or think Im "above" being a commenter. I've just never ever been much of a commenter on blogs, forums or journals or whatever! Over the years I think I've got myself into a non-comment rut. Even on Facebook is a rarity I talk! Basically just going to try as much as I can. Im going to keep a record of how many I comment on in a month too!

004. Went to London again this weekend, as I went to see The Streets last night at London Freeze which was really good actually. I'm not a big fan (my friend Hannah is obsessed!) but I really enjoyed it. Haven't been to a gig in what feels like years! Was a good atmosphere! More travelling next week though thinking of going to visit my VIPXO as shes finally come back from Canada! So I may be up in Leeds for a bit towards the end of the week!

models own rainbow nail polishes giveaway

Red Alert, Fuzzy Peach, Lemon Meringue, Jade Stone, Feelin' Blue, Purple Poppy, Pink Blush & 3-1 Topcoat 

I bought these to giveaway during the Models Own 50% sale, and after a few battles with customer service I've finally decided to give them away. Basically two of the colours have separated, and I've been sent the same polishes twice and still separated. I have been reassured that you can shake them back together (which does work) and because they are all sealed, once you get them and open them yourself you can probably mix them a bit in their bottles. I have tried to sort it out, but it must be a generic flaw with some of the Models Own Polishes.

Regardless, I'm giving away 7 colours in a rainbow of shades and a topcoat to seal it all in! I love Models Own because of their amazing colour range and their super quick drying times. I use their colours at on my blog so I naturally though giving people the chance to win some would be a good idea! I picked some of my favourite shades (Purple Poppy & Jade Stone) to include in the giveaway!
- Giveaway ends on Midnight 15th November (GMT)
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be ONE winner!
- The Prize is 8 Models Own Nail Varnishes
- Winner will be chosen using
- You must be a follower of this blog or my other blog!
- To enter all you need to do is comment below
- Leave your email or blog link so I can get in contact with you!
- Extra Entry: Tweet "win a rainbow of models own nail polishes from @llymlrs #rainbownails"
- Or just use the #rainbownails hashtag so I can keep track!

wear it pink

Friday, October 28, 2011

llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
sweater: juicy couture *
skirt: H&M
nails: H&M rust (review here) & ebay nail art pens (review here)
rings: jwlry, market stall & love hearts and crosses *

Its Wear it Pink day, So hence the pink! Breast Cancer hasn't personally affected me, thankfully, but Cancer awareness is something I feel quite strongly about. My male best friend died of stomach cancer in 2010 at the age of 18. Was one of the most heart wrenching 8 months of my life, seeing someone suffer so badly that you loved so much was heartbreaking. I was always thankful to the nurses that looked after him and how they made his last few months as comfortable as they could. It amazes me how passionate all my friends now are for raising money to help all forms of cancer. I even posed topless for one of those nudey WI inspired calenders. I think there should be more awareness of all cancers, male and female. But if you wanted to donate to Breast Cancer you can do here.

I'm wearing a absolutely gorgeous Juicy Couture sweater, Its the most expensive thing I own clothing wise apart from my designer bags & my topshop coat. However Juicy Couture "gifted" me the jumper for going to their Fashion Night Out event! Its so soft and cosy its unbelievable! I probably wouldn't have bought it myself because of the price, but it is absolutely gorgeous and I cant sing its praises enough! Just paired with a (different!) pleather skirt I've had for ages and a splattering of rings! I'm still ill, anyone who saw me at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards can vouch for my illness! Slowly getting a bit better though! Thanks for everyone being so kind!

I've also restocked all the rings in my shop, including the fives. I'm away this weekend so nothing will be sent until Tuesday though. Anything ordered prior to 4pm today has been sent already!

H&M Rust Nail Polish

etc llymlrs H&M nail polishetc llymlrs H&M nail polishetc llymlrs H&M nail polishetc llymlrs H&M nail polish
H&M rust Nail Polish: H&M (99p) 
white dots: ebay nail art pens (review here

Saw this when I was checking out a few weeks ago in H&M. I've never tried their polishes before but I thought the colour was really unusual and I didnt own anything like it previously so I thought it was worth trying out! I know things like this are generally put at the checkout to entice you into spending that little bit extra, and obviously it works. But I really like the nail polish, it took two coats to be opaque and had a pretty average drying time. The colour is unlike any nail polish I've seen before, a strange warm dark muted orange, definitely rusty but not brown. I think its gorgeous! Plus I really like the bottle too, just has a really nice feel it it and I love the font! Bit of a nerdy thing but oh well! Perfect colour for autumn winter!

little things

Monday, October 24, 2011

llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
llymlrs uk fashion blog
dress: internationale *
cardigan: topshop
rings: jwlry

The dreaded bloggers lurgy is still making the rounds at the moment is still hitting me full force. Im as sicker today than I've been all weekend, Been coughing and sneezing and generally complaining 50% more than normal. Only a few quick shots I took before going to the hair dressers for a consultation about taking the leap towards being a blondie. It was straight back home and to bed for me.  Now please excuse me while I drown in tissues! x

MUA Nail PolIsh Shade 23

llymlrs uk beauty blog mua nail polishllymlrs uk beauty blog mua nail polish
MUA Nail Varnish Shade 23: Superdrug (£1)

I dont really know much about MUA as a brand, my usual beauty snobbery makes me ignore all the cheapy stuff. However my local MUA stand is right by the door of Superdrug, so I spotted this khaki shade as soon as I walked in. I'd been looking for khaki colour polish since that Les Khakis de Chanel collection from last year (god doesnt time fly!). But I know its not a colour I'd wear often as I tend to wear pink nails!

The bottles quite small and the packaging isnt horrendous, but the label isnt stuck on straight and its all bubbly. Which made it really hard to photograph the packaging, but I'll look past that as its only a quid. The brush is small, which I think makes it feel hard to work with, But its not unusable and doesnt make it streaky. It needed two coats and had a pretty average drying time, no different from most highstreet brands (for example Barry M). Cant say how long the wear time is as I've been using Seche Vite over it and I generally change my nails every few days! It fills my need for a khaki colour in my nail polish collection and is hardly expensive for a polish I'd probably not wear that often. I'll file this under, not bad for a quid!

sunday portrait week 96

Sunday, October 23, 2011

 photo from a few weeks ago, to ill to take one today, pj's FTW.

001. A very sniffly sunday post today, I have the flu. Fingers crossed it's gone by Wednesdays Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. I've spent most of today with my duvet and a bottle of Night Nurse. I didnt even move from my bed till midday. I hate this time of year when the weather changes, my body seems to reject it all and make me a grumpy ill person. Reading alot of other peoples summary posts today I noticed a fair few people on the sicky bandwagon too ):

002. As I mentioned above its Cosmopolitan Blog Awards on Wednesday! I'm staying over to party with some other bloggers which I'm really looking forward to (illness permitting!)! The competition is really tough this year and I think its one of those things that can go either way, especially as some of my favourite bloggers are in my category! Some really stiff competition in the both the Beauty Blog Categories, I really didn't know who to vote for in those ones! Excited about seeing all my blogging faves IRL though! So fun! I've picked my outfit and everything!

003. Decided its finally time to get rid on the ombre, I love it but its just not for me anymore. Its too "done" and I think its had its time, so its byebye! And potentially hello blonde. I was actually blonde till I was about 13, then I started dying my hair and then now its just naturally the brown it is now. If I can drag my bum to the hairdressers in the morning Im gonna see how much it would cost. I obvz dont want to be peroxide blonde, just a natural warm sandy blonde colour, like the Ombre in my hair already just all over.

Benefit Tan About Town

etc llymlrs uk beauty blog benefit tan about townetc llymlrs uk beauty blog benefit tan about townetc llymlrs uk beauty blog benefit tan about townetc llymlrs uk beauty blog benefit tan about townetc llymlrs uk beauty blog benefit tan about townetc llymlrs uk beauty blog benefit tan about townetc llymlrs uk beauty blog benefit tan about town

After a Twitter heads up from Jennifer, I decided to purchase this Benefit Tan About Town kit. The gift set contains three Benefit miniatures which include Some Kind of Gorgeous Foundation (medium, 1.8g), Hoola Bronzer (3g) and a miniature Bad Gal Lash (4g). The thing that really drew me to it was the Hoola bronzer. I've always had my eye on Hoola but never wanted to commit to full size (11g and costs £23.50, so the miniature is about a quarter of the full size). Benefit to me comes across a bit gimmicky to me so I tend to avoid it.

Hoola Bronzer: The packaging of the miniature is just a plastic tray type thing so it wouldn't be suitable to travel. But the product itself is lovely. Its a matte medium brown shade with no shimmer at all which is perfect for contouring. It doesnt come up orange on my skin nor does it make it look too muddy. Very natural and flattering. I dont think I'd buy full size still after trying it out, Its a good product but fairly overpriced.

Some kind of Gorgeous: A Cream to Powder finish foundation/concealer sample. The miniature packaging is about the same size of a MAC eyeshadow. It doesnt feel dry or cakey on my oily skin. The coverage is sort of light/medium, which isn't to my taste. I dont completely rate this product but Im sure it might appeal to others who prefer lower coverage/have better skin than me! Also bare in mind in this kit it only comes in one shade, medium, which I found was alright for my skin tone personally, but I think if you were fairer it might not be suitable.

BADgal Lash: I've bought this full size before and have really enjoyed it, very black pigmented mascara with a large chunky wand. I know alot of people will be put off by the massive wand, but I really like big chunky mascara wands. However I love the way it makes my lashes really long and full. But if you apply too much you can get spider eyes, but I quite like that look so hey ho! Personally feel BADgal Lash is one of Benefit's best products.

Overall I think Benefit Tan About Town gift set would be perfect if you are doing a Secret Santa at work or want a cute little beauty gift from a brand name and didn't wanna pay the earth. Or would be suitable for someone like me who wanted to try the products out before committing to full size, as I do think Benefit can be a touch overpriced and hit and miss in terms of quality. As for value for money the gift set itself is very worth it, It retails at £9 or £8.10 with student discount or you could just wait for the inevitable 20% off Asos codes that float around, They also sell it on the Benefit website.

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

Saturday, October 22, 2011

etc llymlrs uk beauty blog superdrug hot cloth cleanseretc llymlrs uk beauty blog superdrug hot cloth cleanseretc llymlrs uk beauty blog superdrug hot cloth cleanser

The Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser is actually a really good product. It comes in a box, then the product is contained in a large tube and comes with one muslin cloth to exfoliate the face with. The smell is alot different from the the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, more of a vanilla/cocoa butter type of scent. However the texture is almost identical, very thick and creamy. Its left my skin feeling fresh, radiant and really clean, very similar to the Liz Earle version. I use it to take off all my makeup before I go to bed. I felt it wasn't really suitable for removing eye makeup, although it does actually work at taking off eye makeup and mascara. I felt it started to irritate them a bit if I left it on too long, Unlike Liz Earle which didn't give me any irritation at all. When using this product I didn't experience any skin problems and it didn't break me out. Generally found it to give the same results on the skin as Cleanse and Polish.

At the end of the day I do prefer the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I feel it just does its job better, feels like a nicer product, smells nicer and has the better packaging. The only problem is the price tag, Its £13.50 for the starter kit which includes two muslin clothes and a little bag. Where as this Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser is £3.99 and comes with one muslin cloth. I'd recommend the Superdrug version if your on a budget, wanting something thats cheap and cheerful or are looking to try a Hot Cloth Cleanser without splashing out. Its definitely a very similar product in my opinion and works just as well.

My review of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

(My skin for reference: I have oily/combo skin, relatively good skin in terms of breakouts and spots, slight scarring on my chin. I have a very uneven olive and warm toned skin with very pink toned cheeks. Im a MAC NW15 without tan and generally wear foundation this colour then bronze up with bronzer if needed!)
NOTE: I don't know why on Superdrug Online it says its £5.99, I checked in store today and it definitely was labelled £3.99.

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